Saturday, October 15, 2011

Greg Joy - Celtic Secrets (1995 Canada) @320

Highly decorative 'folk-baroque' guitar stylings and the hauntingly beautiful sounds of flute, recorder, hammer dulcimer and viola da gamba weave a magical spell upon these enchanting traditional Britsh Isles celtic-folk melodies.

01 - Unquiet Grave (Traditional)
02 - A Maid in Bedlam (Traditional)
03 - Scarborough Fair (Traditional)
04 - The Trees They Do Grow High (Traditional guitar arr. John Renbourn)
05 - Wind Dance of the Fairies (Written by Greg Joy)
06 - Lovely Joan - The Spirit Flies Free (Written by Greg Joy)
07 - Sovay (Traditional)
08 - All Things Are Quite Silent (Traditional)
09 - Greensleeves (Traditional)
10 - Breton Dance - Douce Dame Jolie (Traditional)
11 - Sylvie (Written by Bert Jansch, arr. by Greg Joy)
12 - When I Was on Horseback (Traditional)
13 - Ancient Sojourn (Written by Greg Joy)

Greg Joy: 6-string guitar, hammer dulcimer.
Norman Stanfield: soprano, alto & tenor recorders.
Lori Pappajohn: flute.
Trevor Tunnacliffe: baroque viola da gamba.


CrimsonKing said...

Celtic Secrets (RS)
Celtic Secrets (MU)


Anonymous said...

Very Nice album. I like it because it's a Canadian Artist and I'm partial and because the material and sound is very John Renbourn, a hero. Sort of a tribute album wether intentional or not. Great find! Fine music!

Romeu said...
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David "Discipline" said...

Thanks for sharing.

Danneau said...

This is a lovely album. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you SO MUCH !!! I´ve been looking for this album to download for years since my "physical" CD broke up.

CrimsonKing said...


Celtic Secrets


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