Saturday, December 29, 2012

Terrae (compagnia di musiche popolari) - Unknown People (Italy 2010) @320


The new production of the band from Messina tells stories of some of the most significant and harrowing moments of Sicilian history. A mature record, with a strong musical and emotional impact, in which electronic sounds, electric guitars, and female voices are added to the basic elements of the quartet - violin, double bass, classic guitar, and percussion. It is true to the roots, true to tradition, but also knows Sicily is today, not just yesterday.

01. Coru di carcerati
02. Cantu di carcerati
03. Inestra russa
04. La vida breve
05. Quantu basinico
06. Ciciri francisi
07. Attenzione attenzione!
08. C`ecu cci pensa
09. Mari
10. Si Ddiu pisci finu mi facissi
11. Unknown people
12. Coru di carcerati

Cesare FRISINA : violin, vocal
Antonio LIVOTI : guitar, electronic sounds, vocal
Francesco DI STASIO : double bass, vocal
Giorgio RIZZO : percussions, electronic sounds, vocal
Guests :
Simona DI GREGORIO : vocals
Alessandro PRESTI : bugle
Salvatore CRISAFULLI : accordion
Rosario PRUITI : corno
Magali SIGNOREL : vocal
Carmine GIAMMARINO : cello
Rosanna PIANOTTI : viola
Pablo LIVOTI : vocal
Choir voci bianche : conductors Giovanni MIRABILE and Manuela PULIAFITO

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tristan Le Govic "Awen" (Bretagne 2009) @320

Awen is the second album from Brittany's Tristan Le Govic, an album of harp music with a beguiling enigma, and charming subtlety. The harp is an instrument that is fast becoming my favourite; I'm drawn to its winsome combination of sensitivity and nimble complexity, which are both facets that Le Govic demonstrates deftly. Borrowing from across the various Celtic traditions, the thread that binds Awen is telling throughout though never cliché, offering tunes from Ireland and Scotland as well as Le Govic's native Brittany, alongside a selection of original material.

1. Dans Plin
2. Thre Potaoes In A Bag/ Farewell To Whalley Range
3. Le Songe D'Orianne
4. Klemmgan An Divroan
5. Glaz
6. Kas A-Barh
7. Piz Bihan
8. Si-Bhea Locha Léin/ Dan O'Keefe'S Slide/ Denis Murphy'S Slide
9. On The High Road To Linton
10. Ar Vag
11. Enez Eusa

Friday, December 21, 2012

Paul Huellou "Celtic Sounscapes - Songs from Brittany" (2000) @320

An outstanding recording of traditional Celtic-influenced music from Brittany featuring well-known Breton singer Paul Huellou. Accompaniment is provided by Paul's son, J. Pol, and several other musicians, among them Brendan Fahy, Pascal Segart and the internationally acclaimed piper Paddy Keenan. Celtic Soundscape consists of twelve tracks sung in the Breton language, and two instrumental pieces are beautifully performed by the popular group Sked. (LAT 50606)
"...extraordinary spirited singing of traditional and original songs." Utne Reader"Excellent music. Strong Celtic influence with tracks that include piper Paddy Keenan." WNYC Radio

1 Foar Vre
2 Ar Skrilhed
3 Lokarn
4 Nevez Amzer
5 Ar Bloavezh Mat
6 Sacristian, Le
7 O Pa Oan Paotr Yaouank
8 Mesaerez AR Menez
9 Ar Gwezenn Avalou
10 Dro
11 Ar Velinerez
12 Kaeran Rozenn

Paul Huellou: vocals
Soïg Sibéril: guitar
Paddy Keenan: Uilleann pipe
Colum Sands: acoustic bass
David Hopkins: percussion

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gatos del Fornu - Gatos del Fornu (Spain 2002) @320

In January 1996 was founded the group " Los Gatos del Fornu ", in order to collect and disseminate traditional Asturian music.

This collective is formed from the union of several musicians from other groups related to the Asturian culture
(Andecha Folclor d’Uviéu, Banda de Gaites “Fonte Fuécara”...) and others from the Conservatory of Oviedo.
The aim of our association is mainly the dissemination of traditional Asturian music, but they also include other traditional pieces of Atlantic Rim countries (Galicia, Brittany, Ireland...), in addition to his own compositions.

At first, the group began as an attempt to revive it in Asturias called " Bandinas " spontaneous groupings or
already prepared several musicians who came together to liven up a party or pilgrimage, using musical instruments embedded in Asturias. The group evolved into a folk group with a more elaborate and personal music.

1. La fontona
2. Brañas d´antanli
3. Un cura diciendo misa
4. Bruno
5. Beneros
6. Cantar de boda
7. El lloberli
8. Xota ya gavotte
9. Los mios amores
10. El rosco
11. Muñeires de la miguela

Miguel Angel Fernández: acordeón diatónico
Daniel Díez: guitarra
Moisés Fernández: tambor asturiano, percusiones
Raul Alonso: pandereta, pandero, bodhran
Guillermo Pérez: gaita asturiana, whistles
Moisés Suárez: bouzouki
Silvia Quesada: voz)
Rubén García: flauta, voz

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Luar Na Lubre - Mar Maior (Spain 2012) @320

The last 2011 celebrated 25 years of career with a splendid balance of twelve works published, more than 350,000 albums sold, more than a thousand concerts in 23 countries worldwide and numerous awards, confirming, as the Galician group with more projection within and outside the region.

Only in 2011, 'Luar Na Lubre' gave more than 30 concerts with over 75,000 spectators throughout the Spanish state. Also made a major change since joined Paula King. Thus, the band will present 'Mar Maior', an album released by Warner Music Spain, which went on sale last June 5.

Its new cd is based on work in which music plays an important role medieval, especially the Galician Portuguese, and is inspired by 'Leabhar Ghabhála Eireann', a reference book of history written by Irish monks in the century XII. 

