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Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag - Stolen Goods (Tjuvgods) (1997 Norway) @320

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The traditional music of Norway is preserved through the efforts of the 11 musicians and five female vocalists who
comprise Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag. With traditional Norwegian instruments, including fiddle, Hardanger fiddle, accordion, and Norwegian recorder, combined with saxophone, clarinet, oboe, electric bass, guitar, piano, and percussion, the group resurrects the musical spirits of Norway's past. Formed in 1994 by musicians and singers whose prior experience included stints with classical, rock, jazz, and pop groups, Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag continue to learn traditional melodies by ear and collectively work out intricate arrangements. Their 1997 album, Tjuvgods, was reissued in the United States as Stolen Goods with 16 tracks. Chateau Neuf Spelemannslag performed their debut London show in the summer of 1999.

01. Halling from Numedal
02. Guten Min/Fille-Vern (My Boy/Rag-Vern)
03. Den store pai-polsen (The great pie pols)
04. Fjellmannjenta (The mountain girl)
05. Si vil do med meg (Do you want to make vows to me?)
06. Halling after Thorvald Tronsgard
07. Roseleiken
08. CP-slatten/Vetleguten (Tune for CP/Lullaby for Vetle)
09. Hopparen (The jumper)
10. Skalle-Per
11. Wedding March from Engerdalen
12. Jentelokk (Girl call)
13. Tversover'n (The bow tie
14. Faut Marit's Polska
15. Gubben Garberg (Old man Garberg)
16. Lilleboa (Little brother)

Åsmund Reistad - Bass
Elisabeth Vatn - Clarinet
Carl Petter Opsahl - Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Conductor
Ingar Zach - Drums, Percussion
Ragnhild Mo - Fiddle, Hardingfele
Hans-Hinrich Thedens - Fiddle, Hardingfele, Fiddle [Electronic]
Randi E. Rosendahl - Grand Piano, Accordion
Ronny Yttrehus - Guitar
Ragnhild Krogvig Karlsen - Oboe
Tellef Kvifte - Soprano Saxophone, Bagpipes
Eivind Sognnæs - Soprano Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone, Flute
Eline Monrad Vistven , Mikael Nyberg - Tenor Saxophone
Gine Heien , Ingrid Forthun , Linn Korssjøen , Siri Kathrine Rude - Vocals



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Stolen Goods

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Stolen Goods (MU)

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Stolen Goods

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