Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sean Siegfried - Backwoods (England 2011) - Free Group Promotion

Free Group Promotion

Sean started his guitar studies young and by the age of nine was performing Vivaldi covers in school concerts at the Vienna International School, which he attended until he was Seventeen.
He then returned to England, and, his teenage rock phase behind him, discovered, to his delight, the unadorned but intricate playing of such masters as Bert Jansch, Nick Drake and, his particular God, Dave Evans. He found such players had taken the acoustic guitar to new territories with their invention and power to draw on a variety of musical sources, uniting Delta with Folk, Baroque with Ballad.
After three years in the Film Industry, touching upon the valuable skills of editing and sound production, gripped by the urge to compose music for himself, Sean sought refuge in rural Devon.
Sean's instrumental début, "Backwoods", is now available on CD from his website and as a digital download from Bandcamp . In this work Sean strives to combine inventive technique with his own expressive and moving interpretations.

Web Site: http://www.seansiegfried.com

Listen more tracks here

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Soïg Sibéril & Nolwenn Korbell - Red (France 2007) @320

The first CD of a meeting between two Breton artists who testifies to the vitality of Breton music worldwide.  Nolwenn Korbell about life, love, passion through his songs like swinging his tongue.  Complicity is evident with Soïg Sibéril and his guitar magic that shares his love of music open.

01 - Bugale Breizh
02 - Valsenn Trefrin
03 - Billy
04 - Sant Ma Fardon
05 - Gourin
06 - Padal
07 - Anna
08 - Bemdez C'houlou
09 - Daoulamm Ruz
10 - Kanaouenn Katell
11 - Turn, Turn, Turn
12 - Yannig Ha Mai
13 - Glav
14 - News From Town For My Love Who

Nolwenn Korbell: Vocals
Soïg Sibéril: guitars


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

The Crooked Fiddle Band (Australia) 2010 - Free Group Promotion

The Crooked Fiddle Band

First major European tour to promote their new album "Overgrown Tales"

“The Crooked Fiddle Band are completely surprising. The music is original and quixotic, and yet has the strength of some deep and strong roots. I can't say I've ever heard anything else like it!”
Brian Eno

Having built a remarkable word of mouth reputation as one of Australia's most intense live music experiences, ‘chainsaw folk’ vigilantes The Crooked Fiddle Band are set to bring their unique, incendiary sound to Europe for the first time this summer to promote their debut album "Overgrown Tales".

Driven by the beautiful and furious fiddling of Jess Randall, and underpinned by a rhythm section that blasts, rocks and grooves to the point of dementia, live performances by The Crooked Fiddle Band compel audiences into a joyous frenzy. Live their dark, ecstatic energy rips from the stage as screeches and squeals from the violin to give way to barrages from rhythm guitar, drums and double bass and the group look certain to win critical acclaim and a whole new fan base with their debut European tour.

Fresh from recording their debut long player in Chicago with legendary engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies, Joanna Newsom, Gogol Bordello, PJ Harvey), the band are now ready to hit the road across Europe and their no-holds-barred live shows have wide appeal – mesmerising audiences in concert halls and inciting wild scenes in underground venues.

Combining stunning musicianship with a rhythm and energy aimed straight at romantic hearts and dancing feet, the acoustic four-piece (violin, double-bass, drums, guitar/bouzouki) intertwine folk traditions with modern evolutions and have impressed all who have encountered them such Damien Dempsey who they have supported and Brian Eno, who invited the band to participate in his Luminous Festival at the Sydney Opera House.

“For us, there is a direct link between folk traditions and blast beats: it is the unstoppable energy, that intensity that hits you in the chest and forces you to move,” says The Crooked Fiddle Band’s Jess Randall. “Chainsaw folk” is our attempt to craft a new beast from these influences – coherent but mutated and we can’t wait to hit Europe hard this summer.”

After working earlier this year to capture the raw energy of their live sound, new album Overgrown Tales roams across a wide range of styles and influences yet maintains an intense, vivid energy. But whether you catch them live or on record, The Crooked Fiddle Band are set to twist the blood with their music this summer and if past reactions are anything to go by, music fans won’t even know what hit them.

What people are saying about The Crooked Fiddle Band:

“This band really is a national treasure and testament to the infinite talent that keeps manifesting in our backyard… this group has reinvented folk music as it is known” Vanessa Lahey, Australian Stage

“Crooked Fiddle Band continue their musical manifesto, rallying around the incendiary fiddle of Jess Randall to make music that will make punks tango, grandmas mosh and metal heads hoe-down.”
Lucky Oceans, ABC National Radio Australia.