01 - A invocacion de Amergin
02 - Romance de novembro
03 - Itn
04 - Camino de Caion
05 - Gran sol
06 - Dona Alda
07 - Santa Maria Loei
08 - Leabhar ghabhala
09 - Mandad' ei comigo
10 - Ao pasar pola Coruna
11 - Milesians
12 - Canto de arada
13 - Les set gotxs
14 - Camina Don Sancho

Bieito Romero: bagpipes and accordion
Paula King: voice
Patxi Bermudez: bodhran drum, djimbek
Xulio Varela: bouzouki, vocals and traditional Galician percussion 
Cerqueiro Xan: flutes and keyboards
Eduardo Coma: violin
Pedro Valero: guitars
Xavier Ferreiro: guitars, percussion.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bevan - Standing Stones EP (2012 UK) - Free Group Promotion

 A good independent work :)
Crimson King

The debut Bevan EP, Standing Stones, is out now! It’s three songs long and has been awaiting release in some form or another for quite the while now, so it feels good to cast it out into the World.
You can pay what you like for it, whether that be nothing at all or a handsome million, anything you can give is much appreciated.
There will be an accompanying video released in the next few days too, which is exciting.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Roland Becker - Immrama (France 2010) @320


The latest album by Breton sax and bombarde player Roland Becker is his magnum opus for sure.
Becker plays on a huge variety of instruments (bombardes, oboes, flutes and many many more) He is
backed by an ensemble on bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy and various drums.
The album is about Immrama that "for over thousand year described navigation of Celtic heroes to
other worlds"

01. Yoff
02. Tachenn Glas
03. Kerguzengor
04. Ti En Tis
05. Locqultas
06. Malsaha
07. Ouarioua
08. Er Yoc'H
09. Cromenah
10. Bortifaouen
11. Mané Guen

Thursday, November 15, 2012

RUNRIG TO CELEBRATE 40 YEARS OF ROCK (Scotland) [Free Promotion]


Celtic super-group Runrig have finally announced plans for their 40th Anniversary celebrations next summer. The main event will take the form of a weekend party at the Black Isle Showground, Muir of Ord, near Inverness.
The ‘Party on the Moor’ festivities will be celebrated by a massive outdoor concert on Saturday August 10. Fans wanting to stay the weekend can also arrive on Friday August 9, with a ceilidh in the Grand Barn and the Black Isle Showground will become a campsite and concert venue for the weekend.
On Saturday August 10, the six-piece will perform to thousands of fans with camping also available for the Saturday night. Tickets for the event go on sale on Friday (November 16) at 9am.

One of the band’s founding members Rory MacDonald, said it was important for the band to celebrate the significant milestone ‘at home’. He said:
“We are a Scottish band that is very proud of our Highlands and Islands roots. We wanted to share this significant milestone with our fans on home turf. They have shown fantastic support for us for an incredible four decades.
“This is an amazing anniversary to have reached. Little did we think as young lads back in 1973 that we would still be showcasing Gaelic, folk and rock music right into the new millennium and beyond.
“We want to thank our loyal fans who have been with us from the beginning with one of our biggest events, as well as hopefully welcoming a new generation of fans who are discovering our music.”

In recent years, Runrig has enjoyed phenomenal global success playing to tens of thousands of fans in countries such as Sweden, Germany, Denmark and Canada, as well as retaining a loyal fan base in Scotland and throughout the UK.
Two of the original members of the ‘Loch Lomond’ hit makers are still in the band – bass guitarist and singer Rory MacDonald and his brother percussionist Calum MacDonald, along with Skye guitarist Malcolm Jones, who joined five years later. Drummer Iain Bayne, from St Andrews, joined in 1980 with lead vocalist Nova Scotian, Bruce Guthro joining in 1998 and keyboard player Brian Hurren from Falkirk joining in 2001.
The band has released over 20 albums and almost 30 singles with its Gaelic song ‘An Ubhal as Àirde’ reaching number 18 in the UK charts in 1995 – the first Gaelic song to enter the UK top 20.

Lead vocalist Brian Guthro added:
“This is going to be a fantastic weekend and we look forward to celebrating 40 years of folk rock with our fans.”

The ticket prices start at £45 for the Saturday concert, or from £69 for those fans wishing to take advantage of the weekend package. There are also travel packages for fans travelling from Glasgow, Aberdeen, Edinburgh, Perth and other Scottish towns and cities. The campsite will be open from 12pm on Friday August 9 until 12pm on Sunday August 11.
Ticket, Travel & Camping Packages go on sale on Friday November 16 at 9am at or on 0844 888 9991.
Hotel accommodation & ticket packages are also available from or by calling 0871 221 3344.

Concert and camping tickets will also be available to buy in-person at:

Inverness: Caffreys Menswear
Aberdeen: One Up Records

Dundee: Groucho's

Elgin: Sound and Vision

Edinburgh: Tickets Scotland , Rose St

Glasgow: Tickets Scotland , Argyle St (under Central Bridge)
Glasgow: SECC Box Office

Kirkcaldy: Manifesto

Perth: Concorde Music 

Stirling: Europa

For more information, contact:
Micky Gavin, Indigo, 0131 554 1230,

Jeffrey Philip Nelson - Christmas Please! (USA 2012) [Free Promotion]

"I love that you run such a great folk blog. I am a Los Angeles musician and recently released a christmas album that I am giving away for free for people who love old christmas music done with an acoustic guitar. I would be so appreciative if you would consider posting the album to your blog to share with all who don't have money to buy new christmas music. Because I am giving it away I am not going through the normal avenues of paying for marketing. It is the season for giving, thanks for considering. This link will download it directly to any user for free courtesy of dropbox ( )  or you can go directly to my website to download for free"

Jeffrey Philip Nelson

Please, leave a comment about this good work (IMMO).
Thank you for your Christmas gift, Jeffrey.

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Blowzabella - Dance (2010 ENG) @320

Dissolved due to touring pressures since 1990 save for the occasional concert, Blowzabella came together in 2003 for a reunion. Emboldened by their success and bolstered by new material, they stayed together and continued touring. In 2007, Blowzabella released their first album in over a decade and followed it up this year with the appropriately-titled Dance. A good thing for fans, too, because Dance is such a fun time, it’s hard to believe the band was on a hiatus for so long. Blowzabella’s latest contribution to the updated sounds of traditional Irish and English dance music reaffirms the band’s decision to re-form and record anew.

