Thursday, September 29, 2011

Old Blind Dogs - The Gab o Mey (Scotland 2003) @320

Old and blind maybe, but certainly not lame! Another superb album from the Dogs, with Jim Malcolm’s gorgeous vocals leading the tremendous talent. One of Jim’s greatest assets is to be able to sing even the best-known of songs, and still reveal previously missed meanings - simply because he sings the story, not the folkiness. With a night-visiting song, a sea-chanty, and a bothy ballad amongst others, Jim’s talent can be well appreciated. Wonderful music to back him up, and instrumental sets, with whistles, cittern, bass, fiddle, guitar, percussion, Galician and Border pipes. Smooth vocals, resonant instrumentals, the best of today’s Scottish folk.

01. Monymusk Lads,
02. A Wild Rumpus,
03. Bogie's Bonny Belle,
04. The Whistler,
05. The Wisest Fool,
06. Archie Beag,
07. The Breton & Galician Set,
08. Lads O the Fair,
09. Lochanside,
10. Rolling Home

Jim Malcolm (guitar, harmonica, lead vocals)
Aaron Jones (bouzouki, bass, backing vocals)
Jonny Hardie (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, backing vocals)
Rory Campbell (whistle, border pipes, guitar, harmonica, backing vocals)
Fraser Stone (drums, percussion)

Friday, September 23, 2011

John Renbourn - Palermo Snow (2011 England) @320

John Renbourn's 2011 album Palermo Snow, his first new studio recording in 13 years, finds the veteran British guitarist turning in a varied set of acoustic guitar instrumentals that go well beyond the simple designation "folk." Renbourn is joined on some tracks by clarinetist Dick Lee, who first appears several minutes into the seven-minute title tune, a Renbourn original full of textured chording and careful fingerpicking. Lee also adds melodic flavor to such later tracks as the jazzy "Ugly James" and jazz musician Randy Weston's low-key "Little Niles" (which has some of the feel of Charles Mingus' "Goodbye Porkpie Hat").
Renbourn turns classical with his guitar transpositions of Erik Satie's "Sarabande" and Bach's "Cello Prelude in G," the latter sounding like it might have taken quite a while to work out for guitar, even if it lasts less than three minutes. A bluesy style enters with Renbourn's original "Weebles Wobble (But They Won't Fall Down)" and with the closing cover of "Blueberry Hill." This is the work of a master guitarist who has taken his time to come up with a quality record. 

01 - Palermo Snow
02 - Dery Miss Grsk
03 - Bella Terra
04 - Cirque D'Hiver
05 - Ugly James
06 - Sarabande
07 - Cello Prelude in G
08 - Weebles Wooble (But They Won't Fall Down)
09 - Little Niles
10 - Blueberry Hill

John Renbourn: Guitar and vocals
Dick Lee: Clarinet, Clarinet (Bass)
Nick Kukich: Guitar


Monday, September 12, 2011

Griff - Griff (Belgium 2005) @320

 Originaly ripped by Yojik
The band Griff was formed by Rémi Decker and uses the skills of three virtuoso bagpipe players as a starting point (either playing solo or in polyphony), arranged in a modern, though not superficial way. Their repertoire is a balance between new composition and traditional music, using different types of bagpipes, as well as whistles and singing. Guitar, diatonic accordion and double bass provide an attentive and inventive accompaniment that adds rhythm, colour and dynamics to a band guided by intuition, rather than by conventions.

01. Carnaval
02. Rasta Pizza
03. Fils du Roi
04. Lazâr/An Dro Tortue
05. Trolska
06. A la Jolie Fille
07. Leksand
08. Bojyrlig
09. Marivonig An Dorduff
10. Aderyn Du
11. Mladja
12. Antas
13. Autumn Comes

Rémi Decker: bagpipes, whistles
Raphaël De Cock: vocal, whistles, bagpipes
Birgit Bornauw: bagpipes
Pascale Rubens: diatonic accordion
Maarten Decombel: guitar
Pieter Lenaerts: double bass
Jo Zanders: percussion
Hannes Poussele: cello


Monday, September 5, 2011

Old Blind Dogs - Tall Tails (Scotland 1994) @320

'Tall Tails' is one of the best CDs produced by 'The Old Blind Dogs'. A combination of traditional songs combined with fresh new tunes makes compelling listening. The CD strikes a good balance between upbeat tempos, which will get your feet tapping if not dancing round the room, and soft ballads such as 'I'll lay ye doon love.'

The Old Blind Dogs have succeeded again in putting their own definable mark onto well-known and well-loved songs, and their rendition of 'Barnyards O'Delgaty' is one of the most memorable tracks in the collection.

Jonny Hardie's fiddle sings sweetly through the tracks, and he, along with Buzzby McMillan (bass) and Davy Cattenach (percussion)support Ian Benzie's suberb vocals. Although the line up has since changed the quartet has produced an outstanding contribution to modern scottish music. Definitely worth a listen!

01 - The Barnyards O Delgaty
02 - The Burn O Craigie - The Moon Coin Jig - Miss Isabel Blackley
03 - The Banks O Sicily
04 - The Sportsmans Haunt - Mrs Baily of Redcastle - Sherlocks Fancy
05 - A Wife in Every Port
06 - Boondock Skank
07 - The Pills of White Mercury
08 - Miss Sheperd - Sandy Grant - The Hurricane
09 - Lay Ye Doon Love
10 - Wilies Aul Trews - The Auld Reel 1 - The Auld Reel 2
11 - P Stands for Paddy
12 - The Buzzard

Ian F. Benzie (guitar, vocals)
Jonny Hardie (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, backing vocals)
Buzby McMillan (cittern, bass)
Davy Cattanach (percussion)
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