Sunday, February 12, 2012

Albums removed

"Please remove all of the Lúnasa albums from your blog. You have no right to give our music away for free.

Please also remove all the albums by my friends in Kíla, Flook, Solas and Danú otherwise I will be contacting Blogspot to get your site removed.

Donogh Hennessy (Lúnasa's guitarist)"

FY: These albums were removed.

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Rub Vegan said...

Ridiculous... =/

Anonymous said...

ok stupid guy... no more music from your band in my, i forget you

Jim said...

Who is Lúnasa? I would never had heard about it and have bought 2 cds if wasn't for this blog.

Siobhán Long's sister said...

Did anybody ask Lúnasa's opinion before posting eight of their albums here? I think not.

Musicians (and I'm one too) who've spent a pile of money recording their albums have every right to prevent leeches from offering them for free.

mmatt said...

Thank you for posting all of these wonderful recordings, which I would never have heard otherwise.

As far as economics are concerned, it would be interesting to see if a band makes more money when their music is blogged or not, whether through sale of recordings, shows or publicity.

Sure there are people who abuse the privilege of all these "free" recordings, but I feel they are a small minority.

For me it's about the love of music, sharing, owning everything and nothing.

Joski said...

I suggest we leave Lunasa where it belongs, in the shelves, NOT in our homes.

Anonymous said...

I'm a musician and I'm distributing via my latest works: they are all free but... I don't survive selling CDs but teaching and playing with my bands.
Everyone is free to choice to do what he want with his music, so... I respect the will of Donogh Hennessy. He's right!
Ah! I record by myself, so I can distributed for free because I have not spent money... only my time and I'm happy to share my music with other musicians and listeners.
I'm posting this comment anonymously because I don't want that you think I'm going to do advertising.

Yann said...

@ Lunasa: I can understand your concern with free downloads of your music. But, basically, it's a concern with money, not music...
It is also possible to download free sheetmusic of the songs you play. So are you going to start threatening "The Session"? Are you really into the - rather free - spirit of "Folk" music? By the way some artists do offer their music for free on the internet. Brings more people to their concerts. And if you're going to a concert, probably you do buy a cd... and the profits go to the group, not to the group + the publisher + the distributors + the shop...

Xue Bao said...

Although I might agree with the fact that the musicien would rather not have is music given away for free
I would like to point out that the producer and the distributor are the ones that make most of the money from the artist's work. Unless the artist's also the producer and distributor.
On the other hand, I would also like to say that many disc that I found on the net I also bought after hearing them. Some I did not because they wer just not worth the cd they were burned upon.

Gaudefroy said...

I think a period of three years between the making of the album and its release on internet would be a fair-play issue. And thus we can avoid that the entire world sink (with ACTA for example)in the tyranny in the name of the defence of the holy copyright..

Anonymous said...

Well hoity-toity!

I agree with Jim's comments.

I don't buy fewer CDs because of music blogs and my musical horizons have been vastly widened by the hard working posters who put music up

Anonymous said...

In fact, i think Jim has a very good point. Blogs offering former records of bands really allow for greater promotion and marketing of those bands, all for free, with no real economic harm. I did know about Lúnasa, and I've seen them live twice, and bought several cds, but I've come to know other interesting bands thanks to this blog. Can't see the point to call 'leecher' nor see the harm done.

Nowadays, if a musician wants to control who has the right to listen to his music, he'd rather play for himself at home.

Anonymous said...

I understand the musicians, is not good for his works their albuns been there, but unfortunaly, in Portugal the price of CDS is 20€ or more, you have to undertand also this.

Regards for all

Gallego said...

Oh, you think you have monetary rights over music? That's perfectly fine - as long as you've composed and recorded it so it can be sold through radio, TV, etc. But once you begin to try and think of yourself as somewhat related to the concept of folk, a new scope is present. And coherence does bring dignity to a human being. Specially for one who is trying to be an artist.

Anonymous said...

@ Donogh. All of your albums can be found Filestube. Want to take them down too? If so, good luck. This blog promotes you and your band, it is not trying to ruin you.

Anonymous said...

Do you think music is free to produce? Do you think no time, effort and money goes into making it? All I see here is the usual self aggrandising crap by people who want something for nothing.

