Saturday, May 14, 2011

Härdellin, Hallberg, Hertzberg, Ståbi - Love Letters & Russian Satellites (Multi-national 2005) @224

Four fairy-like and angelic voices, and a Swedish tour de force through the Nordic world of myths and legends. Emma Härdelin sings with Garmarna  and Triakel, Katarina Hallberg with Trio Fata, Johanna Bölja Hertzberg with Ditt Ditt Darium and Kapten Bölja, and Kersti Ståby once sang with Svart Kaffe and Envisa. The tunes are arranged and interpreted in different styles, mostly modern and contemporary. Tragic love songs, lullabies, mucking songs and medieval ballads from Hälsingland: "Kråkvisan", for example, is a 17th century song that tells of the many different ways of using a shot crow. Five blankets can be made out of the feathers, the skin is good for twelve pairs of shoes, etc. "Ro, Ro Fiskeskär" is an instruction guide to fishing and distributing the catch. The title song "Två Ryska Satelliter" is a contemporary and ironic song that tells the story of the 1960's Russian satellite mission. 

01 - Skämtvisa om roddare
02 - Oväntad bröllopsgäst
03 - Driver dagg faller regn
04 - Ro, ro fiskeskär
05 - Förargas ej på mig
06 - Tar du e' dellboska
07 - Två ryska satelliter
08 - Se fåglarna på dessa gröna kvi
09 - I denna ljuva sommartid
10 - En visa vill jag sjunga
11 - O, kristi du som ljuset är
12 - Två kärleksvisor
13 - Kråkvisan
14 - Lars Persson
15 - Sullan lullan litet bar
16 - Sullan lullan
17 - Gullvagnen
18 - Sov i ro
19 - Långt borst i skog

Emma Härdelin: Vocals
Katarina Hallberg: Vocals
Johanna Bölja Hertzberg: Vocals
Kersti Ståby: Vocals
Urban Andersson: Dragspel
Görgen Antonsson: Fiol & Altfiol
Jonas Olsson: Cittra & Kontrabas
Ola Hertzberg: Nyckelharpa & Kontrabas
Tomas Lindberg: Gittar, Mandola, Bosoki



CrimsonKing said...

Love Letters & Russian Satellites

Anonymous said...

wow! i have seen Garmarna and Triakel several times but i never knew this existed. Very beautiful, laid back record. Still has that introspective vibe, and a little of that swedish sadness at times. Very fitting for summer, as i tend to only want to listen to Triakel in the fall and winter. i can't thank you enough!

CrimsonKing said...


Anonymous said...

The voices and songs, very beautiful. alltime Angelic voices and tunes.


CrimsonKing said...


Love Letters & Russian Satellites


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