Saturday, August 27, 2011

Carreg Lafar - Hyn (1998 Wales) @320

A regular helping of traditional songs and tunes with marvellous arrangements and themes. The songs are conveyed in both traditional and contemporary harmonies. The instrumental tracks such as "Afon Yr Haf" (The Summer River) and "Llef Harlech/Aberdulais are performed beautifully with sensitive arrangements between flute, fiddle, percussion, guitar and Welsh bagpipes...(yes - we've got them too!). Overall a well arranged, well produced CD. A fine example of Welsh folk music at its best, and one I'd recommend to anyone.
"The Living Tradition magazine"

01 - Yr Hen Ferchetan
02 - Os daw fy Nghariad
03 - Blewyn Glas
04 - Lisa Lân
05 - Cariad Cywir
06 - Afon Yr Haf
07 - Mari Lwyd
08 - Llef Harlech
09 - Aberhonddu
10 - Dau Rosyn Coch

Simon O'Shea: guitars, mandola, vocals
Rhian Evan-Jones: violin, cello, vocals
Antwn Owen-Hicks: voice, bodhran, drum, whistle, Welsh hornpipe, Welsh bagpipes, percussion
Linda Owen-Jones: voice
Lawson Dando: bass guitar
James Rourke: flute, whistle


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Hyn (RS) or
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This blog is simply wonderful!

There are lots of recordings that are otherwise not available, and I thank you for making them available.

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