You're not only stealing from the artists (and a huge amount of folk music is either released by the artists themselves or on small independent labels), but also relying on people who do pay for music to subsidise your thievery.

If you love folk music and want to support the artists who make it, don't fooking steal from them!

Anonymous said...

I've never heard of you.
Now I never will.
Rest assured that I won't buy a ticket to any gig if you come to my home town. I certainly won't buy a cd if I've not heard it beforehand. Good luck, loser.

PaulC. said...

"Please also remove all the albums by my friends in Kíla, Flook, Solas and Danú otherwise I will be contacting Blogspot to get your site removed."

How childish. If those friends in other bands want their music to be removed then let them ask for themselves. Don't be fighting their battles.

This sounds like a snivelling kid threatening to 'tell teacher.'

Anonymous said...

C.K, Y. and others --

This blog is now being discussed on a musicians' forum, and you should expect a rush of takedown requests shortly as musicians contact their friends.

If there is a backup plan for the closing of the blog, now is the time to get ready to execute it.

Anonymous said...

No, not ridiculous. However, I found Lunasa, Solas and Danu here and went on to buy 3 albums by Lunasa, 2 by Danu and 1 by Solas. If I can't hear it I won't buy it!!

gaDJo dilo said...

Same old discussion again.
And all pros and contras are mentioned here again, too.

If musicians don't want to be noticed by a huge community, I can only say: Good luck at playing in empty venues.

Anonymous said...

I have never seen Lúnasa mentioned anywhere but here. Had their music not appeared on this blog I would never have known the group existed.

I became an ardent fan. Lúnasa is a terrific band. If Lúnasa came to my area I would go see them, and whatever money I spent to go to the show and purchase the group's merchandise would be due to my exposure to their music on this blog.

I have been a working musician for more than 40 years. In today's world exposure is everything, and gigs are bread and butter.

Limiting file sharing is a double edged sword. Of course, we all want to be paid for our work, but who will pay if no one knows that your work exists?

A small independent record label said...

I know that people come to blogs like this because they like the music and that the people who run them are fans. I know that they are better than the sites that just put albums up to download to make money from traffic and advertising revenue. I also know that the argument that "you can also get it via Filestram, so it's ok" doesn't really cut the mustard.

But, but, but... in the age of Spotify, Last FM, Bandcamp and so on I don't entirely buy the idea that people download before they buy to check whether they want to buy. There's lots of ways to do that that don't involve getting an album for nothing.

I also don't entirely buy the idea that if it wasn't for these blogs no-one would have heard of x and y and z. Not in the age of internet fanzines, on-line reviews, Myspace, Facebook, Soundcloud and Reverbnation pages.

I wonder how much traffic this site would get if it just wrote about the music and offered sample tracks or streaming? My guess is that it would drop dramatically. My guess is that most people are here to download albums for free.

Most of the evidence put forward that blogs like this help musicians is purely anecdotal. Because we really don't know if they do or not. Here's a thought, though (and this is anecdotal too). One of the albums on my label has been bootlegged widely. It also happens to be the album that has sold the fewest copies. Are the two connected? I don't know, but what I do know is that bootlegging DIDN'T HELP SALES.

Labels like mine operate on a shoestring budget. We bring the music to you because we love the music and we want to put it out there. But the reality is that it costs money to record and manufacture albums. It also takes time and a lot of hard work. I don't care if I don't make any money for myself from this - but I want to make enough to keep putting out new records. I'm not sure how someone else giving the stuff away helps.

My view is that if the owners of these blogs were sincere about promoting and supporting new music, they'd make more of an effort to encourage people to buy the albums rather than take them. If they put a couple of tracks up to download rather than an entire album they'd get a lot of tacit support from the artists they think they are helping.

I don't know what the answer is. What I do know is this: recorded music doesn't grow on trees. And if the artists and labels don't break even, eventually the smaller ones will stop doing it. And that will mean less and less choice and more and more x-factor style crap pop.

All the best,
N x

Anonymous said...

Great music.
Never heard off
if it wasn't on a blogspot.
Tx FY.
Best wishes from Amsterdam Netherlands
btw the ones who download the most are also the ones who buy your albums.
Welcome to the 21st century

Jim said...

