Monday, February 14, 2011

Gráda - Off to Sardinia (2001 Ireland) @320

By request

Gráda is a traditional Irish music band, founded in 2001, whose members are a mix of Irish and New Zealand musicians. Gráda are based in Dublin and Galway, Ireland, but spend much of their time touring internationally. In 2006, Gráda played in 16 different countries.

The group draws from a wide range of influences, which has seen them working with Dave Hingerty (ex Frames drummer, now working a lot with Josh Ritter); Vyviene Long (cellist with Damien Rice); and, as a producer, Trevor Hutchinson (Lúnasa, Sharon Shannon, The Waterboys). Further additions have included Dublin based trumpeter Bill Blackmore and percussionist Rasmus Skovmand.

01 - Arty House Set (Reels)
02 - Song of Choice (Song)
03 - Kiwi Set (Jigs)
04 - If You Ever Go Down To Dublin Town (song)
05 - The Dub Dub Set (Reels)
06 - Maggies Set (Hornpipes)
07 - Skibbereen (Song)
08 - Sweet County Clare  (Song)
09 - What the Feck! (Reel-Jig)
10 - Johnny Be fine (song)
11 - Off To Sardinia (slow Reel)

Alan Doherty: Flutes, Whistles, Vocals, Percussion
Andrew Laking: Double Bass, Vocals, Guitar
Brendan O'Sullivan: Fiddle, Background vocals
Gerry Paul: Guitars, Vocals
Anne-Marie: Vocals, Bodhran
Frankie Lane: Dobro, Background vocals.



Jim said...

Many Thanks!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been searching for this! Thank you!

joetomrud said...

Impossible to find - and you've found it! Well done, and thank you very much.


Shogun said...

Awesome man... thanks for the upload... I was trying to find it for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Nice work, thanks

liverpoolpink said...

Hi, been a massive fan of Grada sinc they visited Guernsey, CI a few years back. Any ideas where I might be able to get a copy of this CD to complete my collection even though its out of print? Thanks xx

CrimsonKing said...

liverpoolpink, please, read my first comment.
Maybe you can have a surprise!

liverpoolpink said...

Thank-you very much!! So i just click on the link and download :)
(do i need the bit under the link??)

THanks again xx

Andreecals said...

Where's the link? Cant't find it to download this...

CrimsonKing said...

Take a look at the first comment :)

CrimsonKing said...


Off to Sardinia


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