Saturday, June 11, 2011

Nébeda - Flaugier. sN (Spain 2003) @192

Flaugier s/n is the result of a particular way of understanding the evolution of the traditional music of universal origin and its translation into actual sounds. traditional instruments fused with other current sounds of our ancestors who must live with sounds
of our descendents.

The project Nebeda born when the core of the band, formed by musicians from the folk and traditional music, he decided to sign players from other styles, from classical music to jazz more orthodox cooler.

The result is an explosive mixture with influences of all kinds, but never lost the charm and traditional acoustic instruments. We work on re-development of folk music adapted to current times, with the eclecticism our flag.  Swimming with Balkan rhythms, early music pieces, themes of our land, his own compositions...  does not matter.  All this is spiced with the special sauce that we make: two sides of boundless energy, a sensitivity and a freshness.  Mix well and serve on stage with a good dose of humor.

The ecosystem through which it moves Nebeda is not limited to the stage Catalans, but often develops his artistic actvidad both the Iberian peninsula and abroad.

1. Geamparele
2. Els Funerals del Porc
3. Yiuk!
4. Branle 56
5. Androtex
6. Es Moli de Sal
7. Gankino Horo
9. Tul'la
10. Los Set Goigs

Pello García: Sac de gemecs, gaita galega, doedelzak, uilleann pipe, gajda búlgara, low y tin whistles, zanfona, percusiones
Pep Massana: Violín, viola y voz
Jordi de Diego: Guitarras y bouozuki
Franco Molinari: Contrabajo, bajo y teclados
Edu Cervera: Batería, cajón, talking drum, percusiones
Albert Pintor: Sitar, oud, bases
Jordi Rallo: Tabla, udu, darbuka, percusiones
Kefree R.: Batería
Lluís Gómez: Banjo
Òscar Zanón: Mandolina
José M. Ribelles: Arpa céltica
Marc Viaplana: Bansuri



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Flaugier s/n


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