Monday, January 31, 2011

Albion Country Band - Battle Of The Field (England 1976) @320

After leaving Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span, bass player Ashley Hutchings dreamt of a band that would play traditional British folk and Morris dance tunes with the energy and instrumental virtuosity of rock & roll continued with the Albion Country Band. Although the original group, featuring Royston Wood, Sue Draheim, and Steve Ashley, in addition to Hutchings, was together for less than two years, the ripples they brought to British folk music have continued to be felt. Their sole album, Battle of the Field, released three years after they disbanded, remains a much-cherished classic. With the band's resurrection as the Albion Dance Band in 1975, and later, as the Albion Band, Hutchings' dreams have continued to yield fruit. Hutchings initially assembled the group that became the Albion Country Band to accompany his then-wife, Shirley Collins, on her 1971 album No Roses. Inspired by the results, the musicians agreed to continue pooling their resources as the Albion Country Band. After providing accompaniment for Ashley on his album, Stroll On, and Richard Thompson on two tracks that were released on his 1991 cassette-only album, Doom and Gloom From the Tomb, Vol. 2, Hutchings and the Albion Country Band, joined by such top-notch British folk musicians as John Kirkpatrick, Martin Carthy, and Simon Nicol, recorded heir first band album in 1973. Financial difficulties caused Hutchings to disband the group before the album's release. With no band to promote the recording, Island held back the album's release until 1976.
(Craig Harris, All Music Guide)

01 - Albion Sunrise
02 - Morris Medley
03 - I Was a Young Man
04 - New St. George / La Rotta
05 - Gallant Poacher
06 - Cheshire Rounds / The Old Lancashire Hornpipe
07 - Hanged I Shall Be
08 - Reaphook and Sickle
09 - Battle of the Somme

John Kirkpatrick: Accordion, Electric Piano, Melodeon, Concertina & Vocals
Martin Carthy: Acoustic Guitar
Simon Nicol: Acoustic & Electric Guitar, Dulcimer, Simon Nicol & Vocals
Ashley Hutchings: Bass & Vocals
Roger Swallow: Drums
Sue Harris: Dulcimer & Oboe
Roger Swallow: Percussion



CrimsonKing said...

Battle Of The Field


Angus said...

Here's a fun album of dance and song... well, some of the tunes are the standard fare of woe, but there's something about the folk melodies that makes them somehow uplifting.

You've been posting music as great as always these past several weeks. I really appreciate it!

buzzbabyjesus said...

I've known "The New St. George" for many years, having bought "Electric Muse" back in the day, and have always been interested in hearing the whole thing. Thanks!

Sage said...

Great album and a great share - thanks for the share.


CrimsonKing said...


Battle Of The Field


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