Friday, March 11, 2011

Braia - ... E o Mundo de Lá (2008 Brazil) @320

If you're into Folk Metal you probably know Bruno Maia, the singer and leader of the Brazilian combo Tuatha De Danann. We didn't have a lot of news from the band since the release date of their last album "Trova Di Danu" in 2004 but finally it seems that Bruno is not sleeping anymore! "...E O Mundo De La" is his first solo album and you can be sure that you'll be able to listen to good Folk Rock with this release!

Don't expect anything Metal here but if you like Celtic melodies and sonorities, "...E O Mundo De La" is a must definitely. Accompanied by a legion of Folk musicians plus the female singer Fernanda Ohara, Bruno Maia proposes a really cool and peaceful album. The melodies are sweet really dancing with a lot of different Celtic instruments like flutes, whistle, violins or bouzuki. So yes this is not Metal but it doesn't mean that it's poor or not even linked to your favorite music. Actually I think that we can say that "...E O Mundo De La" is like a soft version of Tuatha De Danann with female (and male too of course) vocals without distorted electric guitars. The ten songs are classy really catchy and you will just have to listen to "Dança No Abismo" or the first track "Slaint A La Brasilis" to be transported in a Irish Pub. This is not Metal but I think that every metalhead can enjoy this kind of music drinking some beers with mates. Bruno Maia knows what good Folk music is no doubt!

The production of the album is perfect and all the musicians and singer are really good. "...E O Mundo De La" is varied and its influences comes from a lot of folklores from Gipsy to Irish music of course. Plus the songs can be really happy like dark and sad there are lot of variations in each songs it's hard to say anything wrong about this release expect of course (and this is not bad for me) that it's not so Metal musically speaking but believe me the spirit is here and if you like the really original music of Tuatha De Danann you'll like "...E O Mundo De La".

"...E O Mundo De Lá" is a refreshing album full of great melodies. When you know how bad the world is nowadays, I promise you that this "innocent" release is a perfect way to do a magical journey which will only give you smiles in the end. Don't take "...E O Mundo De La" too seriously, this album is just something done to have good peaceful moments and it does it really well. Folk people and music lovers who want to travel across the world "...E O Mundo De La" is a must!

01 - Slainte a la Brasilis
02 - Tempos Idos
03 - Dança No Abismo
04 - Hamlá
05 - Juras Promessas
06 - Lua
07 - Brunebriante Papoula Dançante
08 - Falalafada
09 - Bloom (Ode a Joyce)
10 - A Pinga do Duende Maluco
11 - Lua (Bonus - demo version)
12 - Juras Promessas (Bonus - demo version)

Bruno Maia: Vocals, guitars, violin, mandolin, bouzuki, ti whistle, flute, percussions
Guest musicians:
Fernanda Ohara: Vocals
Isabel Tavares: Vocals on "Falalafada" e "Dança no Abismo"
Adriano Jamaica: Vocals on "A Pinga do duende Maluco"
Renata Barretom: Vocals on "Bloom" and "Lua"
Mael Saout: Guitars on "Falalafada"
Giovani Gomes: Bass
Anderson Alarça: Drums
Edgard Britto: Keyboards "Hamlá", "Juras Promessas" and "Bloom"
Rafael Castro: Keybaords on "Falalafada", "Tempos Idos" e "A pinga do duende maluco"
Cian O´Sulivan: Irish Flute on "Sláinte a la Brasilis"
Dan O´Sulivan: Uilleann Pipes on "Sláinte a la Brasilis"
Marta Pacífico: Violins on "Brunebriante Papoula Dançante" and "A Pinga do duende maluco"
Marcus Viana: Violin on "Bloom"
Michelle O´Brien: Fiddle on "Sláinte a la Brasilis"
Waltinho: Pandeiro on "Sláinte a la Brasilis"
Jacques Mathias: Programations



Jim said...

Its a nice album.
but Bruno Maia left Tuatha last year to dedicate to an still unknown solo project

The Countess said...

Thanks for this!

CrimsonKing said...


E o Mundo de Lá


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