Thursday, January 5, 2012

Serras - Ø (2008 DEN) @320

Originally ripped by Yojik

In December 2008 the fourth album was published. The album is entitled “Ø” - the Danish word for island. The new album has been created at five sessions at Brundby Hotel in the Danish island Samsø during the last three years. The band brought at bunch of microphones and some recording equipment and composed and recorded in the hall of the old hotel. The surroundings, the tranquility and a very relaxed mood have had a huge impact upon the music. Most of the new tunes on the new album are far more subdued compared to the earlier albums of Serras. Still there is music with the powerful expression that has always been a trademark of Serras.

Serras has got the line-up as when the band was formed. This means that is has been possible to develop a sound that has become very personal and that still is heavily influenced by the very different musical styles of the single band members.

01 - Setesdal
02 - Motorvej
03 - Grund-Danmark
04 - Dødninge Menuet
05 - Liflig
06 - Stines Vals
07 - Zorrø
08 - Arendal
09 - Ø
10 - Københavns Kanal
11 - Å

Sune Rahbek : Drums
Harald Haugaard : Fiddle
Sune Hånsbæk : Guitar
Mads Riishede : Bass
Hans Mydtskov : Saxophone


CrimsonKing said...

Serras - Ø (RS)
Serras - Ø (MU)


Anonymous said...

I have never heard of this band but this matters little as I have discovered so much great music on your blog. I guess this is a labor of love for you but be assured that for a lot of people spread here and there it is a source of joy.
Thank you,

CrimsonKing said...

Thank you for your nice words Ralph.
Yes, I do the work with FY because I love the good music, only this.
I want to spread this to most people possible.
We deserve to listen something a little better than pop/radio music :)

Anonymous said...

I think they are similar to Wolfstone!

OMA said...

Thanks a lot for your work here! Much appreciated! I hope this site can last a long time

Grzechu said...

This band is great. More albums please! ; )
Greetings from Poland.

Anonymous said...

Can you please upload albums by Phønix? I found them on cuckoo's nest, but the links are broken and that blog doesn't appear to be active.

CrimsonKing said...

Ok. I will upload some Phonix soon.

CrimsonKing said...


Serras - Ø


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