Thursday, March 24, 2011

Luar Na Lubre - Solsticio (Spain 2010) @320

"Solstice", the new release from the renowned Galician Folc Band Luar Na Lubre .
It's leader, Bieito Romero, in a recent interview with Europa Press, said that Luar Na Lubre is "fully fit" more than 25 years after its birth, and celebrate with "the longest drive of its career, which also opens new avenues in sounds, "for their traditional way of making music now with medieval elements."
As already mentioned, they plunged into the medieval Galician Portuguese lyric and have worked considering the merger of the traditional pagan music of Galicia and some other European areas "with medieval music more educated, more Christian." In fact, "hence the title, the ancestral worship of pagan origin."
"The album opens a new cycle of styles precisely because we have not tried yet so deeply. It is the first time that we get well into the medieval music, with a certain chamber treatment , performing it as the troubadours and the courts in the XII Century. We got something completely different and new, and open a new cycle in the sound," he underlined.

01 - O Son Das Pedras
02 - Caminyo Do Norte
03 - Mia Irmana Fremosa - Muinyeira De Poio
04 - Unha Volta Polo Medio
05 - Doentes
06 - Schiarazulla Marazulla - A Carolina
07 - Quantas Sabedes
08 - Monte Pindo
09 - A Minya Amiga
10 - Na Frouseira - Maravillosos Et Piadosos
11 - Ven Bailar Carminya
12 - Via Lactea
13 - Sabor A Santa Maria - Con Gran Razon
14 - Trasmontana
15 - Romance De Don Gaiferos

Sara Louraço Vidal: Voice
Xulio Varela:  Bouzouki, Vocals & Percussion
Bieito Romero:  Bagpipes, Accordion & Zanfoña
Eduardo Coma:  Fiddle
Patxi Bermúdez:  Bodhran, Drum & Djimbek
Pedro Valero:  Acoustic Guitar
Xavier Ferreiro:  Latin Percussion & Effects
Xan Cerqueiro:  Flutes
Additional musicians:
Pat Kilbride: Acoustic guitar on tracks III and VIII, voice on tracks III and IV.
Miro Casabella: Voice on track VII
Xocas Meijide: clarinet and bass clarinet on track VIII
Diana Navarro: Voices on track IX
Xulia Cea: Voice on track X
Choral "Canta Compaña" Voices on track X
Miguel Queixas, Miguel Cabana and Rubén Montes: bata drums on track X
Rubén Montes: Cajón on track XII
Nani García: Keyboards on tracks IX, X and XV


Friday, March 18, 2011

Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag - Curing Norwegian Stiffness (2001 Norway) @320

Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag are, in my opionion, probably the most exciting and unique band on the Scandinavian scene. CNS are more of a folk orchestra, with 16 highly talented band members, creating a terrific blend of Norwegian traditional music, jazz, classical and rock music. The band combines an eclectic and exciting range of traditional and modern instruments, featuring hardanger fiddles, tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinets, accordion, whistle, bagpipes, guitar, piano, electric bass and drums/percussion. Add to that four brilliant female singers, and plenty of innovative ideas, fun of playing, and backgrounds as diverse as traditional, classical, jazz and rock - and you have CNS.
The music sounds at times more like a quality jazz bigband - with the one exception that the band plays not "boring" jazz classics, but instead sexy Norwegina traditional tunes. And even though the band has 16 members, every single one will get detailed attention. This is most exciting music, that crosses musical borders in a natural way, without compromising the roots of the music. The music is groovy, filled with joy, yet also with a pinch of the typical darkness of Scandinavian music, and new pleasant musical surprises are waiting for the listener every minute.
This is an essential album for fans of Scandinavian music, as it is for fans of individual bigband jazz. 46 minutes of entertaining, exciting and impressive music. As this album is already three years old, hopefully we can expect soon the next album of this terrific band.

