Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Dear friends, Folk Yourself needs your help again.

My amount of Rapids (Rapids are the virtual currency which has been RapidShare is developed) is valid until the end of this month.

After that I will not be able to continue paying the Rapidshare service.
For new posts I can host them in other free services, but the problem is that all the current albums are hosted in Rapidshare.
Once my account is closed, all Folk Yourself files will be deleted.
Therefore it would be interesting to continue with my account on Rapidshare.

Readers who have, like me, a Rapidshare Premium account, can send me Rapids as a donation.
For one month, the value is 990 Rapids (1 Rapid is worth Approximately 1 Cent (euro cents) or 0.01 euro).

For those friends who find this interesting form of aid, see below how to help:
To Contribute to Folk Yourself you need have a Rapidshare Premium Account.

1) Log into your Rapidshare account and go to the Tab "My Rapidsahre"

2) In the left column of your screen locate the item "Send Rapids to a friend!"

3) A window will appear to type the Folk Yourself  public ID.

a) Type the amount of Rapids you want donate.
b) Type this code: 5130
c) Type your password
d) Optionaly send me a message (please, do it!).

That's it.
Maybe this way, with everyone's help, we can continue with this old blog for a long time.




Entidad Nocturna said...

Please change to Megaupload or Mediafire; rapidshare now is troubles.
Greetings from the global south

wf said...

sending 500 rapids to carry on your great blog. i cannot agree to above comment: rapidshare is a very professional hoster

CrimsonKing said...

Millions of thanks "wf".
I hope other generous people like you can contribute too :)
Thanks again!

Peter said...

Have you any other way of accepting support CK? Paypal e.g.?

CrimsonKing said...

Hi Peter,
Unhappily I have only this way to get contributions.
And it seems is not solving the problem :(

CrimsonKing said...

I'm happy cause more two friends did good contributions to our blog.
One was BoHaG and the other one was in "anonymous" mode.
Thank you very much to both friends for your generosity!
Now we have 2165 rapids.

Angus said...

Rapidshare is reputable, and if I had any points to share, or hear of any that can come your way, I'd share them for certain. I use mediafire, which hasn't shown signs of wanting to delete my stuff - the only limitation with mediafire is as of now they limit file size to 200MB or under. Megaupload never deletes anything from what I've seen, but they have nasty pop-ups sometimes, even with the best ad-blocks installed on your browser. Anyway, I'm grateful for the contributions you've gotten and am continually checking in to see how you're doing... all the best!

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks Angus.
The problem is all stuff that I already have uploaded in Rapidshare.
If my account expire, all files will be deleted.
And Folk Yourself finish.

CrimsonKing said...

One more friend contributed with 1000 rapids!
Pity, he didn't leave his nick, but I wish a very big thanks to him for his generosity!
Now we have 3165 rapids.

charlym said...

Hello CrimsonKing,
next few hours I will send rapids to you. I have a 10 hour limit before I can share something again.


CrimsonKing said...

Wow! Thanks a lot my friend.

charlym said...

Hello CrimsonKing,

I have send you 500 rapids. If possible can you publish from your List these two albums?
Dalc'h Soñj and Carreg Lafar the flac album.

My best wishes to you and the blog (long live FolkYourself)



CrimsonKing said...

Thanks again for your contribution trialuser(123).
For sure, I will post your requests soon.

trialuser(123) said...

Hello CrimsonKing,

thanks for the quick reply (and fulfilling my wishes). I can say only GREAT.

You can count on me for the future.

Best wishes


CrimsonKing said...

It was my pleasure!
Ans thanks for your help!

Anonymous said...


I'd like to make a donation, but there seems to be a problem with the "toaccount" ID. Anyway, I didn't manage to provide the 990 rapids to you. Any idea how to proceed?

CrimsonKing said...

Dear Anounymous.
To transfer any rapids to me, you need to have a Rapishare Premium Account.
If you are with problems when paste my public ID, I think Rapidshare changed this.
Please try inform the ID = 5130

Thank you for your generosity!
You contribution will be very welcome!

Anonymous said...

Hello, CrimsonKing!
Seems that, with your new ID, I finally managed to make the rapids donation. Keep on with the wood work.

CrimsonKing said...

Great my Anonymous friend.
Thank you very much again for your big contribution!
Would you like to do any special request album to post? You can see my folk discography in the main menu page.
It would be a pleasure to me.


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