“So this is what Sepultura sound like in a parallel universe where they’re a travelling gypsy band. It’s the soundtrack to a hyperactive version of ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ Awesome!”
Dom Alessio, Triple J Radio

European Tour Dates:

18/06/2011 Ulmer Zelt Festival, Ulm, Germany
25/06/2011 Arteganza Festival, Amersfoort, Netherlands
01/07/2011 TFF Rudolstadt, Rudolstadt, Germany
02/07/2011 TFF Rudolstadt, Rudolstadt, Germany
03/07/2011 TFF Rudolstadt, Rudolstadt, Germany
06/07/2011 The Clipper, Camborne, Cambridgeshire, UK
07/07/2011 Jacob’s Ladder, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
08/07/2011Wattsfest, Devon, UK
09/07/2011 The Bike Shed, Exeter, UK
10/07/2011 Chichester Festival, West Sussex, UK
11/07/2011 Lichfield Festival, Staffordshire, UK
12/07/2011 Lichfield Festival, Staffordshire, UK
13/07/2011 Hare and Hounds, King’s Heath, Birmingham UK
14/07/2011 The Fleece, Bristol, UK
15/07/2011The Garage, Kentish Town, London, UK

The Crooked Fiddle Band’s single "Countess Bathory's Finishing School for Girls" is currently available as a free download via the band's website www.crookedfiddleband.com.

For more information about The Crooked Fiddle Band, interview opportunities and to request review copies of Overgrown Tales, please contact ben@quitegreat.co.uk / 01223 403333. 

Also watch The Crooked Fiddle Band here:
The Rom Rebellion: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ex-D9_TmRVg
The Milkman: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Dq_4LYohOf0
Bohemian Masquerade Ball: http://www.vimeo.com/15417327


Sunday, May 22, 2011

La Bandina - "13" (2008 Asturia) @320

La Bandina was first formed to re-create the music of the old-time bandinas (little bands), playing traditional music exclusively for dancing. They were known as La Bandina les 47, making reference to the 47.000 pesetas they were payed by the local Town Hall every time they performed there.
The name was shortened to La Bandina, mainly because they were the only band
using the old-time format at that moment, so it stuck. Even now, with the resurgence of the bandinas, they have kept the name.

01 - Guetu nigru
02 - Gardelamoné
03 - Ala vera de Borín
04 - Ficiste la maleta I
05 - Ficiste la maleta II
06 - Valse coxu
07 - Pumba
08 - Pel puirtu
09 - Una d'oricios
10 - Sal a tiempu
11 - Nun vas sola
12 - Perlindango
13 - Danza - Dixebra

SANTI CALEYA: Saxofón, gaita, bombarda
DAVID VARELA: Acordeón, voz
JUANJO DÍAZ: Percusiones
PEDRO CLAROS: Bajo eléctrico
AGUS LARA: Trompeta, fliscorno
TOÑO GÓMEZ: Trombón, bombardino

Saturday, May 21, 2011

John Doyle - Wayward Son (2005 Ireland) @256

John Doyle (b. 1971 in Dublin, Ireland) is an Irish musician and songwriter. For four years he served as acoustic guitarist with the Irish/American band Solas. He is now an active solo artist. He has written many traditional-style songs and has collaborated with the likes of Kate Rusby, Susan McKeown, Karan Casey and Heidi Talbot.

Doyle also has producing credits on several albums including Heidi Talbot's debut solo release Distant Future, renowned American fiddle player Liz Carroll's Lake Effect, and his father Sean Doyle's CD, The Light and the Half Light.

Doyle is a highly accomplished guitarist with a trademark style for backing up other musicians. A left-handed player, his style involves the use of bass string damping with the heel of the left hand combined with a constant, metronome-like strumming pattern and nimble movement up and down the neck with the right hand to incorporate bass lines and chordal variations. Combined with other dynamic techniques such as string choking with the right hand, the resulting sound is full and highly rhythmical.

