Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bukkene Bruse - Steinstolen (The Stone Chair) (1998 Norway) @320

Four respected Norwegian musicians are featured in this band: Annbjørg Lien is a well-known young fiddler (on Hardanger Fiddle, Nyckelharpe and 'normal' fiddle), Arve Moen Bergset is known for his enchanting singing style, but also plays Hardanger and 'normal' fiddle; Steinar Ofsdal has a reputation as a flautist; and finally Keyboarder Bjørn Ole Rasch. Bukkene Bruse features on the one hand tunes mostly based on typical Norwegian fiddle music, but arranged in a up-to-date way. On the other hand there are the songs that often reflect echos of far away times; the young singer Arve has a beautiful voice with a classical singing style. Combined with flute and keyboards, this style gives the songs their very own, special and magic feeling. The keybords are always well integrated, and do not sound too heavy or discordant for accompanying the traditional pieces.
The material is partly traditional, partly self composed; and you cannot really feel which ones are traditonal and which ones not. All in all it is a fitting ensemble; just the first number sounds quite different than the rest; it is more modern arranged but anyway it is also great stuff.
The peaceful Nordic beauty, with the confounded and innovative Norwegian melodies, displayed on this album is exactly the right thing to listen to at home on cold winter evenigs.

01 - Numedalshalling (Halling From Numedal)
02 - Min Gut (My Boy)
03 - Steinstolen (The Stone Chair)
04 - Springar i dur (Springar In A Major Key)
05 - Folketone fra Sunnmøre (Folk Tune From Sunnmøre)
06 - Runarvisa (Song Of The Runes)
07 - Ein annan halling (Another Halling)
08 - Maria, hun er en Jomfru reen (Virgin Mary)
09 - Margrete
10 - Kjellstadhallingen (The Kjellstad Halling)
11 - Løvehjerte (Lionheart)
12 - Stev
13 - Kjetil
14 - Bruremarsj fra Østerdalen (Wedding March From Osterdalen)
15 - Norafjølls (The Northern Fjords)
16 - Olav Høljesen
17 - Bendik og Arolilja
18 - Fenta (Gypsy Woman)
19 - Til Sætersdal
20 - Nåvårsetermarsjen
21 - Fanitullen (The Devils Tune)

Annbjørg Lien: fiddle
Arve Moen Bergset: fiddle & vocals
Steinar Ofsdal: flute
Bjørn Ole Rasch: Keyboards



Anonymous said...

Thanks for this record!


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coppinsuk said...

Well hello,

I have just discovered your blogspot - it's an unbelievable source of delight. So much of what I would like to listen to is here. I guess there will be so much also to try out. A veritable "shop of delights".

Once I have mastered the processes of downloading, you can be assured that I will be visting your site on a regular basis.

Your efforts are appreciated.

Kind regards,


CrimsonKing said...

Thank you Douglas.
Enjoy the blog!

Peter said...

Thank you very much for this.

I still love the CNS albums found on this blog!

Anonymous said...

I saw this band play live several years ago in Minnesota. And while everyone in the group was excellent, the male singer really stole the show. His pitch was perfect, and each note confident. several people in the audience (including myself) had to pick our jaws up off the floor! After seeing them live i never thought after that the recordings quite did them justice.

CrimsonKing said...

I envy you anonymous :)

CrimsonKing said...




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