For the Anonymous that said that downloading free music is theft, you should run to the police station in your city and say that there are people reading books for free in the libraries without paying the authors for it. Maybe you could get some libraries closed. =)

A Small Independent Record label said...

To Jim: The difference is that libraries stock books with the permission and agreement of authors and publishers. You also have to get off your arse and leave the fecking house to get to the library.

I actually have a much bigger problem with people like you than I do with the folks who run this blog.

At least they are doing something they think is promoting good music rather than pissing and moaning from the armchair (whilst sucking up the free music).

Jim said...

Well, my point of view is that how a band like, for example, Korpiklaani from Finland, cames here to Brazil and makes a great concert to a full house? How the hell I´m suppose to know a band from Finland here in Brazil? "oh look, what a cute cover art! I will buy this cd, it's cheap, just about 20% of the minimum wage. I can handle this if I make a few extra hours in my work". Another example, Fejd has a lot of fans in Brazil. Due to my online theft, I have bought they're hole discography.
Just fools will buy things they never heard off. Don't be selfish. Free music = more sell. I bet if suddenly the hole internet collapses the small bands that doesn't play in the biggest radios will say "There was I time that the hole world could listen to our composition. We sold 1000 discs world wide. Now, only my city knows me and we sold 10 discs to our close friends. Those were good times."

Siobhán Long's sister said...

... and, in the UK, thanks to the PLR, if you're an author and your books are registered, you'll receive some payment.

Anonymous said...

i have a very similar story to Jim... i heard, for example, korpiklaani from Finland on a blog as well. i did not like it enough to buy it.
But, when they came to my small hometown in the US, i went to the show because i knew it would be a fun experience. and i had a blast that night...but i still have not purchased their albums.

Anonymous said...

i've never heard about these bands, and started to download their albums from all over in internet, just to get acquainted and find out the connection. It might be worthy.

Xue Bao said...

Nx wrote:
"One of the albums on my label has been bootlegged widely. It also happens to be the album that has sold the fewest copies. Are the two connected? I don't know, but what I do know is that bootlegging DIDN'T HELP SALES."
Now that's an interesting information...
He aslo wrote:
"If they put a couple of tracks up to download rather than an entire album they'd get a lot of tacit support from the artists they think they are helping."
That is also a good point... but I beleive there's a site - can't remember at the moment - that the artist themselves put up their music for free and after you've downloaded and listened to it you can pay whatever you think is appropriate....
It is a toutchy situation.... or should we go anarchist and say music does not belong to anyone??
But then is it a realistic point of view in our "modern" world???
I don't really know.....

Anonymous said...

As a regular visitor to your blog, I've never heard of Lunasa, or the other bands mentioned above, so I doubt they would cross my path naturally. The radio stations only play mainstream pop, so I rely on friends, recommendations and blogs and social networks to pick up on new music that I might like. If I do like the music, and I see they are visiting my home city, or I see they have a new album out, then I'll go out of my way to buy tickets or buy the CD. But without that lead-in to their music, I am not sure how I would get to know about them. Mostly Autumn are a good example - I have five of their albums and have seen them in concert, yet I initially downloaded albums of theirs because I saw they'd done a set of Pink Floyd covers. Before that I'd have never known who they were.

Loella Pelerín said...

Ok, now I wont never hear Lúnasa... Good Bye Publicity Lunasa! I would have bought some of our cds... if I have ever hear some of your music! Such a pity!

Anonymous said...

@A small independent record label - Perhaps your most widely bootlegged album is your least-liked album? Just because someone pirates something doesn't mean that they keep it. There's certainly plenty of albums out there that have one OK song while the rest of the album is absolute crap.

Anonymous said...

I'm a musician, and if I want to get a set of strings I have to go to a shop and buy them. This might seem an amazing fact to most of you out there, but that's real life for you. In my must unhumble opinion this blog, and all the other ones for that matter, that put up music for free had better be shut down, and their owners prosecuted for theft. Because that's what it is. If I play a gig for free and I notice that someone else is making money out of that, that's when I put down my guitar and walk out.

Catasto Elettrico said...

For Lúnasa:

You'll be one more unknown no one to the world, once more and forever, since your album removing... Happy you are, happy we are... ;-)

Pepecaire said...

