Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Maddy Prior & Rick Kemp - Happy Families (1990 England) @320

Teamed with Rick Kemp, Prior turns in her best non-Steeleye Span folk-rock performance, with heavy amplification, crisp electric guitars, and accordion for support. Her airy vocals and the heavy electric sound make this a superb adjunct to the best rock sides by Steeleye (Commoner's Crown, etc.), although this stuff has more of a contemporary feel, relating to Prior's Steeleye Span work roughly the way Dylan's best '70s and '80s stuff relates to his '60s folk and folk-rock sides, with a definite rock beat and pop music feel. There's also a strong social consciousness at work, with topical songs dealing with unemployment and privation amid love songs and a very playful cover of "Who's Sorry Now."
~Bruce Eder (AMG)

01 - Happy Families (Prior & Kemp)
02 - Good Job (Prior)
03 - Rose (Prior & Kemp)
04 - Mother And Child (Prior)
05 - Here Comes Midnight (Kemp)
06 - Bewcastle (Prior & Kemp)
07 - Who's Sorry Now (Kalmar, Ruby & Snyder)
08 - Fire On The Line (Kemp)
09 - Goodbye (Kemp)
10 - Alex (Prior)
11 - Low Flying (Kemp)
12 - Happy Families (reprise) (Prior & Kemp)
13 - Bewcastle Instrumental (Prior & Kemp)

Maddy Prior - vocals
Rick Kemp - bass, guitars, vocals Simon Edwards - guitaron, Ashbury bass
Roy Dodds - drums, percussion
Kim Burton - accordion, kaval, gajda (goat)
Nick Holland - keyboars
Ian Kellet - keyboars
Chris Baylis - jet guitar
Pete Crowther - cello
Richard Lee - acoustic double bass



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Happy Families

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