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The Duellists - English Hurdy-Gurdy Music (England 1997) @256

Requested from the friend contributor anonymous(123)

The Duellists, a trio of Nigel Eaton, Cliff Stapleton & Chris Walshaw, play newly written dance music inspired from, and rooted in, the English and French traditions. With bagpipes and hurdy-gurdies, they provide driving dance music and bewitching rhythms underpinned by the exciting and primitive combination of melody and drones.

Nigel Eaton originally played piano and 'cello, moving to the hurdy-gurdy when his father, Christopher Eaton, started to make them in 1981. In 1985 he joined the groups Blowzabella and Ancient Beatbox with whom he has toured extensively in Britain, Europe and South America and recorded six albums. He also appears on numerous records with artists ranging from Robert Plant, Scott Walker and Marc Almond to The Philharmonia and The New London Consort, and soundtracks for films such as Aliens and The Name of the Rose. Nigel has recently returned from a year long world tour with Robert Plant and Jimmy Page (of Led Zeppelin) and is currently one half of Whirling Pope Joan with Julie Murphy.

From his years with Blowzabella and The Drones, Cliff Stapleton, will be known to many as a fine hurdy-gurdy player. Since leaving them Cliff has established himself in the world of theatre and puppet theatre as a composer and musician. He currently works with Banyan Theatre Company and recently appeared in their production of Baba Yaga Bony Legs at the Leicester Haymarket. However, his inventive tune writing (the pen that brought you 'Man in a Brown Hat') and musicianship are not lost to the roots music lovers, for he can also be seen playing with Chris Wood and Andy Cutting in the Waltzer.

Chris Walshaw, on the pipes, has a long history of playing in dance bands including Edinburgh's Ceilidh Collective and Culture Shock and has occasionally guested with Chris Wood, Andy Cutting and Cliff in the Waltzer. In addition he has worked with Jean-Pierre Rasle on productions of his show Cornemusiques for both Radio 3 and on stage at St Chartier and the Purcell Room. Currently he also plays with the dynamic English ceilidh band Stocai.

Together they make up The Duellists. Most of their material is newly written - much of it by themselves - and they are available for dances, concerts and bagpipe and hurdy-gurdy workshops.

01. Starters (Eaton)/Alfriston (Walshaw)
02. Miserden (Walshaw)/Indigo (Stapleton)
03. The Duellists (Eaton)
04. Doyenne (Stapleton)
05. Capriole (Stapleton)/Drystone (Walshaw)
06. Kate at the Gate (Eaton)
07. Magog/Monkey Puzzle (Walshaw)
08. Bluesaussis/Biscuit Shuffle (Stapleton)
09. Baba Yaga's Cat (Stapleton)
10. Poolside (Stapleton)

Chris Walshaw: Bagpipes
Cliff Stapleton: Hurdy Gurdy
Nigel Eaton: Hurdy Gurdy 



max said...

Please, have you also "Dance", the last work of Blowzabella?
Many thanks for all...

CrimsonKing said...

Not yet, max. :(

anonymous(123) said...

Hello CrimsonKing,

thanks so much for this album.


Anonymous said...

thank you very much for this great site.i enjoy it greatly..ireland

Anonymous said...

Fantastic thanks. I really enjoy these instruments.

Anonymous said...

the ancient synthesizer strikes again! thanks!

øשlqæda said...

stunning & utterly unknown to me. thanks fer sharing

Anonymous said...

They are great! Thank you very much indeed.

CrimsonKing said...


English Hurdy-Gurdy Music


Arawen said...

Thank you very much for this, your blog continues to turn up some rare and beautiful music :)

A propos... I don't know if you can help me find two albums which are sort of related: I've been looking without success for Whirling Pope Joan "Spin" (1994) which featured Nigel Eaton with Julie Murphy - and I'd dearly love to find a copy of Julie's own "A Quiet House" (2012).

If you have either or both of these, and wouldn't mind sharing, I'd be really grateful.

Thanks for all that you do
- Arawen

beetor said...

Thank you for this one too!

Anonymous said...

What a brilliant album: simple yet complex and powerful.

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