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Irolt - Spylman (1983 Netherlands) @320

Irolt was a Frisian band started in 1975 with Frisian texts on folk -like music. From the beginning, Nanne Kalma (guitars, banjo, mandolin, autoharp and vocals), the driving force. He also composed the music.
In the first occupation played - besides Kalma - Geppy Haarsma (accordion), Hans Kerkhoven (guitars), George Cutter (drums and percussion), Inez Timmer (vocals) and Aart Kuyt (singing) along. Sometimes also played with Peter Cook.
The first album by the folk group, The Sege of texts by Gudrun Sybe Krol, Tulip and Recognize Wijnalda January, immediately received national attention.
From 1980, Sijtse Wagenmakers (accordion) and Jan Ottevanger (bass, guitar and tuba) in the party.
Inez Timmer stopped in 1983 as vocalist with the legendary folk group. Subsequently Ankie van der Meer took this task.
In 1984 the LP Irolt Doarmje with GetOn set texts by the Frisian poet Berber van der Geest.
Irolt received much national recognition and also performed at folk festivals in England.
The group stopped in 1987.
Nanne Kalma and Ankie Both van der Meer subsequently formed a duo and also play Kat yn ' t Seil. Kalis plays in graveyards and in order Ottevanger ' e Noard.

01. De Spylman Yn'E Tram        
02. De Jierringen        
03. Hospes Tryn        
04. Sy Hawwe De Macht        
05. Nij Liet Op 'E Grouster Merke        
06. Hoe'T De Ienhoarn Fan'E Wrâld Ferdwûn        
07. Jabik Ingberts        
08. Daging        
09. Marij        
10. Wa Sit Der Foar It Rut        
11. Anne En Ymkje        
12. De Wurkdei Sit Der Op        
13. Marij Op 'E Mark        
14. Utspraak        
15. Poffe En Blaze        

Sytze Wagenmakers: Accordion
Gjalt Bosma: Banjo
Jan Ottevanger: Bass, Tuba
Syb Erich: Drums [Lytse Tromme], Washboard, Hihat
Wybe Postma: Guitar
Nanne Kalma: Guitar, Trombone, Violin
Inez Timmer: Vocals, Recorder
Ankie van der Meer: Whistle, Bodhrán

Berber van der Geest (track 4), Fedde Schurer (tracks: 1, 3), Inez Timmer (tracks: 7 to 15), Joast Hiddes Halbertsma (tracks: 5), Nanne Kalma, Pyt Jon Sikkema (tracks: 2, 6).
Laura Tietjens: Design, Illustration



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Spylman (RS) or
Spylman (MU)


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can you post Embrun?

CrimsonKing said...

OK, I will, Paolo.

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Very good blog!

Alex B said...

Great album, its songs sounds like pure irish folk of 70´s.

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Gracias por compartir este maravilloso trabajo! Es posible que suba otros discos de esta extraordinaria banda?

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