01. Bukkehornlåt / Finnskoghalling
02. Reilender Fra Åseral / Ellinga Vellinga
03. På Brakka
04. Kvelden Feller Skuggar
05. Direktørvalsen Or Waltz For Grete
06. Vals Etter Vidar Lande
07. Reinlender Etter Thorvald Trondsgård
08. Gje Eg Ha Vore Heima
09. Je Vet Så Væl
10. Ringländer - Halling / Nå Begynner Vi
11. Finnskogpolser
12. Velsignet Være Jesu Navn

Linn KORSSJØEN: Vocals
Gine HEIEN: Vocals
Line NILSEN: Vocals
Ingrid FORTHUN: Vocals
Ragnhild MO: Fiddle, Hardingfele [Norwegian fiddle]
Hans Hinrich THEDENS: Fiddle, Hardingfele [Norwegian fiddle]
Elizabeth GAVER: Hardingfele [Norwegian fiddle], Alto
Elisabeth VATN: Clarinette, Clarinette basse, Bägänna
Carl Petter OPSAHL: Clarinette, Clarinette basse
Tellef KVIFTE: Saxophone soprano, Harmonium, Rebec
Eivind SOGNÆS: Saxophone soprano, Saxophone ténor, Flûte
Mikael NYBERG: Saxophone ténor, Vocals
Ragnhild KROGVIG KARLSEN: Hautbois
Randi ROSENDAHL: Piano, Accordéon
Åsmund REISTAD: Basse électrique, Contrebasse, Guitare
Ingar ZACH: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Additional Musicians:


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Duellists - English Hurdy-Gurdy Music (England 1997) @256

Requested from the friend contributor anonymous(123)

The Duellists, a trio of Nigel Eaton, Cliff Stapleton & Chris Walshaw, play newly written dance music inspired from, and rooted in, the English and French traditions. With bagpipes and hurdy-gurdies, they provide driving dance music and bewitching rhythms underpinned by the exciting and primitive combination of melody and drones.

Nigel Eaton originally played piano and 'cello, moving to the hurdy-gurdy when his father, Christopher Eaton, started to make them in 1981. In 1985 he joined the groups Blowzabella and Ancient Beatbox with whom he has toured extensively in Britain, Europe and South America and recorded six albums. He also appears on numerous records with artists ranging from Robert Plant, Scott Walker and Marc Almond to The Philharmonia and The New London Consort, and soundtracks for films such as Aliens and The Name of the Rose. Nigel has recently returned from a year long world tour with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin) and is currently one half of Whirling Pope Joan with Julie Murphy.

From his years with Blowzabella and The Drones, Cliff Stapleton, will be known to many as a fine hurdy-gurdy player. Since leaving them Cliff has established himself in the world of theatre and puppet theatre as a composer and musician. He currently works with Banyan Theatre Company and recently appeared in their production of Baba Yaga Bony Legs at the Leicester Haymarket. However, his inventive tune writing (the pen that brought you 'Man in a Brown Hat') and musicianship are not lost to the roots music lovers, for he can also be seen playing with Chris Wood and Andy Cutting in the Waltzer.

Chris Walshaw, on the pipes, has a long history of playing in dance bands including Edinburgh's Ceilidh Collective and Culture Shock and has occasionally guested with Chris Wood, Andy Cutting and Cliff in the Waltzer. In addition he has worked with Jean-Pierre Rasle on productions of his show Cornemusiques for both Radio 3 and on stage at St Chartier and the Purcell Room. Currently he also plays with the dynamic English ceilidh band Stocai.

Together they make up The Duellists. Most of their material is newly written - much of it by themselves - and they are available for dances, concerts and bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy workshops.

01. Starters (Eaton)/Alfriston (Walshaw)
02. Miserden (Walshaw)/Indigo (Stapleton)
03. The Duellists (Eaton)
04. Doyenne (Stapleton)
05. Capriole (Stapleton)/Drystone (Walshaw)
06. Kate at the Gate (Eaton)
07. Magog/Monkey Puzzle (Walshaw)
08. Bluesaussis/Biscuit Shuffle (Stapleton)
09. Baba Yaga's Cat (Stapleton)
10. Poolside (Stapleton)

Chris Walshaw: Bagpipes
Cliff Stapleton: Hurdy Gurdy
Nigel Eaton: Hurdy Gurdy 


Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag - Stolen Goods (Tjuvgods) (1997 Norway) @320

Requested from the friend contributor anonymous(123)

