Thursday, March 24, 2011

Luar Na Lubre - Solsticio (Spain 2010) @320

"Solstice", the new release from the renowned Galician Folc Band Luar Na Lubre .
It's leader, Bieito Romero, in a recent interview with Europa Press, said that Luar Na Lubre is "fully fit" more than 25 years after its birth, and celebrate with "the longest drive of its career, which also opens new avenues in sounds, "for their traditional way of making music now with medieval elements."
As already mentioned, they plunged into the medieval Galician Portuguese lyric and have worked considering the merger of the traditional pagan music of Galicia and some other European areas "with medieval music more educated, more Christian." In fact, "hence the title, the ancestral worship of pagan origin."
"The album opens a new cycle of styles precisely because we have not tried yet so deeply. It is the first time that we get well into the medieval music, with a certain chamber treatment , performing it as the troubadours and the courts in the XII Century. We got something completely different and new, and open a new cycle in the sound," he underlined.

01 - O Son Das Pedras
02 - Caminyo Do Norte
03 - Mia Irmana Fremosa - Muinyeira De Poio
04 - Unha Volta Polo Medio
05 - Doentes
06 - Schiarazulla Marazulla - A Carolina
07 - Quantas Sabedes
08 - Monte Pindo
09 - A Minya Amiga
10 - Na Frouseira - Maravillosos Et Piadosos
11 - Ven Bailar Carminya
12 - Via Lactea
13 - Sabor A Santa Maria - Con Gran Razon
14 - Trasmontana
15 - Romance De Don Gaiferos

Sara Louraço Vidal: Voice
Xulio Varela:  Bouzouki, Vocals & Percussion
Bieito Romero:  Bagpipes, Accordion & Zanfoña
Eduardo Coma:  Fiddle
Patxi Bermúdez:  Bodhran, Drum & Djimbek
Pedro Valero:  Acoustic Guitar
Xavier Ferreiro:  Latin Percussion & Effects
Xan Cerqueiro:  Flutes
Additional musicians:
Pat Kilbride: Acoustic guitar on tracks III and VIII, voice on tracks III and IV.
Miro Casabella: Voice on track VII
Xocas Meijide: clarinet and bass clarinet on track VIII
Diana Navarro: Voices on track IX
Xulia Cea: Voice on track X
Choral "Canta Compaña" Voices on track X
Miguel Queixas, Miguel Cabana and Rubén Montes: bata drums on track X
Rubén Montes: Cajón on track XII
Nani García: Keyboards on tracks IX, X and XV



Ric said...

It's amazing the gems I keep finding in this blog.
Thanks for sharing the musical treasures you keep posting in this great blog.

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This blog is truly one of the most exceptional musical sites on the web. Thanks once again.

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corvus said...

Thank you. Graciñas.
Luar Na Lubre ("moon light in the forest" in galician) is the best galician music band.

corvus said...

Thank you. Graciñas.
Luar Na Lubre is the best galician music band.

corvus said...

Thank you. Graciñas.
Luar Na Lubre is the best galician music band.

corvus said...

Thank you. Gracias.
Luar Na Lubre is the best galician music band.

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A new favorite. I collected all your previous posts by this band as well. Great stuff!

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Great blog. Her is a music site of an girl who does Finnish, Latin and other international folk that you might enjoy. Click on my name for the link to

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Many thanks from Barcelona, Spain. Great blog and great music!!

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Thanks CK. Excelent group, good music.

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