Donogh Hennessy: Thanks to your action right now I run to buy all the discs Lunasa ;)

Anonymous said...

How very very short-sighted! If it had not been for your Blog I would never have heard of Lunasa, and would not have bought all of their recordings that I could find!
I would never have discovered, and purchased, many artists, if I had not heard of them here.
Please keep up the good work and keep posting.

Anonymous said...

The point a lot of the musicians here miss (and I am one) is that there isn't a straight choice between someone buying the album and someone d/ling it 'illegally', it's normally a choice between d/ling or NOT HEARING IT AT ALL. Combined with the ludicrous nature of accusing theft of something as ethereal as music (Is someone who walks past a gig and hears you play stealing from you too?) your arguments don't really have any weight. Theft is depriving someone of their property- that's impossible if said 'property' is infinitely reproducible and has no actual physical existence. Never mind the fact that any real artist wants their art spread as wide as possible...

Anonymous said...

Any real artist wants to be paid, for that matter. If I find a website or a blog that gives away my CD (for which I have made an investment and that CD is then my property, like it or not) for free I see no reason why I can't or shouldn't prosecute. All this blabla about music being for free ? Yeah, right. Even Woodstock was about the money, Frank Zappa was totally right. It's a whole different ballgame if you have to earn your living by playing music, or 'being an artist', when there are families depending on your income. Anyone I catch stealing out of my till had better watch out !

668 said...

@ all the musicians complaining about 'theft' here: I really can't take you serious.
Just one example: The band Che Sudaka (well, as a Mestizo band not really a candidate for this blog) make their living with music. Though they put the actual full album on their website for FREE download (as 320 mp3) BEFORE the physical album had been released.
And there are lots of bands going a similar way without starving. So, if you think ''we'' are stealing from you, ban your music from the blogs, eat your CD's, don't bother us anymore and f***ing die.

J.T. said...

It works both ways. By having music on here for free, people discover new music and become fans. Otherwise I would never have heard of Lunasa! Unless your are freaking Lady Gaga I would not care if someone put my music on here or any blog. It brings these unknown bands more notoriety!!

luis said...

every artist have all the right to ask to remove link but don't accept the intimidatory tone of the request.

Anonymous said...

Just to add my 2 pennyworth. If we are talking Traditional music here, and we are. Perhaps some of these whiter than white artists, might consider two points.
1. A lot of the music they are playing, has no ownership, save the genre itself, and in a large number of cases they have learned these tunes from other sources, albums/sessions/teachers, other artists etc. Do they pass on any of their hard earned cash to their inspiration!!!
2. There is also quite often a tendancy to take the easy way out and list the composer as Trad when with just a little effort the real author could be attributed. I have seen countless cases of this over the last few years, and there really is no excuse for it, nowadays. It appears more in Irish music mostly, but Scottish artists are catching up fast. And I speak here as a musician.

I don't hold with unlimited copying of artists work, but I do see that market forces do have an impact. It is also true that in many parts of the UK not to mention the world obtaining CDs is not that easy, especially the more obscure variety, utilising small production runs funded by the artist. In these cases some sort of publicity may well be advantageous, and the suggestion that a discrete number of tracks be released voluntarily may be a good idea.

Anonymous said...

Oh, forget about them...These merchants, pseudo-musicians will never learn that EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO GIVE AWAY ANYTHING FOR FREE.
Hennessy is not alone in his views about the 'intellectual property' issues.He has the right to threaten, we have the right to scorn.


Anonymous said...

Surely if music by obscure bands are posted on sites like this for people to download, if they like the groups they will then go to the concerts and buy cds thereby generating more interest and revenue for the groups than if they weren't on sites like this.Of course groups can object to their music being used this way but by banning them from great sites like this they are shooting themselves in the foot.

Angus said...

Lunasa is a really great band. We can't be sure if this really is the guitarist speaking, but he wrote on behalf of a number of other bands, which is overshooting the mark. Listen: this site really is more important than the downloads, because of the awareness you create of traditional music. So, should you have to take down a link here and there, or some file sharing site goes down along the way, it's no big deal at all. Blogger is more than fair: they deal with stuff like this on a post-by-post basis, so take down links when you need, but leave the posts to provide people with exposure to the band itself - even Lunasa, if they prove kinder over time. You could take Kila, Flook, Solas, and Danu links down, if necessary, and leave the posts for the valuable information. But I see the Lunasa posts have been completely removed for now: just as well. If that really is the guitarist writing, he should be a little bit less litigious about the whole thing. You've been more than kind in the past when musicians make respectful, non-threatening requests.

