Friday, February 25, 2011

Talitha MacKenzie - Sòlas (USA 1993) @320

Producers: Iain McKinna, Chris Birkett, Talitha MacKenzie.
Recorded at Palladium Studios, Edinburgh, Scotland and CB Sound, London England.
Starting from a multilayered treatment of a Hebridean waulking song nestled in electronics, this solo release by the Mouth Music alumnus keeps getting better -- until the halfway point, when the disc doesn't so much run out of steam as abandons its smarts. The best cuts show how the eccentricities and earthiness of Celtic music lend themselves to various traditional and avant-garde marriages, like "Sein O," which embeds a clipped-syllable puirt-a-beul lyric in a bogle rhythm introduced by a hair-raising sample of Huun Huur Tu's Tuvan throat inging. But the ode to positive thinking "Owen's Boat" belongs in a TV movie, and "Chi mi na Morbheanan/JFK" uses St. Jack soundbites about fighting tyranny without a trace of irony -- hallowing our descent into Southeast Asia. Decent songs do follow...
~ Bob Tarte

01. Hoireann ó
02. Sheatadh Cailleach
03. 'S Muladach mi ('s mi air m'aineoil)
04. E hó hì
05. Seinn O!
06. Uamh an Oir
07. Owen's Boat
08. Chì mi na Mórbheanna/JFK
09. Rol hol ill leò
10. Funky Bird Medley
11. Théid mi dhachaigh

Talitha MacKenzie (vocals, piano, keyboards, percussion);
Ross MacKenzie (spoken vocals);
Chris Birkett (vocals, guitar, keyboards, percussion, programming);
Ian Plested (vocals);
Ian McKinna (guitar, bass, percussion, programming, background vocals);
Moray Rumney (fiddle, background vocals);
Gavin Marwick (fiddle);
Gary Spacey-Foote (flute);
Richard Allan (saxophone);
Mike Nolan (piano, keyboards);
Gary West (pipe drone);
Jim Walker (drums);
Dave Aitch (percussion);
Alasdair Macleod (clarsach, background vocals);



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