Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Cristina Pato + Mutenrohi - Misturados (2007 Spain) @VBR~192

"Ten years ago I went onstage with Mutenrohi to record their first live album "You Dance" (1997). So much has happened since we wanted to celebrate, especially me, because they gave me the space needed to do what later became Cristina Pato."
Today, adapting to new audiovisual media, DVD, we wanted to repeat the experience and record everything we've done over the years... we've mixed and "Mistura" again and the result is here. Almost two hours of music that dazzle fans of Mutenrohi and shall make the repertoire that has marked the history of our careers.

01. Bag Á L´ame 5:32
02. Os Sentidos 4:04
03. Mutenrohi 4:56   
04. Tolemia 3:51
05. Escuiten Señores 4:06
06. Eu en Tí 4:19
07. Tenho Sede 4:30
08. Carmiña, Carmela 4:13
09. Alalá - Muiñeiras II 6:29
10. Muiñeiras III 4:01
11. Lozana 6:56



zeporro said...

thanks CrimsonKing for this album.
i love the galician folkmusic.

corvus said...

Thanks and congratulations for your blog

CrimsonKing said...



Password: folkyourself.blogspot.com

Juan Otero said...

Hi do you have by any chance the new album Rustico of cristina pato and several others, could you upload it? Thanks

CrimsonKing said...

Hi Juan.
Unfortunately not yet have this album.
If you want the album "Latina" 2015, that I can post.

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