Angus said...

One more thing, just to mention - Donogh Hennessy left the band between 2004 and 2005, so why would he be writing now???

Anonymous said...

Este tío es un estúpido integral, boicot !!

Anonymous said...

If you work in a shop, a factory or an office, you expect to get paid. I am a professional musician and we also like to get paid. Not that it happens all that often, or not enough to pay bills. So I too think putting up music which is in currrent circulation is wrong.


Anonymous said...

For all the musicians talking about getting paid, I say: please, give us more options to pay you.

I don't want to buy a CD. I only listen digitalized music and paying for a piece of plastic disc and paper covers is a waste of money.

Additionally, I don't want to give most of my money to a big and unecessary supply chain. We are in the 21st century. The producers can cheaply distribute their work and get paid with almost no intermediaries, exclusively online.

But also I don't want to buy from iTunes or similar online stores. It's just not fair to give Apple 30% of my money (because they are unnecessary), 60% to people I don't really know if they deserve, and just 10% to the artists. (or whatever may be the numbers)

I want to give 100% of the money to the artists and let them decide who should be paid. But I don't trust intermediaries, so buying some CD or whatever isn't a good option.

About online "radios", they are not so good: first, because they are not available on my country (Brazil) or on my portable music player. Second, because I don't know if the artists are getting a fair payment from them.

So my suggestion is: open your websites to donations. Put a PayPal or some other payment system button there and I'm willing to pay what I think it's worth, which will be an amount greater or lesser than the album selling price, depending on how much I like it, my financial situation, etc.

Also, create a partnership with great blogs like this one. Because they are promoting your music for FREE. Get them link the PayPal button to the album and everyone will be happy.

And to produce new albums, create a crowd-sourcing project to get funding. People will pay if it's a good and worth project.

Concluding: Please help us to pay you in a fair way. Stop selling products. Give us nice music and allow us to reward you financially.

flyra said...

anonymous from Brazil:
i couldn't have expressed my views better.
one thing though: i really do not know these bands & artists - i learned about them through this blog.
so, if you are an artist, link to this (and other) blogs, cooperate with them and accept donations.

Unknown said...

Lunasa and others bands mentioned, never played and doesn´t have any cd in

Agus said...

OK let's see:
Hennessy has the right to ask for their albums to be taken down, as they are the authors, and should be the only ones taking profit from them. However, I had never heard of Lúnasa until today. I would have downloaded their albums just to see what they were like, and then if I liked it, I would have tried to support them either by buying their albums (if possible), or going to their concerts (if possible, too). Now, what I can say is that if Lúnasa tries to make it difficult to just "taste" their albums and get to know them, they won't get too far. I myself, and people like me, will not spend 20€ in an album I don't even know from a band I don't even know.
Conclusion: They are losing their opportunity to "advertise" themselves, to show who they are before many people who might not know them, and might not be willing to spend money in them if they don't even know if they'll like it. Just that.

ralph11 said...

I discovered many, many bands through your blog. Although I can understand that some musicians feel 'cheated'. I think that most should realize (and I am sure a lot do) that blogs just serve to spread the music around.
Thank you, ralph11

Anonymous said...

Dear Irish Radio,

Please don't play our music. It might encourage people to digitally record (or even 'tape', on mini disc or something) our music. Home taping, on mini disc or recording an internet radio stream, is killing music. Didn't you read the notes on the inner sleeves back when bands released LPs?

And since you won't be playing our music, at my request, please don't play that produced by my friends. We don't like it.

And since you won't be playing our stuff, there's no need to ever mention us on Irish radio ever again. It will be like we don't exist.

I've also written to the record shops in Dublin requesting they don't play our music in the stores either. In these days of mobile phones you never know who might be recording the stuff secretly while they play it over the PA system or at a listening post. I've also asked RTE not to invite us on to any of their TV shows, as people have DVD recorders these days. You can't be too careful.

