Friday, March 18, 2011

Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag - Curing Norwegian Stiffness (2001 Norway) @320

Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag are, in my opionion, probably the most exciting and unique band on the Scandinavian scene. CNS are more of a folk orchestra, with 16 highly talented band members, creating a terrific blend of Norwegian traditional music, jazz, classical and rock music. The band combines an eclectic and exciting range of traditional and modern instruments, featuring hardanger fiddles, tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinets, accordion, whistle, bagpipes, guitar, piano, electric bass and drums/percussion. Add to that four brilliant female singers, and plenty of innovative ideas, fun of playing, and backgrounds as diverse as traditional, classical, jazz and rock - and you have CNS.
The music sounds at times more like a quality jazz bigband - with the one exception that the band plays not "boring" jazz classics, but instead sexy Norwegina traditional tunes. And even though the band has 16 members, every single one will get detailed attention. This is most exciting music, that crosses musical borders in a natural way, without compromising the roots of the music. The music is groovy, filled with joy, yet also with a pinch of the typical darkness of Scandinavian music, and new pleasant musical surprises are waiting for the listener every minute.
This is an essential album for fans of Scandinavian music, as it is for fans of individual bigband jazz. 46 minutes of entertaining, exciting and impressive music. As this album is already three years old, hopefully we can expect soon the next album of this terrific band.

01. Bukkehornlåt / Finnskoghalling
02. Reilender Fra Åseral / Ellinga Vellinga
03. På Brakka
04. Kvelden Feller Skuggar
05. Direktørvalsen Or Waltz For Grete
06. Vals Etter Vidar Lande
07. Reinlender Etter Thorvald Trondsgård
08. Gje Eg Ha Vore Heima
09. Je Vet Så Væl
10. Ringländer - Halling / Nå Begynner Vi
11. Finnskogpolser
12. Velsignet Være Jesu Navn

Linn KORSSJØEN: Vocals
Gine HEIEN: Vocals
Line NILSEN: Vocals
Ingrid FORTHUN: Vocals
Ragnhild MO: Fiddle, Hardingfele [Norwegian fiddle]
Hans Hinrich THEDENS: Fiddle, Hardingfele [Norwegian fiddle]
Elizabeth GAVER: Hardingfele [Norwegian fiddle], Alto
Elisabeth VATN: Clarinette, Clarinette basse, Bägänna
Carl Petter OPSAHL: Clarinette, Clarinette basse
Tellef KVIFTE: Saxophone soprano, Harmonium, Rebec
Eivind SOGNÆS: Saxophone soprano, Saxophone ténor, Flûte
Mikael NYBERG: Saxophone ténor, Vocals
Ragnhild KROGVIG KARLSEN: Hautbois
Randi ROSENDAHL: Piano, Accordéon
Åsmund REISTAD: Basse électrique, Contrebasse, Guitare
Ingar ZACH: Drums, Percussion, Vocals
Additional Musicians:



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Curing Norwegian Stiffness


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Curing Norwegian Stiffness


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