01 - Jan Mijne Man - Go Mauve.mp3
02 - Molton - Sur La Rance.mp3
03 - The Bay Tree - Molinara.mp3
04 - Penda's Fen - The White Rose - Epic Branle.mp3
05 - The Rose of Raby.mp3
06 - Man In The Brown Hat - Spring Dance.mp3
07 - Derriere les Carreaux - Mominette.mp3
08 - In Continental Mood - The Old Queen - Flatworld.mp3
09 - Horizonto.mp3
10 - Il n'est plus temps - Famous Wolf.mp3
11 - The New Hornpipes.mp3
12 - The A Minor Mazurka - Motorway Mazurka.mp3
13 - Blowzabella-Shave The Monkey-Boys of the Mill.mp3

Andy CUTTING: accordion diatonic
Paul JAMES: Bagpipe, Saxophone
Gregory JOLIVET: Hurdy-Gurdy
Dave SHEPHERD: Violin
Jo FREYA: Saxophone tenor
Jon SWAYNE: Saxophone

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Folk Yourself needs your help!

I would like to acknowledge the help of the people who generously contributed to the Folk Yourself could continue spreading folk music.
We have now, credits for another 5 months of activities.
A special thanks to you. 



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Shirley Collins & Dolly Collins - [1969 ENG] - Anthems in Eden @320

Anthems in Eden is a 1969 album by Shirley and Dolly Collins, with the Early Music Consort of London, directed by David Munrow. The album originally consisted of a 28-minute set of folk songs plus 7 other individual pieces performed by the same group. The musical arrangements for these 8 pieces included early music instruments, such as viols, recorders, sackbuts and crumhorns. In 1976, 6 new songs were recorded with a different assortment of accompanists, to replace the original 7 individual songs. This 1976 album consisting of the 28-minute set plus the 6 new songs was released by Harvest Records under the title "Amaranth". Subsequent releases have combined all 14 pieces under the original title, "Anthems in Eden".

01- A Song-Story
02- Rambleaway (Trad)
03- Ca' The Yowes (Robert Burns)
04- God Dog (Robin Williamson)
05- Bonny Cuckoo (Trad)
06- Nellie The Milkmaid (Trad)
07- Gathering Rushes In The Month Of May (Trad)
08- The Gower Wassail (Trad)
Additional tracks recorded in 1976
09- Fare The Well My Dearest Dear (Trad)
10- C'Est La Fin/ Pou Mon Cuer (Anon French 12th/13th Cent)
11- Bonny Kate (Trad)
12- Adieu To All Judges and Juries (Trad)
13- Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene (Anon Eng 13th Cent)
14- Black Joker/Black, White, Yellow & Green (Trad)

Shirley Collins - vocals
Adam Skeaping - bass viol
Roderick Skeaping - rebec, treble and bass viol
Oliver Brookes - bass viol
Michael Laird - cornett
Richard Lee - descant and treble recorder
Alan Lumsden - sackbut
Christopher Hogwood - harpsichord
Dolly Collins - portative organ
Gillian Ried - bells
David Munrow - soprano and alto crumhorn, bass rackett, tenor sordun, treble recorder
Chorus: on "The Home Brew": Michael Clifton, Ray Worman, John Fordham plus Royston Wood, Steve Ashley and John Morgan.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Soïg Siberil - Lammat (France 2006) @320

Thanks to Skylamb

01 - Spiced Jigs.mp3
02 - Al Lizher.mp3
03 - Lammat....mp3
04 - Medley.mp3
05 - Skoaselloù.mp3
06 - 0.mp3
07 - Gollodic.mp3
08 - D'etel À Takamata.mp3
09 - Loony,la Baratte.mp3
10 - L'atelier (Reels).mp3
11 - Luskell.mp3

Soïg SIBÉRIL: Guitare, Voix
Patrice MARZIN: Guitare
Nolwenn KORBELL: Chant
Eric LE LANN: Trompette

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Soïg Siberil - Botcanou (France 2009) @VBR

Thanks to Skylamb

This album is a return to "center" the center of his music where the guitar reigns and adaptations are dedicated to him, and many traditional songs and compositions rooted in another center, the center of Brittany, specifically Botcanou land of his childhood, hence the title of his album.
This album is also a meeting. With that of the writer Bellec Hervé, who agreed to put into words and songs of his album tracks.
He also invited friends singers and musicians for duets or trios: Patrice Marzin guitar, and Jamie McMenemy Korbell Nolwenn singing and bouzouki.

01 - L'autre Rive
02 - Trois Rivières
03 - Fortune De Terre
04 - Du Côté De Koat Trenk
05 - Les Gens D'ici
06 - Douze Éoliennes
07 - Botcanou
08 - Coat-Couraval
09 - Bal Au Centre
10 - Zagreb
11 - Ar C'hazh A Lipo
12 - Andalousie
13 - Till Morning Rise

Soïg SIBÉRIL: Guitare, Voix
Patrice MARZIN: Guitare
Jamie MCMENEMY: Bouzouki, Voix
Nolwenn KORBELL: Voix (13)

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dick Gaughan - A Different Kind of Love Song (Scotland 1983) @320

After the surprising success of 'Handful of Earth', I was faced with a problem in terms of making a new recording. I had no intention of making 'HoE' Mark 2. I new I couldn't and that, at that stage in my musical development, 'HoE' was the best I could hope to achieve in adding something worthwhile to the reinterpretation of traditional Scots song in an acoustic setting. If I tried to do it again, I would be in danger of becoming formulaic and mechanistic and I have always held a deep suspicion towards "style" for its own sake.
Also, as I said in what I wrote about 'Handful of Earth', "It was quite clearly time to stop reporting and start participating." This album was my putting that into action.

