Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Various Artists - Kerden - Cordes de Bretagne (1998 France) @192

Kerden is an all-instrumental collection that emphasizes Breton musicians playing stringed instruments such as guitar, bouzouki, and bass. The disc presents a ‘Who’s Who’ of stellar Breton musicians: Roland Conq, Jamie McMenemy, Jacky Molard, Yvon Riou, Dan Ar Braz, Soig Siberil, Frank le Bloas, Jean-Charles Guichen, and so on. The pallette of styles is highly diverse, ranging from relatively straightforward takes on traditional tunes to dark and jazzy compositions. The quality of this diverse material is stunning, making ‘Kerden’ well worth many repeat listenings. Highlights include Jamie McMenemy’s solo piece ‘Margot Maria’, and Gilles Le Bigot’s exquisite fretless acoustic guitar on the tune ‘Pedenn’. Kerden was also separately published as a music book with tablature and notation for all of the pieces on the recording.

01 - Kudel (Jacky Molard)
02 - Ty Moon (Pat O'May)
03 - Take Six (Nicolas Quemener)
04 - Melen Aour (Alain Genty)
05 - Bobine (Jacques Pellen)
06 - Ar Moraer (Frank Le Bloas)
07 - Pedenn (La Prière) (Gilles Le Bigot)
08 - Marche Dardoup-Gavotte Pourlet (Roland Conq)
09 - Jenovefa (Dan Ar Braz)
10 - Dre Ar Wenojenn (Soïg Siberil)
11 - Ugia, Uhellou Glaz in April (Tangi Le Doré)
12 - En Avant ! (PSG)
13 - Ar Plac'h Nanket (Alain Leon)
14 - Margot Maria  (Jamie Mc Menemy)
15 - Garzoles (Jean-Charles Guichen)
16 - Deus En-Dro d'ar Ger (Yvon Riou)



Yann said...

Thank you for again some great Breton music.
Would it be possible to share the notation/tabulature also?

CrimsonKing said...

Sorry Yann, but I don't have this :(

UK said...

If you love classic country, this is an amazing display of the best of the classic country sound. If your not the biggest fan of the twang that is associated with classic country, you may be better off with some of his older albums.

Anonymous said...

This is lovely. Thank you so much.

Anonymous said...

A good collection of folk sounds.
Thanks a lot.

Barron said...

I think this has been on my mp3 player ever since you first posted it. I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed it.


CrimsonKing said...


Kerden - Cordes de Bretagne


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