Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Sean Siegfried - Backwoods (England 2011) - Free Group Promotion

Free Group Promotion

Sean started his guitar studies young and by the age of nine was performing Vivaldi covers in school concerts at the Vienna International School, which he attended until he was Seventeen.
He then returned to England, and, his teenage rock phase behind him, discovered, to his delight, the unadorned but intricate playing of such masters as Bert Jansch, Nick Drake and, his particular God, Dave Evans. He found such players had taken the acoustic guitar to new territories with their invention and power to draw on a variety of musical sources, uniting Delta with Folk, Baroque with Ballad.
After three years in the Film Industry, touching upon the valuable skills of editing and sound production, gripped by the urge to compose music for himself, Sean sought refuge in rural Devon.
Sean's instrumental début, "Backwoods", is now available on CD from his website and as a digital download from Bandcamp . In this work Sean strives to combine inventive technique with his own expressive and moving interpretations.

Web Site: http://www.seansiegfried.com

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