01 - A Different Kind Of Love Song
02 - Revolution
03 - Prisoner 562 - Song Of Choice
04 - The Father's Song
05 - Think Again
06 - As I Walked On The Road
07 - Stand Up For Judas
08 - By The People
09 - Games People Play
10 - Lassie Lie Near Me
11 - Your Daughter And Your Sons
12 - The Floo'ers Of The Forest

Dick Gaughan: Vocal, Guitars
Judy Sweeney: Vocal
Bob Lenox: Keyboards
Dave Pegg: Bass
Allan Tall: Saxophone
Willie Lindfors: Drums, Percussion
Dave Tulloch: Drums on "Revolution"

Dick Gaughan - Redwood Cathedral (Scotland 1998) @320

Gaughan's weathered brogue is enough to make a song memorable. But he also has a knack for gathering fine songs, both originals and covers, that fit beautifully into his style. On this set, Gaughan opens with an understated but powerful "Muir and the Master Builder" by Brian McNeill and even plies his magic with Townes Van Zandt's "Pancho and Lefty." As he wends his way through a sublime take on Pete Seeger's "Turn, Turn, Turn," it becomes clear that Gaughan has a gift for phrasing that puts the listener at ease.
-Tim Sheridan- Allmusic

01 - Muir and the Master Builder
02 - Gone Gonna Rise Again
03 - Reconcilation
04 - Why Old Men Cry
05 - Thomas Muir of Huntershill
06 - October Song
07 - Ewan and the Gold
08 - Let It Be Me
09 - All The King's Horses
10 - Pancho & Lefty
11 - Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)
12 - Fine Horseman

Dick GAUGHAN: Voice, Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Rab HANDLEIGH: Piano, Keyboards
Davie PATON: Bass
Steve GREEN: Drums

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Various Artists - Scarborough Fair: The Best Of English Folk (UK 2006) @320

Three-disc, 64-track collection. The folk revival that took place at club level during the Sixties introduced a whole new audience to traditional folksong, while also bringing to the fore the concept of the earnest young singer/songwriter. When, by the end of the decade, centuries-old songs were being given a sonic makeover by the new breed of electric folkies (headed by the likes of Fairport Convention and Steeleye Span, both of whom are represented on this collection), folk music had long since escaped out of the clubs and into the charts. This companion piece to similar 3CD sets concentrating on the Irish and Scottish folk scenes focuses on the astonishing depth of talent emanating from the English folk scene during this most tumultuous of decades. Every facet of the English folk genre is encompassed, ranging from club singers and trad folksong revivalists like Isla Cameron and Shirley Collins, the post-Dylan singer/songwriter (Donovan, Ralph McTell), folk-based fusion act Pentangle, and even such turn-of-the-decade acid folk iconoclasts as Synathesia and the mighty Comus.

01 - Join Us In Our Game - Mr. Fox
02 - Let No Man Steal Your Thyme - Isla Cameron
03 - I was a Young Man - Martin Carthy
04 - A Maiden Came From London Town - Dave & Toni Arthur
05 - Nottamun Town - Bert Jansch
06 - The Trees They Do Grow High - John Renbourn
07 - Sunny Goodge Street - Donovan
08 - Farewell (Fare Thee Well) - Lonnie Donegan
09 - England 1914 - Ralph Mc Tell
10 - Wrecked Again - Michael Chapman
11 - Pretty Polly - Sandy Denny
12 - She Moved Through The Fair - Jean Hart
13 - Rubber Band - Lal & Mike Waterson
14 - Banquet On The Water - Sallyangie
15 - Yellow Roses - Heron
16 - Gabilan - Duncan Browne
17 - Evensong - Keith Christmas
18 - Winter Is A Coloured Bird - Comus
19 - Poor Murdered Woman - Shirley Collins & The Albion Band
20 - Grey Daylight - The Hawk - Ten Pound Fiddle - Dave Swarbrick
21 - Dalesman's Litany - Tim Hart & Maddy Prior
22 - England - Dave Cartwright

01 - A Maid That's Deep In Love - Pentangle
02 - John Barleycorn - Young Tradition
03 - Tramp - Al Jones
04 - Mr Homburg Hat - Harvey Andrews
05 - Morning Brings The Light - John James
06 - Velvet To Atone - Trader Horne
07 - The Mouse and The Crow - Carolanne Pegg
08 - Do I Know You - Mike Cooper
09 - We Can Swing Together - Alan Hull
10 - The Sailor - Robin Scott
11 - Beet Routes - Cliff Aungier
12 - Three Waltzes - Sawdust Band
13 - The One Armed Boatman and The Giant Squid - Andy Roberts
14 - Dulwich Song - Bob Bunting
15 - Geordie - Dave Sless
16 - Time For Love - Marc Brierley
17 - Rambling Sailor - Albion Band
18 - Ballad of Dickie Lubber - Dransfields
19 - Beauty of The World - Prelude
20 - Yorkshire Lass - Bernard Wrigley
21 - Dear River Thames - Richard Digance
22 - Sir Patrick Spens - Fairport Convention

01 - The Blacksmith - Steeleye Span
02 - Mistress Helath-Lumps Of Plum Pudding-Sherbourne Jig-Spaniards City - The Etchingham Steam Band
03 - A Shepherd Of The Downs - Royston & Heather Wood
04 - An Everyday Consumption Song - Spirogyra
05 - Oh Did I Love A Dream - The Incredible String Band
06 - Sarah Crazy Child - Tyrannosaurus Rex
07 - Parade - Decameron
08 - City Life - Steve Tilson
09 - Buttermilk Hill - The Black Country Three
10 - Liverpool Lullaby - Ian Campbell Folk Group
11 - Scarborough Fair - The Spinners
12 - Song For A Dead Mole - Lea Nicholson & Stan Ellison
13 - Kirkstall Forge - Bob Pegg & Nick Strutt
14 - Laugh That Came Too Soon - Storyteller
15 - The Unquiet Grave - Gryphon
16 - Won't You Stay Awhile Suzanne - Gordon Giltrap
17 - Lovely Joan-The Nightingale - Andrew Cronshaw
18 - Cornwall The Land I Love - Brenda Wooton
19 - Lady Eleanor (Live) - Lindisfarne
20 - Just As The Curtains Finally Falls - Synanthesia

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Dick Gaughan - Sail On (Scotland 1996) @320

Long considered one of the great folk voices of our time, Dick Gaughan is acknowledged as one of Scotland’s most outstanding musicians – his vocal prowess, instrumental virtuosity and intelligence as a composer are legendary. This collection reflects all these skills.

