Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Bardou - Qui Fait Souffler Le Vent (Belgium 2002) @320

Most attractive and unrivalled duo Bardou mixes traditional music with original compositions in medieval, celtique and classic styles.

01. Troubadour's Odyssey: Prelude
02. Troubadour's Odyssey: Carolan's Welcome
03. Troubadour's Odyssey: Dream Song
04. Troubadour's Odyssey: Sunrise Jig
05. Blind Mary
06. Slack Tide
07. Whales Spout Jig
08. Amazing Grace
09. Qui fait souffler le vent
10. She Moved Thru The Fair
11. Wild Mountain Thyme
12. Greensleeves Suite
13. Aezenn Vor
14. Scarborough Fair

Kornel - Nyckelharpa
James Kline - 11-strings arch guitar
Anna Sureda - voice
Ariane de Bièvre - flutes, whistle, percussions
Ariane Plumerel - violin
Nicolas Boseret - uillean pipe, low whistle
André Klenes - double bass

Friday, January 20, 2012

Snaarmaarwaar - Snaarmaarwaar (Belgium 2009) @320

Originally ripped by Yojik

For 5 years now, the Snaarmaarwaar lads have been working their way through the musical landscape. With their mix of own compositions and traditional tunes they appeal to a very broad audience, from thoroughbred folkies to lovers of the harder stuff. In recent years the band has played regularly beyond Belgian borders. During the last year they have played at Nanjing Jazz and World Festival (China), Festival des Luthiers et Maîtres Sonneurs (F), Rudolstadt (D), Kaustinen Folkfestival (Fin), Kinnersley Festival (GB), Mandopolis (F), Viljandi Folkfestival (Est), Sunrise Celebration (GB),… Their first record “Snaarmaarwaar” (2009) was very well-received and, since then, they have continued to shape their unique string sound. Where mandola and mandolin tumble fiercely over each other, the guitar holds them effortlessly together with tight rhythms and dark grooves.

01 - Kadril van Mechelen - Colonne de la Gavre
02 - Vappu
03 - Bourrée de Montserrat
04 - Hanter dro - Dance to your daddy
05 - Stone's house - Muller's
06 - Waterman's
07 - Valse sanssoucis
08 - Slekkepolka
09 - Noir et blanc
10 - Pentland
11 - Bodabourrée - Faï bon dançar
12 - Architek
13 - De warmwaterkruik

Peter-Jan Daems: mandolin
Maarten Decombel: mandola, song
Jeroen Geerinck: guitar
Tine Allegaert: Trumpet
Jana Van Camp: Tuba
Baptiste Argouarc'h: Fiddle
Patrick Michiels: Bodhrán
Fons Vanhamel: Double bass
Michael Horgan: Low whistle

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Otabaë - Under the Pharmacy (Russia 2006) @320

01 - Reels
02 - Saltarella-tarantella
03 - Bailar
04 - Polka-Naiman
05 - Jig
06 - Swedish
07 - La sansonette
08 - Lazersong
09 - Song
10 - Hit
11 - Waltz Petrova

Alexey Belkin: Galician bagpipe, shuttle pie
Dmitriy Shikhardin: Fiddle
Alexey Skosirev: Acoustic guitar
Petr Sergeev: Darbuca
Svetlana Kondesjuk: Galician bagpipe, flute

Nataljia Visokikh: Violin
Roman Stankov: Irish buzouki

Monday, January 9, 2012

Alambic - Tournée Générale (France 2004) @320

Originally ripped by Yojik

With this second album, Alambic offers its own sound in the french "bal folk" spirit. The music is crafted with 100% compositions from the band, original arrangements with a strong rythm section, but always keeps in mind the shape of traditional dances. Thus the challenge is to please both audience's ears and dancer's feet!

01 - La solitaire
02 - Lofoten lights
03 - Polka fébrile
04 - La route du phare
05 - Avis de tempéte
06 - La scoumoune
07 - Tintagel - Dancing spirit
08 - Camisole
09 - Jour et nuit mélès
10 - La grande traversée
11 - Comme là-bas - danse des jumeaux
12 - Gentiane et prunelle
13 - Ya aini

Jean-Pierre AUFORT: violin, mandolin
Julien COUPEY: flutes
Rémy MASSE: guitar
Lionel TESSIER: bouzouki, drums
Denis CHOULIER: diatonic accordion

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Serras - Ø (2008 DEN) @320

Originally ripped by Yojik

In December 2008 the fourth album was published. The album is entitled “Ø” - the Danish word for island. The new album has been created at five sessions at Brundby Hotel in the Danish island Samsø during the last three years. The band brought at bunch of microphones and some recording equipment and composed and recorded in the hall of the old hotel. The surroundings, the tranquility and a very relaxed mood have had a huge impact upon the music. Most of the new tunes on the new album are far more subdued compared to the earlier albums of Serras. Still there is music with the powerful expression that has always been a trademark of Serras.

Serras has got the line-up as when the band was formed. This means that is has been possible to develop a sound that has become very personal and that still is heavily influenced by the very different musical styles of the single band members.

01 - Setesdal
02 - Motorvej
03 - Grund-Danmark
04 - Dødninge Menuet
05 - Liflig
06 - Stines Vals
07 - Zorrø
08 - Arendal
09 - Ø
10 - Københavns Kanal
11 - Å

Sune Rahbek : Drums
Harald Haugaard : Fiddle
Sune Hånsbæk : Guitar
Mads Riishede : Bass
Hans Mydtskov : Saxophone

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