We are quite happy playing to four men and a dog in a pub in a side street in Ballystupid, and then moaning about how music doesn't pay the bills.

Thank you.



Zosimos said...

Preserving an old, 20th century selling mentality in the internet era is simply pathetic.
The web is slowly destroying all these slimy people between that stand between musicians and listeners, and make money without producing anything.

So, if you are in a band and want to be rewarded for your work, try to use the best reality of our age in a clever way.

Anyway, I bought a Lunasa album olnly AFTER visiting this blog.

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh....bit of stupid, isn't it??? Well, never mind; let's forget this Lunasa thing and enjoy some good folk-rock!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I understand Donogh's argument and for those of you who don't know him he's a great musician and Lunasa great band. I think however, that the argument brought forward by many here is more than valid. I often download music in mp3 format but then, if I like it I try to get a physical copy of the album, the quality is better and you get sleeve notes also. I also have a radio show in a local community radio, I do it for free and I try to promote bands that play locally. I got quite a few listeners but, of course not as many as a commercial radio would. I heard many people going out buying CDs or attending gigs after my FREE promotion. The difference between myself and a big shot on a commercial radio is that s/he gets paid and free music whereas I have to do it for free and I have to pay for music that I want to broadcast. I got in touch with some bands that were playing locally (similar to Lunasa) and some got back to me and sent a CD and some other ignored me.
This is a delicate topic anyway. Musicians have to live and pay bills so they should be supported, but we all do. The problem is way deeper. I hope Donogh realises the difference between sharing his music and selling it for a profit. Nobody is doing this here. We are all users, fans and, directly or indirectly possible promoters and buyers.
Fight the power! Anonymous 1789

Anonymous said...

I've got an idea! All you people who like to get free music can pay the artists to bring an album out and in return you can get it for free!

Some facts. In the UK a recording studio costs st least £200 a day, just for the cheap ones. Unless you are a sound engineer as well as a musician, you'll then have to pay for mixing. Even for a fairly simple album you're looking at at least five days for recording and mixing. If you have any musicians guessing you'll be looking at at least £75 per day - so 3 musicians for two days would be £450. Then it would be about £450 to master the album - which will need doing even if its a download only release. Manufacturing 1000 copies will cost about £1000. So we're up to £2900 before we're even covered the cost of promotion, advertising etc. You also have to remember that there are very few wealthy folk musicians - most of them are either working day jobs or taking any gig they can get to get by.

So remind me again, what is this 'free music'?

Anonymous said...

childish attitude. good luck

Anonymous said...

If you see such a musicians that say to remove their albums. So, they play not for music, but mostly for money. Tag it with "Greedy" tag on LastFM. But please be serious, do it only if it's the musicians opinion, not the label or producer.
You can also spread this info wherever you want...let them gather what they've planted

Anonymous said...

I was looking forward to listening to Lunasa. I can't find their records in local shops, and I don't give money to Amazon or Apple for a variety of reasons. I have a stunning sound system - my Normal system is a computer through an Weiss DAC hooked up to Genelec powered speakers (I am also a musician/composer) so *quality matters to me*, which is why *I like to buy CDs*. CDs may not sound as wonderful and organic as vinyl, but they are a document we can all say "OK - it's supposed to sound like (THIS)" So, I will frequently download from sites such as this and then see if I like the music -

(yes, I can tell the diff between 320 MP3 and a 16/44.1 file. Believe me, it's a curse. Up until the age of 21 I could hear stuff only dogs could hear. That was also a curse - watching TV was excruciating...)

- and if I do, then *I buy the CD*. So, I was looking to DL the music of Lunasa. I have never heard of Lunasa, and I checked with my local music shops and none of them carried it. I'll be damned if I'm going to spend $20 on something I've never heard before, so blogs like this *are my only recourse*.

And it seems that member of Lunasa doesn't like this blog. Well, Mr. Lunasa-dude, I don't like you. As a kind of Streisand effect, I won't buy your records and furthermore I won't recommend them, because *I have no idea what they sound like*. I'd call you a stupid freakin' moron with some justification, but I'm feeling generous and assuming you're not an idiot.

Me? I give my music away for free ALL THE TIME. I am semi-famous in my own little corner of the music sphere - probably more so in my own space than you are in yours. Your approach to music marketing is stuck in the 20th century. Please upgrade your ideology. Thanks for fucking up my lunch time. I was looking forward to DLing and checking out Lunasa, but, Oh Well...


