Sunday, November 20, 2011

Capercaillie - Live in Concert (2002 Scotland) @320

For a band that began life as a traditional music outfit, CAPERCAILLIE has never been afraid of venturing into new musical terrain. Through twelve studio albums and countless "live" performances in over 30 countries, the group has continued to develop and hone their craft, adding distinctive, contemporary innovations to a traditional music-based repertoire.

If sales of their studio recordings have helped carry their music to an international audience - gaining them over one million album sales worldwide and one gold and two silver discs in the UK - it is their "live" performances that have reinforced a loyal fan base around the globe. Live In Concert finally captures the magic and energy of that stage set on CD. This, however, is no backward-looking 'greatest hits live' recording. The band continues to innovate and there is a definite new 'feel' - a new energy and vitality to this recording - which reflects a subtle shift in the band's overall sound.

01 - Mo Chailin Dileas Donn
02 - Finlay's
03 - Kepplehall - Osmosis Reel
04 - Nil Si I Ngra
05 - The Miracle Of Being
06 - Dr. Macphail's Reel - Cape Breton Song
07 - The Weasel Set
08 - Inexile
09 - Iain Ghlinn' Cuaich
10 - Bonaparte
11 - The Rob Roy Reels
12 - Coisich A' Rùin
13 - Crime Of Passion
14 - The Tree

Karen MATHESON: Vocals
Manus LUNNY: Bouzouki, Guitar, Background vocals
Charlie MCKERRON: harmon
Donald SHAW: Accordion, Keyboards, Background vocals
Michael MCGOLDRICK: Flute, Whistle, Uilleann pipes
Michael MCGOLDRICK: Bodhran
Ewen VERNAL: Bass, Background vocals
David ROBERTSON: Percussion, Bodhran


CrimsonKing said...

Live in Concert (RS)
Live in Concert (MU)


Italia said...

I absolutely love these guys. What a great show. It arrived on time and was in great shape. I love to watch and listen to this group. They are great.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for answering my request. This is the the best live album ever made. All the musicians are top notch and Karen Matheson's voice is haunting. Try sitting still while listening to the reels featured on this album. If you succeed you're probably dead. Again, I thank you. Best regards from Scandinavia.

Portugal said...

Thanks for this post.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic album, thanks a lot!

CrimsonKing said...


Live in Concert


yonson said...

this is awesome!!! i was wondering if you culd upload the "capercaillie roses and tears" album, please..

Elbato Loco said...

great album!!!! i was wondering i you culd upload the "capercaillie roses and tears"

Anonymous said...

Thank you, much appreciated.

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