Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Mawaca - Pra Todo Canto (2004 Brazil) @192

The Mawaca is a group that researches and recreates the music of the world's most diverse ethnic groups seeking connections with Brazilian music.  Formed by seven singers who interpret songs in over ten languages (Brazilian indigenous languages, Spanish, Bulgarian, Finnish, Japanese, Hungarian, Swahili, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Yoruba and Portuguese), the Mawaca in your name reveals the essence of your work. 

According to the ethnic Hausa of northern Nigeria, 'mawaka' (singer-shamans) use the magical power of words sung to attract the power of spirits.

In addition to the seven singers Mawaca is formed by an acoustic instrumental group that presents a multiplicity of voices, accordion, cello, flute, violin and soprano sax, bass, and percussion instruments such as Indian tablas, Derbake Arabic, African djembes, berimbau, vibraphone, marimba and pandeirões Maranhão.

The group has four CDs released by MCD World Music.  They are: Mawaca CD-Plus (97); tucupira.com.br astrolabe (2000); Mawaca-Remix (Limited Edition Rock in Rio 2001), The Lusiads (soundtrack 2002).  The transcriptions and arrangements of these ancient themes are performed by Magda Pucci that in addition to developing the research repertoire, is also responsible for the group's musical direction.  The group prepares its fifth CD "Mawaca to everywhere!" To be released in the first half of 2004.

The Mawaca was one of the attractions of having roots in Rock In Rio 2000, participated in festivals in Spain in 2002 as the tour Etnosur when presented to more than 4,000 people, played at the World Music Festival SESC Vila Mariana, presented the spectacle  Winds and Sails at the Symphony Orchestra of the RTC - Radio and Television Culture - The Lusiads in the project; Argo Navis the show premiered at the Teatro Municipal of São Paulo next to the Portuguese singer Ne Uphill; Amazônia.br playing at the event along the Indian repertoire  Miranda and singers Marlui Tete Espindola and recently debuted the show in Shorashim Culture House of Israel with singer Nicole Borger, playing repertoire Hebrew.

Through a multicultural musical performance, the Mawaca reveals the alchemical element responsible for what makes a song archaic extremely attractive to contemporary ears.

01 - As sete mulheres do Minho
02 - Êh Boi!
03 - Dendê com Curry
04 - Kali
05 - Lamidbar
06 - Acometado
07 - Ankoy Té- Hotaru Koi
08 - Soran Bushi
09 - Mawaca pra  qualquer santo
10 - Cangoma me chamou
11 - Tango dos chavitos
12 - Et Dodim
13 - Boro Horo - Hirigo- Bre Petrunko- Suuret Ja Soriat
14 - Salam!
15 - Asadoya Yunta
16 - Gayatri Mantra

Angélica Leutwiller (vocals),
Christina Guiçá (vocals),
Susie Mathias (vocals),
Cris Miguel (vocals),
Zuzu Abu (vocals),
Magda Pucci (vocals),
Sandra Oak (vocals),
na Eliza Colomar (cello, flute),
Armando Tibério (percussion),
Gabriel Levy (accordion),
Paulo Bira (bass),
Valéria Zeidan (percussion),
Ramiro Marques (saxophone).



CrimsonKing said...

Pra Todo Canto (RS)
Pra Todo Canto (MultiUpload)

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Arie said...

Really nice group. I've seen some concerts and I can confirm they have a research work.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for this awesome blog CrimsonKing.I wonder that will you post Deanta albums?

Anonymous said...

Thank you. Might be interesting to listen to this album.

CrimsonKing said...


Pra Todo Canto

Password: folkyourself.blogspot.com

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