Saturday, April 16, 2011

Flukt - Drufiacc (Norway 2004) @320

On the second CD by this wonderful Norwegian group traditional Nordic music meets classical and blues, driven by a trio of fiddle, accordion and percussion to produce a compelling and driving sound. The purest of tunes and the simplest of moods exemplifies the mastery of Sturla Eide (fiddle, hardangerfiddle), Øivind Farmen (accordion) and Håvard Sterten (percussion) as the bend the borders and break some rules on their way to discoivering new turf for Norwegian folk music.

01 - Felespinn, Sturla Eide
02 - Hodalsbrura, e Jo Gjermunds
03 - Bryllupsgården, trad
04 - Dimisjonspols, Sturla Eide
05 - Oksens dans, Oyvind Farmen
06 - Bayer og bananer, Ronny Kjøsen
07 - Vegards vuggevise, Øivind Farmen
08 - Flaten II, trad
09 - Sjåttis, trad
10 - Hallvals, trad
11 - Førdenatt, Eide-Nyhus-trad

Sturla Eide: fiddle, hardangerfiddle
Øivind Farmen: accordion
Håvard Sterten: percussion



CrimsonKing said...


Barron said...

Another rewarding evening spent downloading and listening to the music on your blog. Flukt leads to Folque to Annbjorg Lein to Gjallarhorn.

I can't count the bands and styles I have discovered here.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Great music. Do you have either of their other two albums? (Spill and Stille for Stormen).
Thank you very much.

CrimsonKing said...

I haven't, sorry.

Ric said...

Indeed a superb posting.
Many thanks!

CrimsonKing said...




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