01. The Gallant Poacher
02. Jack Dolan
03. The Glad Eye / The Journeyman / The Wayward Son (Jigs To Reel)
04. Captain Glenn
05. Bitter the Parting
06. Old Bush / Expect The Unexpected (Reels)
07. The Apprentice Boy
08. Tie The Bonnet / Monahan Twig / A Fair Wind / The Convenience Reel (Reels)
09. The Month of January
10. Little Sadie
11. Eddie Kelly's / Reavy's Tribute To Coleman (Reels)
12. The Cocks Are Crowing

John Doyle (vocals, guitar, bouzouki)
Kate Rusby, Linda Thompson, Tim O'Brien (vocals)
Alison Brown (banjo)
Liz Carroll, Stuart Duncan, Casey Driessen (fiddle)
Michael McGoldrick (flute, whistle)
Seamus Egan, John McCusker (whistle)
John Williams (concertina)
John Burr (piano)
Danny Thompson (bass instrument)
Garry West (bass guitar)
Kenny Malone (percussion)


Saturday, May 14, 2011

Härdellin, Hallberg, Hertzberg, Ståbi - Love Letters & Russian Satellites (Multi-national 2005) @224

Four fairy-like and angelic voices, and a Swedish tour de force through the Nordic world of myths and legends. Emma Härdelin sings with Garmarna  and Triakel, Katarina Hallberg with Trio Fata, Johanna Bölja Hertzberg with Ditt Ditt Darium and Kapten Bölja, and Kersti Ståby once sang with Svart Kaffe and Envisa. The tunes are arranged and interpreted in different styles, mostly modern and contemporary. Tragic love songs, lullabies, mucking songs and medieval ballads from Hälsingland: "Kråkvisan", for example, is a 17th century song that tells of the many different ways of using a shot crow. Five blankets can be made out of the feathers, the skin is good for twelve pairs of shoes, etc. "Ro, Ro Fiskeskär" is an instruction guide to fishing and distributing the catch. The title song "Två Ryska Satelliter" is a contemporary and ironic song that tells the story of the 1960's Russian satellite mission. 

01 - Skämtvisa om roddare
02 - Oväntad bröllopsgäst
03 - Driver dagg faller regn
04 - Ro, ro fiskeskär
05 - Förargas ej på mig
06 - Tar du e' dellboska
07 - Två ryska satelliter
08 - Se fåglarna på dessa gröna kvi
09 - I denna ljuva sommartid
10 - En visa vill jag sjunga
11 - O, kristi du som ljuset är
12 - Två kärleksvisor
13 - Kråkvisan
14 - Lars Persson
15 - Sullan lullan litet bar
16 - Sullan lullan
17 - Gullvagnen
18 - Sov i ro
19 - Långt borst i skog

Emma Härdelin: Vocals
Katarina Hallberg: Vocals
Johanna Bölja Hertzberg: Vocals
Kersti Ståby: Vocals
Urban Andersson: Dragspel
Görgen Antonsson: Fiol & Altfiol
Jonas Olsson: Cittra & Kontrabas
Ola Hertzberg: Nyckelharpa & Kontrabas
Tomas Lindberg: Gittar, Mandola, Bosoki


Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Imogen Harper - Charcoal Heart [EP] (Australia 2010) @256 - Free Group Promotion

Free Group Promotion

At just twenty one, Imogen Harper is a woman to be reckoned with. There’s the fact she’s been playing piano for more than half of her life, started songwriting when fourteen and made her live debut a bare year later at Sydney’s oldest jazz venue Bar Me (Sinatra played there!). Add to that the lure of her siren’s voice and the rock & roll side project in the form of Sydney’s fast-rising Guineafowl and you’d be forgiven for wondering if she maybe isn’t just too good to be true – but make no mistake, there is nothing saccharine in her sweetness.

Brought up on Disney movies and her parents’ folk-heavy record collection (Leonard Cohen, Carole King), Imogen’s songs are elegant meditations of love’s crooked paths; and more Joni Mitchell than the Lion King, though she swears they’re both central in her musical heart. No slouch in the live stakes, as a jazz singer for hire she’s perfected an envious chanteuse style although debut EP Charcoal Heart leans more piano balladry than dive bars and late nights. As an artist in her own right she’s taken to the stages of the Basement and Vanguard amongst others, and sold out her EP launch earlier this year at Raval. Student days spent at open mikes at the Surry Hill’s Excelsior fuelled both her writing skills and seductive stage presence and maybe also contributed to the taste for bourbon she’s retained to this day as pre-show drink of choice.