The traditional music of Norway is preserved through the efforts of the 11 musicians and five female vocalists who
comprise Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag. With traditional Norwegian instruments, including fiddle, Hardanger fiddle, accordion, and Norwegian recorder, combined with saxophone, clarinet, oboe, electric bass, guitar, piano, and percussion, the group resurrects the musical spirits of Norway's past. Formed in 1994 by musicians and singers whose prior experience included stints with classical, rock, jazz, and pop groups, Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag continue to learn traditional melodies by ear and collectively work out intricate arrangements. Their 1997 album, Tjuvgods, was reissued in the United States as Stolen Goods with 16 tracks. Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag performed their debut London show in the summer of 1999.

01. Halling from Numedal
02. Guten Min/Fille-Vern (My Boy/Rag-Vern)
03. Den store pai-polsen (The great pie pols)
04. Fjellmannjenta (The mountain girl)
05. Si vil do med meg (Do you want to make vows to me?)
06. Halling after Thorvald Tronsgard
07. Roseleiken
08. CP-slatten/Vetleguten (Tune for CP/Lullaby for Vetle)
09. Hopparen (The jumper)
10. Skalle-Per
11. Wedding March from Engerdalen
12. Jentelokk (Girl call)
13. Tversover'n (The bow tie
14. Faut Marit's Polska
15. Gubben Garberg (Old man Garberg)
16. Lilleboa (Little brother)

Åsmund Reistad - Bass
Elisabeth Vatn - Clarinet
Carl Petter Opsahl - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Conductor
Ingar Zach - Drums, Percussion
Ragnhild Mo - Fiddle, Hardingfele
Hans-Hinrich Thedens - Fiddle, Hardingfele, Fiddle [Electronic]
Randi E. Rosendahl - Grand Piano, Accordion
Ronny Yttrehus - Guitar
Ragnhild Krogvig Karlsen - Oboe
Tellef Kvifte - Soprano Saxophone, Bagpipes
Eivind Sognnæs - Soprano Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Flute
Eline Monrad Vistven , Mikael Nyberg - Tenor Saxophone
Gine Heien , Ingrid Forthun , Linn Korssjøen , Siri Kathrine Rude - Vocals


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My amount of Rapids (Rapids are the virtual currency which has been RapidShare is developed) is valid until the end of this month.

After that I will not be able to continue paying the Rapidshare service.
For new posts I can host them in other free services, but the problem is that all the current albums are hosted in Rapidshare.
Once my account is closed, all Folk Yourself files will be deleted.
Therefore it would be interesting to continue with my account on Rapidshare.

Readers who have, like me, a Rapidshare account, can send me Rapids as a donation.
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For those friends who find this interesting form of aid, see below how to help:

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Maybe this way, with everyone's help, we can continue with this old blog for a long time.


Friday, March 11, 2011

Braia - ... E o Mundo de Lá (2008 Brazil) @320

If you're into Folk Metal you probably know Bruno Maia, the singer and leader of the Brazilian combo Tuatha De Danann. We didn't have a lot of news from the band since the release date of their last album "Trova Di Danu" in 2004 but finally it seems that Bruno is not sleeping anymore! "...E O Mundo De La" is his first solo album and you can be sure that you'll be able to listen to good Folk Rock with this release!

Don't expect anything Metal here but if you like Celtic melodies and sonorities, "...E O Mundo De La" is a must definitely. Accompanied by a legion of Folk musicians plus the female singer Fernanda Ohara, Bruno Maia proposes a really cool and peaceful album. The melodies are sweet really dancing with a lot of different Celtic instruments like flutes, whistle, violins or bouzuki. So yes this is not Metal but it doesn't mean that it's poor or not even linked to your favorite music. Actually I think that we can say that "...E O Mundo De La" is like a soft version of Tuatha De Danann with female (and male too of course) vocals without distorted electric guitars. The ten songs are classy really catchy and you will just have to listen to "Dança No Abismo" or the first track "Slaint A La Brasilis" to be transported in a Irish Pub. This is not Metal but I think that every metalhead can enjoy this kind of music drinking some beers with mates. Bruno Maia knows what good Folk music is no doubt!

