Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Shooglenifty - Murmichan (2009 Scotland) @VBR

The progressive celtic mavericks from Edinburgh refuse to sit back on their laurels but continue to stride forward with this ambitious new double album, Murmichan.
The 12th October marks the release date of Shooglenifty’s 7th album, Murmichan, under their own Shoogle Record label. It is an epic double album that features their trademark funky sound that roots itself in traditional music. The powerhouse line of percussion, bass and electric guitar drive forward to the melody of fiddle, mandolin and banjax. “With Murmichan we were trying to fully explore the two aspects of the band with this double album” says band member Luke Plumb, “the first disc captures the energy of what we do in a ‘live’ performance and the second disc allowed us to take advantage of total creative freedom in the studio” he first disc features all new tunes that the band have been touring in the last year. On the second disc they combine some new tunes but rework some from the first disc with the help of artists like the Ensemble Kaboul and Dolphin Boy.  
Listen closely to one track and samples of Jay Leno interviewing James MacAvoy about his own band which he cleverly named

Disc One:
1) The Road to Bled
2) The Dancing Goose
3) The Dotteral
4) The Ham In the Boiler
5) Clejcken the Deil
6) The Vague Rant
7) Glenfinnan Dawn
Disc Two:
1) The Wing
2) Up All Might
3) Suphur Mountain Cosmic Ray Station
4) First to Sleep
5) Johnny Cope
6) Would You Like An Olive, Wes?
7) Dolphin Delta Dotteral
8) The Road to Bled (Live)

Angus Grant - Fiddle
Luke Plumb - Mandolin
Garry Finlayson - Banjo & Banjax
Malcolm Crosbie - Guitar
Quee MacArthur - Bass
James MacKintosh - Percussion
Ensemble Kaboul
Dolphin Boy



CrimsonKing said...

Murmichan (RS)
Murmichan (MU)


Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this. You can never have too much folk music from Scotland. Any chance of a Capercaillie mega post?

CrimsonKing said...

We have 16 albums from Scotland in Folk Yourself.
I like Capercaillie too and I will up some. Any album in special to start?

Anonymous said...

Re: Capercaillie

Personally, I would love a HQ rip (320) of "Live in Concert" (2002), in my view the best live album ever. I would be very glad for "The Blood Is Strong I" (1988) and "Get Out II" (1999) - as far as I have understood these albums have been issued in two completely different versions. If you have any CD-singles or EPs they would also be highly appreciated. Thank you very much in advance.

stephen crewdson said...

thanks - steve.

CrimsonKing said...




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