Monday, September 5, 2011

Old Blind Dogs - Tall Tails (Scotland 1994) @320

'Tall Tails' is one of the best CDs produced by 'The Old Blind Dogs'. A combination of traditional songs combined with fresh new tunes makes compelling listening. The CD strikes a good balance between upbeat tempos, which will get your feet tapping if not dancing round the room, and soft ballads such as 'I'll lay ye doon love.'

The Old Blind Dogs have succeeded again in putting their own definable mark onto well-known and well-loved songs, and their rendition of 'Barnyards O'Delgaty' is one of the most memorable tracks in the collection.

Jonny Hardie's fiddle sings sweetly through the tracks, and he, along with Buzzby McMillan (bass) and Davy Cattenach (percussion)support Ian Benzie's suberb vocals. Although the line up has since changed the quartet has produced an outstanding contribution to modern scottish music. Definitely worth a listen!

01 - The Barnyards O Delgaty
02 - The Burn O Craigie - The Moon Coin Jig - Miss Isabel Blackley
03 - The Banks O Sicily
04 - The Sportsmans Haunt - Mrs Baily of Redcastle - Sherlocks Fancy
05 - A Wife in Every Port
06 - Boondock Skank
07 - The Pills of White Mercury
08 - Miss Sheperd - Sandy Grant - The Hurricane
09 - Lay Ye Doon Love
10 - Wilies Aul Trews - The Auld Reel 1 - The Auld Reel 2
11 - P Stands for Paddy
12 - The Buzzard

Ian F. Benzie (guitar, vocals)
Jonny Hardie (fiddle, mandolin, guitar, backing vocals)
Buzby McMillan (cittern, bass)
Davy Cattanach (percussion)


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Tall Tails


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