Thursday, August 25, 2011

Dalc'h Soñj - Lusk Ar Galon (1998 France) @VBR~192

Originally created around a duet bombardon - accordion, which were then grafted new musicians, the group Dalc'h Sonj offers a faithful and contemporary music, inspired mainly of traditional song.
His repertoire consists mainly of areas of western Brittany . However, this album was chosen on its land of origin : Vannes area.
Roundness, depth, rhythm, Dalc'h Sonj's music is made for listen, sing, dance, and live it!

01 - Kalon an douar (marche du pays Pourlet)
02 - Hag ar blez man (kaz a-barh)
03 - Mary Jean Jan [La Mort de Jean] (Gwerz)
04 - Ar plach a vro ar c'hallaoued (hanter-dro)
05 - M'en revenant de Paris (Ballade du pays de Redon)
06 - Suite de ridées 6 temps (du pays de Redon)
07 - Na ma zimezo-me (Je me marierais)
08 - Trio - M'en revenant de noce (marche du pays Vannetais)
09 - Ti timat (Laridenn)
10 - Entre deux épines
11 - E pardon plunered (marche)

Alain LANGLOIS: accordions
Jislen AR GWILHANT: vocals
Yann-Ber AR RALLIG: bombardon, clarinet, sax
Emmanuel TRAVERS: guitar
Ronan MELEARD: biniou kozh
Marie Claire LOUIS: vocals
Pierre LE TOUX: percussions
Mikael SEZNEC: bass
Antonin VOLSON: percussion



CrimsonKing said...

Lusk Ar Galon (RS)
Lusk Ar Galon (MU)


Yojik said...

Great! Thanks so much!

trialuser(123) said...

Hello CrimsonKing,

thanks so much for fulfilling my wishes. Really great music - a GEM.



CrimsonKing said...

It's a minimum that I can do for you :)

cassyan said...

Thanks so much!

CrimsonKing said...


Lusk Ar Galon


DiegOrlok said...

Beautiful music and voice. Thanks!

I want more!!!

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