Monday, January 9, 2012

Alambic - Tournée Générale (France 2004) @320

Originally ripped by Yojik

With this second album, Alambic offers its own sound in the french "bal folk" spirit. The music is crafted with 100% compositions from the band, original arrangements with a strong rythm section, but always keeps in mind the shape of traditional dances. Thus the challenge is to please both audience's ears and dancer's feet!

01 - La solitaire
02 - Lofoten lights
03 - Polka fébrile
04 - La route du phare
05 - Avis de tempéte
06 - La scoumoune
07 - Tintagel - Dancing spirit
08 - Camisole
09 - Jour et nuit mélès
10 - La grande traversée
11 - Comme là-bas - danse des jumeaux
12 - Gentiane et prunelle
13 - Ya aini

Jean-Pierre AUFORT: violin, mandolin
Julien COUPEY: flutes
Rémy MASSE: guitar
Lionel TESSIER: bouzouki, drums
Denis CHOULIER: diatonic accordion


CrimsonKing said...
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Jon said...

Just FYI the Dervish write-up doesn't match the posting but being a huge Dervish fan I can only hope the cassette mentioned in the write-up is forthcoming. Alambic looks interesting also but then again just about everything on your marvelous site does. Truly a treasure to behold! Thanks for being here and all the hard work.

CrimsonKing said...

Thanks Jon for your observation.
A copy/paste error!
Corrected now :)
...and search for the Dervish album in my blog. This first album already was posted.

Anonymous said...

Merci bien!

nacruof said...

Thanks a lot for spending time to share those excellent albums.

CrimsonKing said...


Tournée Générale


wago said...

Thank you so much for this album... It's really extraordinarily good, one of the best french trad/folk records I've ever heard, and I've been listening to quite a lot of them recently! I see that information about this band is pretty difficult to find: do you have any, apart from the ones from their now-gone website (still accessible through the Wayback Machine)?
And do you have mp3's or cd's of their other two records? The first one, "Première Passe" seems virtually impossible to obtain.

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