An early member of Boys Of The Lough, he was also a founding member of the legendary Scottish folk rock group Five Hand Reel. His classic album Handful Of Earth was named as Album Of The Decade for the 1980s by Folk Roots magazine.

He lists his influences as everything ranging from Davy Graham to Big Bill Broonzy, Bertolt Brecht to Robert Burns and Karl Marx to Groucho Marx.

Dick draws his material from a variety of sources, so, while traditional material provides much of this repertoire, great songwriters are also represented. The common thread running through all his work is Dick’s passion in social justice and telling it like it is.

"Passion, honesty, they're all there ... Buy it." (The Living Tradition)

01 - Land Of The North Wind
02 - Son Of Man
03 - Ruby Tuesday
04 - Waist Deep In The Big Muddy
05 - No Cause For Alarm
06 - The 51st (Highland) Division's Farewell To Sicily
07 - No Gods & Precious Few Heroes
08 - Geronimo's Cadillac
09 - 1952 Vincent Black Lightning
10 - Sail On
11 - The Freedom Come-All-Ye

Dick Gaughan: Vocal, Guitars
Mary MacMaster: Harp
Mike Travis: Drums
Stuart Smith: Bass
Rab Handleigh: Keyboard
Alan Thomson: Bass
John Henderson: Drums
Patsy Seddon: Harp
Fred Morrison: Highland Pipes
Kathy Stewart, Tich Frier, Bobby Eaglesham: Backing Vocal

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Dick Gaughan - Handful of Earth (Scotland 1981) @320

This was the first album I had recorded in Scotland. For some reason, it seemed to strike a chord with people and it is the most succesful recording I have made in terms of acclaim and sales.

It was Melody Maker's Album of the Year in 1981 and in 1989 it was voted in the Critics' Poll, and more important to me, the Readers' Poll, in Folk Roots as Album of the Decade. I have had hundreds of reviews, good and bad, and I pay little attention to them. But when the actual people you're playing to confer an honour like that upon you, you shed the odd tear of thanks that you've been privileged to be able to do something which means something to them.

Why they voted it such was a complete mystery to me then and still is today. As a friend of mine says, "Never ask one of the actors what they thought of the play".

01 - Erin-Go-Bragh
02 - Now Westlin Winds
03 - Craigie Hill
04 - World Turned Upside Down (Rosselson M-S)
05 - The Snows They Melt the Soonest
06 - Lough Erne-First Kiss at Parting
07 - Scojun Waltz-Randers Hopsa
08 - Song for Ireland (Colclough)
09 - Workers' Song
10 - Both Sides the Tweed (Pickford M-S)

Dick Gaughan: Vocal, Guitars
Brian McNeill: Fiddle, acoustic bass
Stuart Isbister: Bass
Phil Cunningham: Keyboard, Whistle

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Dick Gaughan - Call it Freedom (Scotland 1988) @VBR


One of Scotland's greatest trad artists, guitarist Dick Gaughan is known as a diehard Socialist leftie, as well as one of the world's greatest guitar flatpickers. His career has ranged from straight trad to a brief fling at Celtic rock, and then into a near-complete submersion into politcal song during the Thatcher-Reagan years of the 1980s. His records have softened ever so slightly since those days, although his political commitment remains strong. A powerful and charming live performer, Gaughan is sure to bring a tear to your eyes, either because of some sad tale of woe, a particularly beautiful melody, or perhaps a particularly daft joke.

01 - Bulmer's fancy-The silver spire
02 - Shipwreck
03 - What you do with what you've got
04 - Ludlow massacre
05 - That's the way the river runs
06 - Amandla!-Call it freedom
07 - When I'm gone
08 - Seven good soldiers
09 - Fifty years from now-Yardheads

Dick Gaughan : Vocal, Guitars
Elaine C. Smith : Vocal
Fos Patterson : Keyboards
Tomas Lynch : Uillean pipes, Whistle
Brian McNeill : Fiddle
Allan Tall : Saxophone
Mike Travis : Drums, Percussion
Dave Bulmer : Accordeon

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Värttinä - Utu (2012 Finland) @320

I've said and written plenty about the Finnish musical ensemble Värttinä over the past two decades. I still haven't heard any artist or band from the 90s whose music I would rank ahead of theirs, and the band continued strongly into the 00s as well.  The story of Värttinä is one of constant change, though, as members have joined and exited the group at a fairly steady clip.  The band took a very long hiatus after their 2006 release Miero and the subsequent tour, and for a while it did not appear certain that they would return.  But singers Mari Kaasinen, Susan Aho, and Johanna Virtanen have recently regrouped with a mostly reconstituted supporting cast.  Their new album Utu lacks some of the ferocity of previous Värttinä albums, but it is still a fine effort.

01. Ruhverikko (Dark Girl) 3:04    
02. Tuuterin Tyttäret (The Girls From Tuuteri) 3:32    
03. Kaihon Kantaja (The Bearer Of Yearning) 3:52    
04. Vietäviä (For The Taking) 3:03    
05. Utuneito (The Mist Maiden) 3:22    
06. Iloni (My Joy) 3:54    
07. Helleleo 3:06    
08. Vaeltaja (The Wanderer) 3:13    
09. Suruni Suuri (My Great Sorrow) 0:58    
10. Manattu (Conjured By A Seer) 4:17    
11. Kutsu (The Call) 1:27    
12. Haltija (The Elf) 3:17    
13. Tantsu (Dance) 3:05    
14. Haltijan Hallussa (Under The Elf's Spell) 3:41    
15. Uinu (Sleep) 2:22

Mari Kaasinen - Vocals
Susan Aho - Vocals
Johanna Virtanen - Vocals
Hannu Rantanen - Double bass
Matti Kallio - Accordion, keyboards, tin whistles, bansuri
Wimme Saari: Vocals (10)
Sakari Kukko: Tenor sax (3), gopi yantra (4). bansuri (5), duduk (8), soprano sax (13)
Kukka Letho: Fiddle
Matti Laitinen: Guitars, bazouk, mandolin, mandocello
Jaska Lukkarinen: Percussion and drum kit

