Saturday, August 27, 2011

Carreg Lafar - Hyn (1998 Wales) @320

A regular helping of traditional songs and tunes with marvellous arrangements and themes. The songs are conveyed in both traditional and contemporary harmonies. The instrumental tracks such as "Afon Yr Haf" (The Summer River) and "Llef Harlech/Aberdulais are performed beautifully with sensitive arrangements between flute, fiddle, percussion, guitar and Welsh bagpipes...(yes - we've got them too!). Overall a well arranged, well produced CD. A fine example of Welsh folk music at its best, and one I'd recommend to anyone.
"The Living Tradition magazine"

01 - Yr Hen Ferchetan
02 - Os daw fy Nghariad
03 - Blewyn Glas
04 - Lisa Lân
05 - Cariad Cywir
06 - Afon Yr Haf
07 - Mari Lwyd
08 - Llef Harlech
09 - Aberhonddu
10 - Dau Rosyn Coch

Simon O'Shea: guitars, mandola, vocals
Rhian Evan-Jones: violin, cello, vocals
Antwn Owen-Hicks: voice, bodhran, drum, whistle, Welsh hornpipe, Welsh bagpipes, percussion
Linda Owen-Jones: voice
Lawson Dando: bass guitar
James Rourke: flute, whistle

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dalc'h Soñj - Lusk Ar Galon (1998 France) @VBR~192

Originally created around a duet bombardon - accordion, which were then grafted new musicians, the group Dalc'h Sonj offers a faithful and contemporary music, inspired mainly of traditional song.
His repertoire consists mainly of areas of western Brittany . However, this album was chosen on its land of origin : Vannes area.
Roundness, depth, rhythm, Dalc'h Sonj's music is made for listen, sing, dance, and live it!

01 - Kalon an douar (marche du pays Pourlet)
02 - Hag ar blez man (kaz a-barh)
03 - Mary Jean Jan [La Mort de Jean] (Gwerz)
04 - Ar plach a vro ar c'hallaoued (hanter-dro)
05 - M'en revenant de Paris (Ballade du pays de Redon)
06 - Suite de ridées 6 temps (du pays de Redon)
07 - Na ma zimezo-me (Je me marierais)
08 - Trio - M'en revenant de noce (marche du pays Vannetais)
09 - Ti timat (Laridenn)
10 - Entre deux épines
11 - E pardon plunered (marche)

Alain LANGLOIS: accordions
Jislen AR GWILHANT: vocals
Yann-Ber AR RALLIG: bombardon, clarinet, sax
Emmanuel TRAVERS: guitar
Ronan MELEARD: biniou kozh
Marie Claire LOUIS: vocals
Pierre LE TOUX: percussions
Mikael SEZNEC: bass
Antonin VOLSON: percussion


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cristina Pato + Mutenrohi - Misturados (2007 Spain) @VBR~192

"Ten years ago I went onstage with Mutenrohi to record their first live album "You Dance" (1997). So much has happened since we wanted to celebrate, especially me, because they gave me the space needed to do what later became Cristina Pato."
Today, adapting to new audiovisual media, DVD, we wanted to repeat the experience and record everything we've done over the years... we've mixed and "Mistura" again and the result is here. Almost two hours of music that dazzle fans of Mutenrohi and shall make the repertoire that has marked the history of our careers.

01. Bag Á L´ame 5:32
02. Os Sentidos 4:04
03. Mutenrohi 4:56   
04. Tolemia 3:51
05. Escuiten Señores 4:06
06. Eu en Tí 4:19
07. Tenho Sede 4:30
08. Carmiña, Carmela 4:13
09. Alalá - Muiñeiras II 6:29
10. Muiñeiras III 4:01
11. Lozana 6:56


Monday, August 22, 2011

Restarting my ProgRock blog!

I'm restarting my other blog.
With a new design!
If you like Prog/Avant Prog/Fusion music, you're invited to take a look there:
Brain Damage
You're welcome!


Wednesday, August 17, 2011

EmBRUN - EmBRUN (2006 Belgium) @320

Original ripped by Yojik

At the high days of dance music in Belgium, musicality often seems to be lost. But EmBRUN proves that playing for dancers can also be enjoyable and is not only about swing. With 5 brilliant musicians and a whole load of instruments they can entertain both dancers and listeners. Their compositions sound very traditional and renewing at the same time and are played with lots of dynamics and energy. That’s why EmBRUN is one of the hottest and finest groups in the dance scene.