The Guineafowl connection was a serendipitous accident involving a physiotherapist’s receptionist, an out-of-joint musician and an overheard conversation regarding the need for a female vocalist, and she’s been with the band ever since. Their first live show was an exercise in the contradictions of Imogen’s musical double-life, as a solo performer she was shell-shocked by the sheer volume of a full band onstage but she’s long since transformed that energy into a compelling performance. Of course the killer cheekbones don’t hurt any - just look what they did for Stevie Nicks - but there’s a devil in Ms Harper’s smoky voice when she goes to her rock and roll side.
With a sold out EP launch and an extra night added by popular demand to her Vanguard dates at the end of the month, Imogen’s poised to steal the hearts of more than just the boys in the Guineafowl crowds this year.

01 - Cling To Me
02 - Distractions & Mistakes
03 - Charcoal Heart
04 - Dilute This Love
05 - Release Me
06 - I'll Take The Trouble From Your Eyes

Go to Stream and listen...


Monday, May 9, 2011

Freres de Sac - Bag Brothers (France 2002) @192

This is a very enjoyable CD, and a brilliant debut. The accordeon shows off its multiple personalities to great effect, and the flute sparkles on every track. Bag Brothers is full of little twists and surprises, but I won't spoil the fun: listen for yourself.

01 - Le chant du départ...
02 - Kost ar c'hoad
03 - Beanfield / La belle inconnue
04 - Bourrée à F. Vidalenc / Bourrée de Maurienges
05 - Après l'turbin
06 - Change pas d'main
07 - Les dernières volontés d'un danseur
08 - Hanter dro
09 - Le bonheur du grain de sable
10 - Gavotte de l'Aven
11 - ... le chant du départ

Jean Loup SACCHETTINI: accordéons diationiques
Christophe SACCHETTINI: flûtes à bec, cornemuse du centre   
Jean Banwarth (bouzouki)
Jean-Luc Peilhon (harmonica)
Norbert Pignol (accordéon diatonique)


Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Tud - Setu! (France 2001) @320

Setu! the new record! (released June 2001) promises to be a turning point in the band's career: always as respectful of tradition, TUD has indeed been enriched by new sounds and expand its audience, with this new album is once again TUD  a reference for all lovers of music and dances of Brittany.
TUD is an original which is marked by great musicianship and some wonderful discoveries. This album swings with fluidity and ease to achieve a remarkable level. Would recommend without restriction.

01 - Zone De Frettes
02 - Dans Ar C'hamm
03 - Heuliad Gavotennoù Ar Menez (Gavotte)
04 - Heuliad Gavotennoù Ar Menez (Bal)
05 - Heuliad Gavotennoù Ar Menez (Gavotte)
06 - C'est La Goutte D'or Qui Fait Déborder La Valse
07 - An Dro
08 - Heuliad Dansou Plinn (Plinn Ton Simpl)
09 - Heuliad Dansou Plinn (Plinn Bal)
10 - Heuliad Dansou Plinn (Plinn Ton doubl)
11 - Scottische À Belle-Maman
12 - Rond De Saint-Vincent
13 - Kost Ar C'hoat
14 - Pilé Menu
15 - Laridés
16 - Gavotenn Ar Vosenn

Olivier Boedec - Contrebasse
Frederic Lambierge - Accordions & Guitar
Carolyn Langelier - Flute
Franck Le Rest - Guitars, Bouzoui & Mandolin
Eric Ollu - Hautbois & Biniou


Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Millish - Millish (USA 2005) @320

"Calling Ann Arbor-based Millish merely a Celtic band is a little like calling Eric Clapton just a guitarist."
-The Ann Arbor News

"These guys are bound for glory. The most creative and imaginative outfit out there today. If this band don’t rock your soul get someone to check your pulse."
-Dave Deegan

Millish is comprised of two time State Fiddle champion Brad Phillips, National Jazz Soloist winner Mike Shimmin, three time All-Ireland Uilleann piper Tyler Dunca and guitarist Jesse Lee Mason.
Never forcing a preconceived notion of "fusion," the band has let their music coalesce over the past several years, and it's already turning heads worldwide. Their debut album earned them an International Acoustic Music Award - before it was even released.
Millish is united by a single musical goal: to participate in the evolution of modern music. Judging by their accolades, they're well on their way.

01 - Parachute Man
02 - The Mighty Pickle
03 - Dusty Miller - The Scholar - Blue Rondo A La Turk
04 - Asanul
05 - Chetvorno Horo
06 - Stairway To Heaven
07 - Hungry Man #1
08 - Kirstie's - Colleens Reel - The Happy Aunt

Jesse Mason: Acoustic guitar.
Brad Phillips: Fiddle, mandolin.
Mike Shimmin: Percussion.
Tyler Duncan: Low wihistle, uilleann pipes, bodhran.

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