Friday, July 20, 2012

Maddy Prior & Carnival Band - Vaughan Williams Carols, Songs & Hymns (England 2010) @320

Maddy Prior and The Carnival Band’s association with the composer Vaughan Williams goes right back to their very first album together, 1986’s Tapestry Of Carols, and their version of ‘The Sussex Carol’. In many ways it was a natural fit – Williams the great collector and composer of English music meets one of its most important singers and dedicated band of musicians. Their paths have crossed on countless occasions since but with Vaughan Williams Carols, Songs & Hymns the partnership has fully blossomed. Comprising all original Williams’ compositions, the album demonstrates the full range of his art and his unique ability to write music for the common man, for the spiritual and for the religious. In the safe and inspired hands of Maddy and the Carnival Band, this historical music is given a new lease of life – performed with the same freshness and vitality as when it was originally unveiled by one of the masters of English music.

01. The Golden Carol
02. Blake's Cradle Song
03. The Blessed Son of God
04. Snow in the Street
05. Wither's Rocking Hymn
06. Drinking Song (Back and side go Bare)
07. Whither must I Wander
08. The Willow Whistle
09. Linden Lea
10. The Divine Image
11. The Woodcutter's Song
12. Come Down O Love Divine
13. Fierce Raged the Tempest
14. At the Name of Jesus
15. Into the Woods My Master Went
16. The Night is Come Like to the Day
17. God be With You Till We Meet Again

Maddy Prior: vocals
Steve Banks: Percussion, Violin, Vocals
Jub Davis: Double Bass, Vocals
Giles Lewin: Recorder, Viola, Violin, Vocals
Steno Vitale: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Mandolin
Andy Watts: Bassoon, Clarinet, Recorder, Shawm, Vocals

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Muzsikás & Márta Sebestyén - Morning Star (Hungary 1997) @VBR>224


To Western ears, the Hungarian folk music on Morning Star is not as accessible as the Celtic folk which blossomed into ubiquity in the U.S. in the 1990s. But Muzsikas and Marta Sebestyen have nonetheless become a comparable international phenomenon, selling out concerts in the most Western of places. Hungarian dance music is no less jubilant than Celtic reels (and in fact the fiddling bears a striking similarity), but the rhythms are often trickier, and the nuances of the arrangements more complex. Hungarian ballads are no less emotional, but they lack the sort of sweeping sentimentality of Irish ballads. In fact, Marta Sebestyen's vocal meandering almost seems to have less in common with the singing styles of Hungary's western European neighbors than with that of the Middle East or India. Why has this distinctly un-Western music, so challenging, raw and offbeat, been such a universal hit? The explanation may lie in the purity of the music: pure musicianship, pure ritual, pure community. The sheer antiquity of this music is also impressive: the band has painstakingly studied in communities which have kept these ancient musical traditions preserved for centuries -- even under Soviet occupation, when any expression of local identity was viewed as a punishable threat. Some of the members of Muzsikas risked their own safety by pursuing their love for this music during that period. That passion shows on Morning Star, even if the inherently communal experience of this folk music loses something in the translation to audio recording.
Darryl Cater (AMG)

01. Fuzesi lakodalmas 9'36"
02. Madocsai szolo-orzo 3'03"
03. Kerekes hejsza es sebes 3'40"
04. Edesanyam rozsafaja 6'05"
05. Ej, de szeles 7'04"
06. Ha en rozsa volnek 6'03"
07. Baj, baj, baj 7'16"
08. Gyimesi dallamok 8'34"
09. Ej, csillag, csillag 4'30"

Mihály Sipos: violin
Péter Éri: violin, viola
Dániel Hamar: double bass, gardon, hammered dulcimer
Sandor Csoori: violin
László Porteleki: violin
Márta Sebestyén: voice
Katalin Gyenis, Eszter Erdics, Anna Helbich, Ildiko Toth: voices
Zoltan Farkas: hit gardon
Martin Eri: cello

1997 • MU003 (as Szép, hajnali csillag') • Hannibal HNCD 1401

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Steeleye Span - Sails Of Silver (England 1980) @320


The album was produced two years after the band's ostensible break-up, at the request of Chrysalis Records. Peter Knight and Bob Johnson both returned, replacing their own replacements Martin Carthy and John Kirkpatrick, who had departed after the release of Live at Last. However, although Chrysalis had prodded the band to reform and release the album, in practice the label proved much more interested in promoting rising acts like Blondie than a reformed band that hadn't hit a real hit in four years. Despite being produced by Elton John's producer Gus Dudgeon, Sails of Silver was a commercial failure, and this proved a final straw for Tim Hart, who departed the band, leaving Maddy Prior as the band's sole remaining founding member.

Although the band now sported the same line-up that had brought it to the height of its success, Sails of Silver has often been seen as embodying a different spirit from their classic albums of the 1970s. Prior to 'Sails', the band had always performed songs written by other people, predominantly traditional songs, but also a few 20th century pieces, such as the two Brecht songs on Storm Force Ten. But on this album they included several songs they had written themselves, including 'Let Her Go Down' and 'Senior Service'. This was the beginning of a trend that continues down to the present. Every album they have released since 'Sails' has had at least one song written by band members, and Back in Line and Bloody Men were predominantly the band's material.

Maddy Prior has said that, although she likes the album and finds it accessible, the band was in her words "lost" and not particularly confident of the material it had put together. Fans found the album jarring, although they were pleased that the band was touring again, and the band's shows always included their earlier material.