01 - Gigoloco (Jig)
02 - La Belle Dame - Hanterdrone (Hanter Dro)
03 - De Witte Lens - Taboe - Renedie (Bourrées 3 Temps)
04 - Petekindjeswals - Dépardu (Wals)
05 - Scottish Voor Johan (Scottish)
06 - Purple. L. Hurricane (Scottish)
07 - Sleeping Fingers (Cercle)
08 - Bour1 - 't Goei Doel (Bourrées 2 Temp)
09 - Yazurka 18 (Mazurka)
10 - Il Briganti - De Bus Van St. Agatha (Tarantella)
11 - Isostar (Andro)
12 - Embrun-Polka's (Polka)

Jonas Scheys: double-bass, electric bass
Toon Van Mierlo: pipes (G+C), uilleann pipes, bombarde (F), low whistle,
soprano, baritone and tenor saxophones, clarinet, diatonic accordion
Bert Leemans: chromatic accordion
Harald Bauweraerts: electro-acoustic hurdy-gurdy, synthesizer
Ludo Stichelmeyer: percussion
Philip Masure: guitar, cittern


Monday, August 15, 2011

Old Blind Dogs - Fit? (Scotland 2001) @320

Old Blind Dogs are from Scotland and were formed in Aberdeenshire in the early 1990s by classically trained fiddle player Jonny Hardie, rock-and-reggae veteran bassist Buzzby McMillan along with others who have since exited the group. Old Blind Dogs was assembled originally out of the members' love for traditional music, but with changing personnel over the course of six previous albums, the group has been branching out some, incorporating some non-traditional percussion, such as the African djembe drum.
But the group's primary focus remains on more or less traditional material, and mostly acoustic instruments. They also are very Scottish, singing a number of their songs in a Scottish dialect. The title, Fit? is also from the Scottish dialect called Doric.
It means "what?" and as the CD's booklet points out, it is often used as an expression of disbelief.
The rest of the Old Blind Dogs are lead vocalist and guitarist Jim Malcolm who has had a solo career in his own right; bagpiper and pennywhistler Rory Campbell -- a second generation piper; and Old Blind Dogs' newest addition, teenaged percussionist Paul Jennings, who despite his upbringing on the Shetland Islands plays the djembe, bongos, congas and other African and Latin American instruments, and nary an Celtic bodhrán. While their instrumentation sounds rather traditional, they are not afraid to create some interesting variations on the music in their arrangements. This CD, only their second US release includes about half instrumental pieces, and one acapella track. And while most of the music is from traditional Scottish sources, most of it is unfamiliar even to regular fans of Celtic, which in this country is usually associated with Irish traditional music.
The band's level of musicianship is exceptionally high, and despite their taking some liberties with the traditional material, they remain faithful to the basic direction and quite tasteful, while imparting a contemporary twist to the music.

01 - Is There For Honest Poverty
02 - Come A Ye Kincardine Lads
03 - Much Better Now
04 - Tramps and Hawkers
05 - Country Girl
06 - Sky City
07 - Reres Hill
08 - The Rejected Suitor
09 - Away Whigs Awa
10 - Cuilfhionn
11 - Black-haired Lad
12 - Tatties and Herrin

Rory CAMPBELL: Whistle, Bagpipe, Background vocals
Jonny HARDIE: harmon, Background vocals
Paul JENNINGS: Djembe, Congas, Percussion
Buzzby MCMILLAN: Cistre, Background vocals, Guitare basse
Jim MALCOLM: Vocals/voix, Guitare, Harmonica

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dear friends, Folk Yourself needs your help again.

My amount of Rapids (Rapids are the virtual currency which has been RapidShare is developed) is valid until the end of this month.

After that I will not be able to continue paying the Rapidshare service.
For new posts I can host them in other free services, but the problem is that all the current albums are hosted in Rapidshare.
Once my account is closed, all Folk Yourself files will be deleted.
Therefore it would be interesting to continue with my account on Rapidshare.

Readers who have, like me, a Rapidshare Premium account, can send me Rapids as a donation.
For one month, the value is 990 Rapids (1 Rapid is worth Approximately 1 Cent (euro cents) or 0.01 euro).

For those friends who find this interesting form of aid, see below how to help:
To Contribute to Folk Yourself you need have a Rapidshare Premium Account.

1) Log into your Rapidshare account and go to the Tab "My Rapidsahre"

2) In the left column of your screen locate the item "Send Rapids to a friend!"

3) A window will appear to type the Folk Yourself  public ID.

a) Type the amount of Rapids you want donate.
b) Type this code: 5130
c) Type your password
d) Optionaly send me a message (please, do it!).

That's it.
Maybe this way, with everyone's help, we can continue with this old blog for a long time.


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