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The Crooked Fiddle Band (Australia) 2010 - Free Group Promotion

The Crooked Fiddle Band

First major European tour to promote their new album "Overgrown Tales"

“The Crooked Fiddle Band are completely surprising. The music is original and quixotic, and yet has the strength of some deep and strong roots. I can't say I've ever heard anything else like it!”
Brian Eno

Having built a remarkable word of mouth reputation as one of Australia's most intense live music experiences, ‘chainsaw folk’ vigilantes The Crooked Fiddle Band are set to bring their unique, incendiary sound to Europe for the first time this summer to promote their debut album "Overgrown Tales".

Driven by the beautiful and furious fiddling of Jess Randall, and underpinned by a rhythm section that blasts, rocks and grooves to the point of dementia, live performances by The Crooked Fiddle Band compel audiences into a joyous frenzy. Live their dark, ecstatic energy rips from the stage as screeches and squeals from the violin to give way to barrages from rhythm guitar, drums and double bass and the group look certain to win critical acclaim and a whole new fan base with their debut European tour.

Fresh from recording their debut long player in Chicago with legendary engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, The Pixies, Joanna Newsom, Gogol Bordello, PJ Harvey), the band are now ready to hit the road across Europe and their no-holds-barred live shows have wide appeal – mesmerising audiences in concert halls and inciting wild scenes in underground venues.

Combining stunning musicianship with a rhythm and energy aimed straight at romantic hearts and dancing feet, the acoustic four-piece (violin, double-bass, drums, guitar/bouzouki) intertwine folk traditions with modern evolutions and have impressed all who have encountered them such Damien Dempsey who they have supported and Brian Eno, who invited the band to participate in his Luminous Festival at the Sydney Opera House.

“For us, there is a direct link between folk traditions and blast beats: it is the unstoppable energy, that intensity that hits you in the chest and forces you to move,” says The Crooked Fiddle Band’s Jess Randall. “Chainsaw folk” is our attempt to craft a new beast from these influences – coherent but mutated and we can’t wait to hit Europe hard this summer.”

After working earlier this year to capture the raw energy of their live sound, new album Overgrown Tales roams across a wide range of styles and influences yet maintains an intense, vivid energy. But whether you catch them live or on record, The Crooked Fiddle Band are set to twist the blood with their music this summer and if past reactions are anything to go by, music fans won’t even know what hit them.

What people are saying about The Crooked Fiddle Band:

“This band really is a national treasure and testament to the infinite talent that keeps manifesting in our backyard… this group has reinvented folk music as it is known” Vanessa Lahey, Australian Stage

“Crooked Fiddle Band continue their musical manifesto, rallying around the incendiary fiddle of Jess Randall to make music that will make punks tango, grandmas mosh and metal heads hoe-down.”
Lucky Oceans, ABC National Radio Australia.

“So this is what Sepultura sound like in a parallel universe where they’re a travelling gypsy band. It’s the soundtrack to a hyperactive version of ‘O Brother, Where Art Thou?’ Awesome!”
Dom Alessio, Triple J Radio

European Tour Dates:

18/06/2011 Ulmer Zelt Festival, Ulm, Germany
25/06/2011 Arteganza Festival, Amersfoort, Netherlands
01/07/2011 TFF Rudolstadt, Rudolstadt, Germany
02/07/2011 TFF Rudolstadt, Rudolstadt, Germany
03/07/2011 TFF Rudolstadt, Rudolstadt, Germany
06/07/2011 The Clipper, Camborne, Cambridgeshire, UK
07/07/2011 Jacob’s Ladder, Falmouth, Cornwall, UK
08/07/2011Wattsfest, Devon, UK
09/07/2011 The Bike Shed, Exeter, UK
10/07/2011 Chichester Festival, West Sussex, UK
11/07/2011 Lichfield Festival, Staffordshire, UK
12/07/2011 Lichfield Festival, Staffordshire, UK
13/07/2011 Hare and Hounds, King’s Heath, Birmingham UK
14/07/2011 The Fleece, Bristol, UK
15/07/2011The Garage, Kentish Town, London, UK

The Crooked Fiddle Band’s single "Countess Bathory's Finishing School for Girls" is currently available as a free download via the band's website

For more information about The Crooked Fiddle Band, interview opportunities and to request review copies of Overgrown Tales, please contact / 01223 403333. 

Also watch The Crooked Fiddle Band here:
The Rom Rebellion:
The Milkman:
Bohemian Masquerade Ball:



DJ Twisted Sister said...

I like them...they've got spunk!

Dacey said...

They have done a great promotion of their music and i like the theme of their site it is really awesome.One can also take the lesson from here to promote their music.

Anonymous said...

Sounds very good.
Looking forward to listening to the upcoming album.

Angus said...

This is cool!

Anonymous said...

I saw them in Rudolstadt they are fantastic! Brilliant music. Bought the CD too.

Anonymous said...

Full album @ 320 kb
(but don't forget to support the artists!)

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