01. Sails of Silver (3.27)
02. My Love (2.53)
03. Barnet Fair (4.34)
04. Senior Service (3.31)
05. Gone to America (4.21)
06. Where Are They Now (4.11)
07. Let Her Go Down (3.36)
08. Longbone (3.58)
09. Marigold / Harvest Home (3.05)
10. Tell Me Why (3.56)

Maddy Prior: vocals
Tim Hart: vocals, guitar
Bob Johnson: vocals, guitar
Rick Kemp: vocals, bass
Peter Knight: vocals, keyboards, violin
Nigel Pegrum: drums, percussion, woodwind

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Márta Sebestyén - Apocrypha (Hungary 1992) @VBR>224

If anyone could be described as the Hungarian equivalent of Enya, it would be Marta Sebestyen. Many of the songs on this best-of CD, which was released in 1992 and focuses on her innovations of the mid- to late 1980s, have a tranquil quality not unlike what you'd find on one of Enya's albums. New age audiences seemed to appreciate the tranquil nature of "Ne Menj, Szivem," "Szerelem, Szerelem," "Hegyen, Volgyon" and other songs that used synthesizers and electronic instrumentation extensively. And yet, it would be misleading to label Sebestyen a new age artist. Not only is Apocryha much meatier than a lot of the music labeled new age, but also, these songs are based on traditional Hungarian folk melodies. Sebestyen and her arranger Karoly Cserepes (who plays most of the synthesizers and is also heard on flute) have taken Hungarian musical traditions and done something very fresh-sounding with them. For those exploring Sebestyen's music for the first time, Apocryha would be the most appropriate starting point.
Alex Henderson (AMG)

01. Tavasz tavasz 4.45
02. A piac közepén 5.02
03. Zúgadoz az erdõ 3.52
04. András 6.09
05. Betlehem, Betlehem 4.25
06. Ne menj, szivem 3.58
07. Hegyen-völgyön 3.54
08. Apokrif 7.16
09. Szerelem, szerelem 4.46
10. Elment az én rózsám 3.07

Márta Sebestyén: vocals
Karoly Cserepes: synthesizer, flute, computers, tilinka, duduk
Tibor Donasz: drums
Janos Hasur: violin
Lászlo Hortobágy: chimes, bells
Mihály Huszár: double bass
Ferenc Kiss: recorder
Szabolcs Szoranyi: bass, bass guitar
Anna Cserepes: h. vocals
Levente Szörényi: h. vocals

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Laïs - Dorothea (Belgium 2001) @320

Belgium sometimes sends us atypical artists whose charm attains fast the heart of the public. This time, honour to the ladies with the trio of vocal polyphonies.
Laïs - Dorothea, their second album, constituted by traditional songs or of original compositions is interpreted in Flamish and in French. Nothing very amazing when they know the bilingualism of the flat country.
These three crystalline voices coated with a resolutely modern production transcend pieces that they had no more habit to hear around fires of camps néo.
Melodies are very nice and attractive. Voices are splendid. Recommended Folk music for all music lovers....

01. Doran 03:44
02. Belle 02:27
03. (Houd Uw) Kanneke 03:50
04. Benedetta 03:05
05. Le grand vent 03:19
06. Les douze mois 05:29
07. De valse zeeman 04:01
08. Marider 04:29
09. Comme au sein de la nuit 02:18
10. Dorothea 03:27
11. Klaas 02:57
12. De wanhoop 03:01
13. Tina vieri 04:13
14. Le renard et la belette 03:17
15. Le grand vent (a capella) 18:01

Annelies BROSENS: Voix
Nathalie DELCROIX: Voix
Fritz SUNDERMANN: Guitare acoustique, Guitare électrique, Charango,Harmonium, Guitare, Basse, Mandocello
Hans QUAGHEBEUR: Vielle à Roue [Hurdy-gurdy], Accordéon, Accordéon diatonique, Fifre
Ronny REUMAN: Drums, Percussion
Bart DENOLF: Contrebasse, Basse électrique
Michel SEBA: Percussion
François VERRUE: Basse électrique
Bart DE COCK: Nyckelharpa [Key fiddle]
Ludo VAN DEAU: Voix

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Berrogüetto - Kosmogonías (Spain 2010) @VBR~192

The fifth album from this Galician group whose birth represented a point of inflexion in Galician music due to its blend of passion for traditional music and more modern experimentation; and the first recorded with a male voice, that of Xabier Díaz, the new vocalist.
Consisting of eleven tracks, Kosmogonías maintains Berrogüetto's personal style defined since the group was formed. Innovative from their first album, the latest album is a collection of organic sounds, a delicate album, which reflects the soul of Berrogüetto through its special musical conception.

01. Alalá da noite [4:34]
02. Astrea [2:18]
03. Igneominea [4:22]
04. Líridas de abril [4:20]
05. Planeta Can [5:06]
06. Cantar de Camiño [4:53]
07. Nadir [4:38]
08. Danza de Meirol [4:23]
09. Ataque de jota [5:02]
10. Caneta de poeta [4:28]
11. Esfericantus [4:34]

Anxo Pintos: zanfona, gaita, saxo soprano, violin y teclado.
Guillermo Fernandez: guitarras
Quico Comesaña: bouzouki, mandolina.
Santiago Cribeiro: Acordeon, teclados.
Isaac Palacín: Percusión
Quim Farinha: Violin
Xavier díaz: Voz, gaita y percusión.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Steeleye Span - Now We Are Six Again (England 2011) @320

Even with a career that has brought us an incredible twenty-one studio albums, British folk legends Steeleye Span’s history still includes a number of records that stand out as landmarks. 1974’s Now We Are Six was one such moment, an album that saw the band expand both their line up to a six piece and with it their sound to explore even further their own unique blend of rock and folk music. A critical and commercial success, the record would provide a home to a number of band classics down the years. Thirty-seven years later and Steeleye Span find themselves at another milestone. Having established the longest serving line-up of their career, they underwent another change of personnel and re-emerged as a six piece for the first time in many years. There could be no better time to go back to that iconic record, performing it in its entirety alongside a selection of classics, rarities and favourites. The result was moments of pure Steeleye magic, captured for posterity here...

