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Filippo Gambetta - Andirivieni (Italy 2009) @VBR~256

It has been almost ten years after the onset of record Filippo Gambetta.  Recorded in late 1999, Stria gave the start to a promising artistic career to the next so many awards, including international ones, would have confirmed every step.  A particular technical skill and musical taste have led it to be one of the best Italian diatonic accordion.f Goaea Pria (2002) had pointed out the talent in a rich dimension of different perspectives is now the turn of the new coming and going to characterize a phase of strong thematic and compositional maturity.  While not denying the European tradition of instrument which has until now been soaked, Filippo Gambetta's work here on grounds more relaxed, which ensures the music an amplitude of reflexivity is not so.  This is the case of songs like Kevat, and Mr. Pippi (composed and arranged by Riccardo Barbera).
But Runaway Lane or lettuce turbulent songs from more accelerated pace, keeping a happy aplomb that distances them from certain emergency youth a bit 'too discoveries.  Gigi is an edgy ballad instead of sure grip radio made by the soothing voice of guitarist Claudio de Angeli and structured on the basis of a reel.  South American accents appropriate recovery are down on tiptoe to Fica Mal com Deus Geraldo Vandré, while the bouncy swing and gypsy Mariù, recorded a duet with her father and guitarist Beppe, to round off a job that can not be  nothing but admiration in those who claim to music with pleasure and deep contents. Among the collaborators, in addition to the aforementioned Barbera (bass) and De Angeli, reported Michel Balatti (flute), Antonio Experts (bass clarinet) and Mario Arcari (oboe). 
Filippo Gambetta, has always been involved in the dissemination organ music in different contexts, has developed a personal technique on an instrument with three rows, studying and drawing inspiration from many sources (local tradition, the rhythmic and harmonic forms Balkan, French music , classical and contemporary sounds).  It is remarkable that in the coming and going can also be found in the guise of mandolin, clarinet and percussion, as proof of its vitality and musical curiosity.

01 - Kevät
02 - Pippi
03 - Conosci te stesso
04 - Mistero
05 - Runaway lane
06 - La Lattuga turbolenta
07 - Serra, la
08 - Gigi-Gigi's reel
09 - Fica mal com Deus
10 - Mariù

Filippo Gambetta: three row diatonic accordion, mandolin, clarinet, percussion
Claudio de Angeli: acoustic guitar
Riccardo Barbera: upright bass, classical guitar
Michel Balatti: irish wooden flute
Mario Arcari: oboe d'amore
Beppe Gambetta: acoustic guitar
Antonio Esperti: bass clarinet



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Thank You!

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Please, can you post the album of Maelstrom: Quartet a Cordes de Bretagne? Thanks and best regards

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very funny; the first song "Kevät" is a Finnish word meaning Spring....

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Thank you so, so much CrimsonKing!! Already enjoying it.

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