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John Doyle - Wayward Son (2005 Ireland) @256

John Doyle (b. 1971 in Dublin, Ireland) is an Irish musician and songwriter. For four years he served as acoustic guitarist with the Irish/American band Solas. He is now an active solo artist. He has written many traditional-style songs and has collaborated with the likes of Kate Rusby, Susan McKeown, Karan Casey and Heidi Talbot.

Doyle also has producing credits on several albums including Heidi Talbot's debut solo release Distant Future, renowned American fiddle player Liz Carroll's Lake Effect, and his father Sean Doyle's CD, The Light and the Half Light.

Doyle is a highly accomplished guitarist with a trademark style for backing up other musicians. A left-handed player, his style involves the use of bass string damping with the heel of the left hand combined with a constant, metronome-like strumming pattern and nimble movement up and down the neck with the right hand to incorporate bass lines and chordal variations. Combined with other dynamic techniques such as string choking with the right hand, the resulting sound is full and highly rhythmical.

01. The Gallant Poacher
02. Jack Dolan
03. The Glad Eye / The Journeyman / The Wayward Son (Jigs To Reel)
04. Captain Glenn
05. Bitter the Parting
06. Old Bush / Expect The Unexpected (Reels)
07. The Apprentice Boy
08. Tie The Bonnet / Monahan Twig / A Fair Wind / The Convenience Reel (Reels)
09. The Month of January
10. Little Sadie
11. Eddie Kelly's / Reavy's Tribute To Coleman (Reels)
12. The Cocks Are Crowing

John Doyle (vocals, guitar, bouzouki)
Kate Rusby, Linda Thompson, Tim O'Brien (vocals)
Alison Brown (banjo)
Liz Carroll, Stuart Duncan, Casey Driessen (fiddle)
Michael McGoldrick (flute, whistle)
Seamus Egan, John McCusker (whistle)
John Williams (concertina)
John Burr (piano)
Danny Thompson (bass instrument)
Garry West (bass guitar)
Kenny Malone (percussion)



CrimsonKing said...

Wayward Son


lugworm said...

Beautiful songs. Thank you. Just love the Irish singing voice!

Twil said...

What an album, great line-up as well, thanks very much.

Anonymous said...

Please check track 8 for corruption.
Great post, thx!

CrimsonKing said...

Seems all tracks are OK.

Anonymous said...

Hi Crimson King
Thanks for this one and for all of your nice shares
May the Sound be with you


Anonymous said...

thanx frum fremzly

CrimsonKing said...


Wayward Son


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Thanks. => Rintesh

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