1.Seven Hundred Elves
2.Drink Down The Moon
3.Now We Are Six
4.Thomas The Rhymer
5.The Mooncoin Jig (instrumental)
8.Two Magicians
9.Twinkle Little Star
10.To Know Him Is To Love Him

Bonus CD2
1.Just As The Tide
2.Let Her Go Down
4.Two Constant Lovers
5.Prince Charlie Stewart
6.Cam Ye O'er Frae France
7.Creeping Jane
8.Cold Haily, Windy Night
9.Bonny Black Hare
10.All Around My Hat

Maddy Prior: vocals
Peter Knight: violin, keyboard, vocals
Rick Kemp: bass, vocals
Liam Genockey: drums, percussion
Julian Littman: electric guitars, vocals
Pete Zorn: acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals, saxophone

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cilla Fisher & Artie Tresize - Cilla & Artie (1979 Scotland) @VBR~224 (Vynil rip)


‘Cilla & Artie’ is a splendid album from Cilla Fisher (a member of the influential Fisher Family) and her husband Artie Tresize. The record was ‘The Melody Maker Folk Album of the Year – 1979. Joining Cilla and Artie is an international collection of “session” musicians including Alistair Anderson, Johnny & Phil Cunningham, Rick Lee, Brian McNeill and Bob Zentz. The songs are mostly from the tradition with,
“Blue Bleezin’ Blind Drunk” and “The Gypsy Laddies” but also include a grand version of Stan Rodgers’ “The Jeanie C” and the wildest ever arrangement of Ewan MacColl’s “Fisher Lassies”.

01. Norland Wind   
02. The Beggar Man   
03. What Can A Young Lassie   
04. Fisher Lassies   
05. Generations of Change   
06. Fair Maid of London Town   
07. The Wicked Wife   
08. The Gypsy Laddies   
09. Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk   
10. John Grumlie   
11. The Jeannie C.

Cilla Fisher: vocals
Artie Trezise: vocals, guitar, lap organ
Alistair Anderson: Northumbrian pipes
Johnny Cunningham: fiddle
Phil Cunningham: accordion, harmonium, synth, whistle
Malcolm Dalglish: hammered dulcimer
Jim Houston: mouth organ
Grey Larsen: concertina
Rick Lee: piano
Brian McNeill: fiddle, viola
John Martin: fiddle
Brian Miller: guitar, mandolin
Bob Zentz: autoharp

Griff - The False Fly (2011 Belgium) @320


When I reviewed the former album by the Belgium band Griff, I already showed my enthusiasm about their wonderful music. At that time a trio with all types of bagpipes, this time they added an accordionist, guitarist and a double bass to their great music. The result is a new album with thirteen, more or less, traditional songs and tunes from all over Europe and a handful of original compositions. As a sextet the band sounds better than ever before and this False fly is a serious candidate for album of the year. Again this fabulous bagpipe solos and duets backed by rhythmic guitar, strong accordion and a sober, but real effective bass. It’s amazing how this band make all these influences from several traditions sound so fresh and new. Listen to the title song and you know what I mean, or the very strong original composition by Remi Decker called How many goats which is one of the highlights on this album. A composition full of inventive twists, showing the beauty of the bagpipe and the creative brain of the composer and musicians. They even do some Joik in their personal interpretation of Mari Boine’s composition Gula gula. Very nice try with a good tribe feeling in a more spacey version than the original. With the next song Les mots it’s again Remi Decker who shows his quality as composer. Here in the best Ambrozijn tradition without being a copy, Decker knows to surprise me again with a fine blend of traditional elements, modern and creative arrangements. The album ends as it should end, the bagpipes only. With this new album Griff impresses me and at this moment, only six months from 2012, I consider this as the best folk album of this year so far.
© Eelco Schilder

01. System 7 (Bela Fleck)
02. Visur (trad. Iceland)
03. The False Fly (trad)
04. Parpaioun (trad. France/Griff)
05. How Many Goats... (R. Decker)
06. Tourniquet (S. Salverius)
07. Sendedir (trad. Turkey)
08. Antiphone (S. Salverius)
09. Gula Gula (Mari Boine)
10. Les Mots... (R. Decker/R. De Cock)
11. Searching (trad. England)
12. Genova (R. Decker)
13. Dodeca Medita (M. Decombel)

Rémi Decker: bagpipes, whistles
Raphaël De Cock: vocal, whistles, bagpipes
Birgit Bornauw: bagpipes
Sara Salvérius: accordion
Jeroen Knaepen : guitar
Benny Van Acker : double bass

Adrien Lambinet : trombone
Johan Dupont : trumpet

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chris Foster ::: Layers (England, 1977) @192 VBR


01. The ranger
02. The coast of Peru
03. Worcester City
04. Glastonbury Town
05. Lady Maisry
06. Jack the sailor
07. The golden glove
08. When a man’s in love
09. The Buxom lass
10. The flower of serving man
11. The banks of Newfoundland

Chris Foster: vocals, guitar
Nic Jones: fiddle

1977 • Topic 12TS329
Vynil rip, covers included

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Fil de Ciel - Vertigo (Italy 2010) @320


A lot of things have happened since, in 2004, the group from Cuneo, A fil de Ciel, released their homonym debut CD. The sound has changed since then, evolving and becoming more and more penetrating and original, but with no departing from the main track, where the band is always busy re-working – and in some cases even making up – precious songs, both sacred and profane, of the Occitan area, stretching through the Occitan dales, from Piedmont to the Pyrenees. Amongst the guests in this CD, Davide Arneodo, eclectic multi-instrumentalist, already a member of the band, these days a steady feature in the Marlene Kuntz line-up.

01. Ven kerida, ven amada (trad)
02. Vertigo (Lovera)
03. Isabel (trad)
04. Plaisir d’amour (trad)
05. La romança de Clotilda (trad)
06. Organdi (Chabenat)
07. L’anonciacion (trad)
08. La gaseta (Berardo)
09. Paura vilòta (trad)
10. Sant Jusep embo Maria (trad)
11. La Vierge (trad)
12. Adius a la Val d’Aran (Maffrand)
13. Manresa (Fresia)

Gabriella BRUN: vielle à roue, accordéon, flûte soprane
Silvio CEIRANO: guitare, percussions
Roberto FRESIA: claviers, accordéon
Marco LOVERA: trombone, galoubet, cornemuse
Rosella PELLERINO: voix
Marco ALLOCCO: violoncelle, contrebasse
Davide ARNEODO: violino, guitare slide, mandoline
Michele PIANTA': basse
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