Monday, January 31, 2011

Kornog - Ar Seizh Avel (France 1985) @320

Kornog's second album features a broad range of material, from the lovely set of Breton gavottes that opens the program to the Bulgarian ratchenitza that ends it in a lightning-fast 7/16 dance meter. The combination of French and East European dance steps with a Celtic instrumentation (flute, guitar, fiddle, bouzouki) and playing style is part of what distinguishes the music of Brittany from other, more familiar Celtic traditions. The angular, modal melodies are also distinctive, as demonstrated on tunes like the almost medieval-sounding "Toniou Bale" and the stark and lovely "Dans Plinn." In a somewhat strange juxtaposition with the rest of the program, bandleader Jamie McMenemy sings "The Shuttle Rins," a 19th-century Scottish song written by Henry Syme "for the encouragement of the working classes." "Sweetly may the shuttle rin/That wins the bairnie's bread," goes part of the chorus, and the melancholy image of a young mother toiling at a loom to feed her baby contrasts heartbreakingly with the song's sweet and gentle melody. This is a lovely record.

01 - Gavotten Ar Menez
02 - Sir Aldingar
03 - Toniou Bale
04 - Ronds De St. Vincent
05 - Helen Of Kirkconnel
06 - Trip To Flagstaff
07 - The Shuttle Rins
08 - Dans Plinn
09 - Gavotten
10 - Lvarbishka Ratchenitza

Christian Lemaitre: Fiddle
Jamie McMenemy: Bouzouki, Mandolin, Vocals
Soïg Sibéril: Guitar
Jean-Michel Veillon: Flute, Whistle



Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing this album. My family and I enjoy the diverse selection of music and cultures you share.

Faladh said...

Hi, are there still any download link over here?

I couldn't find! =p Thanks in advance!

CrimsonKing said...

Dear Faladh.
Please, click over the album name in the first comment.

CrimsonKing said...


Ar Seizh Avel


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