Thursday, October 27, 2011

La Volée d'Castors - Migration (2003 Canada) @160

The band from the Lanaudière region was formed in 1993 by Nicolas Froment, Mathieu Lacas, Martin Mailhot and Sébastien Parent. Their first album, Galant, was released in 1994.

In 1995 they were joined by Frédéric Bourgeois from Sainte-Marie-Salomé and, for the first time they performed outside the province of Quebec, at the Northern Lights Festival Boréal in Sudbury, Ontario. Réjean Brunet was added to the line-up in 1996, and for a whole year the Castors were the official musicians of a traditional Lanaudière dance ensemble, les Petits Pas Jacadiens. They also made occasional concerts in and around Montreal and Quebec City.

1997 marked a turning point for the band when they produced themselves at a world folk festival in Saint-Malo, France, in their first international performance. In 1998, their second album, Par monts et par vaux, was launched, and the Castors were invited to various radio and televised live performances which helped increase their popularity. They played for the first time in the United States in 1999 at the New Music Festival, in Vermont, and at the same time they produced a video for Belle embarquez!.

The new millennium saw them performing in concerts all across Canada and also in the United States, notably at the North American Folk Music and Dance Alliance in Cleveland, Ohio. Their third album, VDC, recorded in Saint-Calixte, was released the same year and earned the group a nomination at the Juno Awards 2000 in the Best Roots and traditional album-group.

In 2001 they went on a tour that took them across Canada, Europe, and Quebec where they collected a Félix at the ADISQ awards for the best traditional album. The following year, original member Nicolas Froment quit the band, to be replaced by Steve Boulay from Gaspésie, and again the band embarked on a European tour, in which they took part at the Hebridean Celtic Festival in Scotland and the Tonder Folk Festival in Denmark. Back in Quebec they also performed live with La Bottine Souriante and toured across the province.

In 2003 their fourth album, Migration, was released and the band toured North America, Europe, and for the first time, played in Japan, Malaysia, at the Rainforest World Music Festival, Australia, at the WOMADelaide, and New-Zealand. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival and the Vancouver Folk Festival also welcomed the Castors, who were joined that year by André Dupuis, a percussionist experienced in Cuban and Latin music.

Since 2004, the band has taken care of itself independently, and has continued to make concerts in Europe and North America. In 2005, their first live album, Y'a du monde à messe, was released. A new member, Frédéric Beauséjour, was welcomed the same year.

01 - La voisine
02 - Bonanza
03 - La palette
04 - La belle Province
05 - M’en revenant de Saint Denis
06 - Douce Amélia
07 - Prince Eugène
08 - A la volée
09 - Tristesse
10 - L’embâcle
11 - Me voilà marié
12 - Esprit de l’Est
13 - Caressons la bouteille
14 - UBC
15 - Les coucous

Mathieu LACAS: Violon, Vocals/voix
Steve BOULAY: Mandoline, Violon, Vocals/voix
Frédéric BOURGEOIS: Accordéon, Harmonica, Bongos
Frédéric BOURGEOIS: Spoons, Vocals/voix, Foot-tapping
Sébastien PARENT: Guitare acoustique, Banjo, Vocals/voix
Réjean BRUNET: Basse électrique, Vocals/voix
Martin MAILHOT: Accordéon, Bodhran, Vocals/voix.


Saturday, October 22, 2011

Greg Joy - Winds of Change (2002 Canada) @320

01 - Way of the World

02 - A Reason for Music
03 - Waterfall Beach
04 - Cast Adrift
05 - Winds of Change
06 - Lost in the Shadows
07 - Synthetic Blue
08 - Impressions of the Park
09 - Spirit of Anisha
10 - Angel
11 - Searching for the Light
12 - Child of Tomorrow
13 - The Wanderer
14 - Song for Anna

Greg Joy: Guitar, Arranger, Composer, Producer
Harold Birston: Cello
Jesse Zubot: Violin
Norman Stanfield: Flute, Recorder (Tenor), Alto Recorder
Rick Kilburn: Bass (Electric), Engineer, Double Bass
Sal Ferreras: Percussion


Saturday, October 15, 2011

Greg Joy - Celtic Secrets (1995 Canada) @320

Highly decorative 'folk-baroque' guitar stylings and the hauntingly beautiful sounds of flute, recorder, hammer dulcimer and viola da gamba weave a magical spell upon these enchanting traditional Britsh Isles celtic-folk melodies.

01 - Unquiet Grave (Traditional)
02 - A Maid in Bedlam (Traditional)
03 - Scarborough Fair (Traditional)
04 - The Trees They Do Grow High (Traditional guitar arr. John Renbourn)
05 - Wind Dance of the Fairies (Written by Greg Joy)
06 - Lovely Joan - The Spirit Flies Free (Written by Greg Joy)
07 - Sovay (Traditional)
08 - All Things Are Quite Silent (Traditional)
09 - Greensleeves (Traditional)
10 - Breton Dance - Douce Dame Jolie (Traditional)
11 - Sylvie (Written by Bert Jansch, arr. by Greg Joy)
12 - When I Was on Horseback (Traditional)
13 - Ancient Sojourn (Written by Greg Joy)

Greg Joy: 6-string guitar, hammer dulcimer.
Norman Stanfield: soprano, alto & tenor recorders.
Lori Pappajohn: flute.
Trevor Tunnacliffe: baroque viola da gamba.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Corde Oblique - Volontà d'Arte (2007 Italy) @VBR

This Napolitan project is a masterpiece. Riccardo, the composer, plays classical guitar and medieval lute accompanied by female voices and musicians from Ashram, Spiritual Front, Dwelling, Argine, Lupercalia. Enter a magical medieval romantic journey surrounded by fairy like female voices.

01. Cantastorie
02. Amphiteatrum puteolanum
03. Casa hirta
04. Before Utrecht
05. Atheistc woman
06. Kaiowas
07. My harbour
08. Kunstwollen
09. Panneggio
10. Cuma
11. La pioggia sui tasti
12. Olhos cinzentos
13. Piazza Armerina

Riccardo Prencipe: Classical guitars, medieval lute

Caterina Pontrandolfo: voice (tracks 1, 2, 8)
Floriana Cangiano: voice (tr. 3)
Simone Salvatori (Spiritual Front): voice (tr. 5)
Sergio Panarella (Asrham): voice (tr. 7)
Claudia Florio (ex Lupercalia): soprano (tr. 10)
Catarina Raposo (Dwelling): voice (tr. 12)
Alfredo Notarloberti (Ashram - Argine): violin
Luigi Rubino (Ashram): Keyboards and piano
Eugenio Catone: piano (tr. 11)
Franco Perreca: clarinet and ciaramella
Francesco Paolo Manna: zarb, daf, riq, italian tamburin, sheker, caxixi, bells, cajon, darbouka, frame drum
Alessio Sica (Argine): drums

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