The production of the album is perfect and all the musicians and singer are really good. "...E O Mundo De La" is varied and its influences comes from a lot of folklores from Gipsy to Irish music of course. Plus the songs can be really happy like dark and sad there are lot of variations in each songs it's hard to say anything wrong about this release expect of course (and this is not bad for me) that it's not so Metal musically speaking but believe me the spirit is here and if you like the really original music of Tuatha De Danann you'll like "...E O Mundo De La".

"...E O Mundo De Lá" is a refreshing album full of great melodies. When you know how bad the world is nowadays, I promise you that this "innocent" release is a perfect way to do a magical journey which will only give you smiles in the end. Don't take "...E O Mundo De La" too seriously, this album is just something done to have good peaceful moments and it does it really well. Folk people and music lovers who want to travel across the world "...E O Mundo De La" is a must!

01 - Slainte a la Brasilis
02 - Tempos Idos
03 - Dança No Abismo
04 - Hamlá
05 - Juras Promessas
06 - Lua
07 - Brunebriante Papoula Dançante
08 - Falalafada
09 - Bloom (Ode a Joyce)
10 - A Pinga do Duende Maluco
11 - Lua (Bonus - demo version)
12 - Juras Promessas (Bonus - demo version)

Bruno Maia: Vocals, guitars, violin, mandolin, bouzuki, ti whistle, flute, percussions
Guest musicians:
Fernanda Ohara: Vocals
Isabel Tavares: Vocals on "Falalafada" e "Dança no Abismo"
Adriano Jamaica: Vocals on "A Pinga do duende Maluco"
Renata Barretom: Vocals on "Bloom" and "Lua"
Mael Saout: Guitars on "Falalafada"
Giovani Gomes: Bass
Anderson Alarça: Drums
Edgard Britto: Keyboards "Hamlá", "Juras Promessas" and "Bloom"
Rafael Castro: Keybaords on "Falalafada", "Tempos Idos" e "A pinga do duende maluco"
Cian O´Sulivan: Irish Flute on "Sláinte a la Brasilis"
Dan O´Sulivan: Uilleann Pipes on "Sláinte a la Brasilis"
Marta Pacífico: Violins on "Brunebriante Papoula Dançante" and "A Pinga do duende maluco"
Marcus Viana: Violin on "Bloom"
Michelle O´Brien: Fiddle on "Sláinte a la Brasilis"
Waltinho: Pandeiro on "Sláinte a la Brasilis"
Jacques Mathias: Programations


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Maddy Prior & Rick Kemp - Happy Families (1990 England) @320

Teamed with Rick Kemp, Prior turns in her best non-Steeleye Span folk-rock performance, with heavy amplification, crisp electric guitars, and accordion for support. Her airy vocals and the heavy electric sound make this a superb adjunct to the best rock sides by Steeleye (Commoner's Crown, etc.), although this stuff has more of a contemporary feel, relating to Prior's Steeleye Span work roughly the way Dylan's best '70s and '80s stuff relates to his '60s folk and folk-rock sides, with a definite rock beat and pop music feel. There's also a strong social consciousness at work, with topical songs dealing with unemployment and privation amid love songs and a very playful cover of "Who's Sorry Now."
~Bruce Eder (AMG)

01 - Happy Families (Prior & Kemp)
02 - Good Job (Prior)
03 - Rose (Prior & Kemp)
04 - Mother And Child (Prior)
05 - Here Comes Midnight (Kemp)
06 - Bewcastle (Prior & Kemp)
07 - Who's Sorry Now (Kalmar, Ruby & Snyder)
08 - Fire On The Line (Kemp)
09 - Goodbye (Kemp)
10 - Alex (Prior)
11 - Low Flying (Kemp)
12 - Happy Families (reprise) (Prior & Kemp)
13 - Bewcastle Instrumental (Prior & Kemp)

Maddy Prior - vocals
Rick Kemp - bass, guitars, vocals Simon Edwards - guitaron, Ashbury bass
Roy Dodds - drums, percussion
Kim Burton - accordion, kaval, gajda (goat)
Nick Holland - keyboars
Ian Kellet - keyboars
Chris Baylis - jet guitar
Pete Crowther - cello
Richard Lee - acoustic double bass

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