Saturday, April 9, 2011

Maëlstrom - Quartet à Cordes de Bretagne (France 2003) @224

Maëlstrom Quartet is a new band, a string quartet.
It naturally takes off in Britain because its members are musicians known and recognized for their participation in famous groups such as Breton: Skeduz, Hastan, Hudel, Filifala, Cabestan.
Maëlstrom is a quartet that presents the first record on a repertoire of original music and traditional tunes in europe with a score of chamber music the most beautiful effect.  Three violins and a cello are exploring different types of songs from countries where the fiddle is king.

01 - La souris dans l'évier (rond de Loudéac)
02 - Maëlstrom Vals
03 - Mr Ivanov - Pavno makedonsko
04 - Mr Ivanov - Pravo chopsko horo
05 - Son an disparti (mélodie moldave)
06 - Les Néreïdes (Pierre Stephan)
07 - Absynthe (P. Stephan)
08 - Ur plac'h diouej ereujet (mélodie Tregor)
09 - Panlou (marche, Thierry Moreau)
10 - Les maux de ventre - Chant de gageries
11 - Les maux de ventre - Ridée
12 - Gradalvax - Bourrée
13 - Gradalvax - Air (Lancashire)
14 - Bonus track

Jean-Pierre Andrieux: Violin, Alto,
Pierre Stephan: Violin
Laurent Dacquay: Violin, Saz
Thierry Moreau: Cello
Annie Ebrel: Vocals
Leonardo Ivanov: Gadulka (Bulgarian string instrument)



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Quartet à Cordes de Bretagne


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Quartet à Cordes de Bretagne


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