(posting anon for good reasons)

Anonymous said...

As a guitarist in a local traditional Celtic band who rarely plays out of state, I say PLEASE share our music. We sell CDs at shows for $15, and we sell quite a few, but we'll never get out of state, and I'd LOVE for the world to hear our music. Yes, it cost us money to record them, but we long ago recouped that though local CD sales, iTunes, CDBaby sales and playing shows. The only thing keeping us from selling more CDs is our limited exposure.

Let's be honest here: Fewer and fewer people listen to CDs. Most buy them as a way to support the band. If you rely on sales of CDs (or even digital sales) to support yourself as a musician, you are not going to make it.

Siobhán Long's sister said...

'and if I do, then *I buy the CD*. So, I was looking to DL the music of Lunasa. I have never heard of Lunasa, and I checked with my local music shops and none of them carried it. I'll be damned if I'm going to spend $20 on something I've never heard before, so blogs like this *are my only recourse*.'

This is utter rubbish. You can easily hear Lúnasa by visiting the band's website ( The same applies to many other Irish musicians.

You don't have a case to answer, Loser (a very apposite name, by the way).

Siobhán Long's sister said...
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Anonymous said...

No se quien es Lunnasa??? es una làstima que no se pueda conocer otra mùsica...acà en Sudamèrica no es posible conseguir todas las musicas que tiene este blog...por ejemplo....considero que es una buena forma de COMPARTIR pero cada cual hace lo que cree conveniente con lo suyo....Aquì se edita cds y se venden en los la mejor forma...El sistema està cambiando...o sea sino cambias...y te adaptas a lo nuevo....Quedaràs en el viejo sistema del Mercado...
y no creo que vivan de la venta de sus cds....o lo hacen por el dinero nada màs....Què tengan suerte.

berkaal said...

It seems everybody here is missing some points.

1 - The problem is not music sharing, but music fruition. In the 70's and 80's there were millions of cassette tapes going around, but people bought millions of lp's and cd's, so no one was complaining about copying, lending, sharing. Now, nobody buys cd's AND hi-fi home systems (especially young people), music is crap, and so devices are crap, mp3 players and ipods and so on.

2 - Blogs are what radios were in the old days, they inform. Radios now are just showcases, you pay and your music in on air, so every radio is the same, rubbish. When I was a kid, I taped radio transmissions, what I got was a tape, about the same quality of mp3's, no one ever complained about that.

Now to Mr. Donogh Hennessy. You may be a good guitar player (never heard you), but as a person you're surely a d..khead. Ok, you don't want your music on blogs, I can understand that. But when you speak on behalf of your friends, you're ridiculous, childish. Do they need a tutor? Let them speak for themselves! And when you threaten to shut down the blog, you're a f..king hypocrite!! Hey, don't you know YOUTUBE has got about twenty videos of your band??? Why don't you sue THEM, as they're making millions ALSO with your songs??? On the other hand, it seems you owe this blog some revenues, as you've sold a certain amount of cd's as a result of your music being here.

BTW, I'm a recording artist, but there are only ten videos of my band on YOUTUBE. I'd like they'd be a hundred. Maybe a thousand. And being on every blog on earth. Then, I'm sure my economic problems would be over forever.

Scott Hewlett said...

Every musician has the right not to share and lives with that decision.
I earned far more as a musician from performing than selling product and have no objections to anyone posting Furry Eggs recordings, especially the Furry Xmas To All cassette which has special memories for me. Anyone seen it? I no longer have a copy.

Donogh Hennessy said...

I never said the above comment. I have no idea what this site/blogspot is about, nor do I want to. Please remove my name, the false email address and the above lies from this site immediately

Donogh Hennessy

Donogh Hennessy said...

Please remove this comment immediately as it is totally false. I don't know what asshole put it up, but I would like to find out.

Please also remove my name and the false email address above

Donogh Hennessy

Anonymous said...

Sigh, such a contentious issue...I myself am a fucking thief, period. I am not proud of it, nor do I try to rationalize it with pretentious pseudo-knowledge of the music industry and elementary school-level whining. I don't spend the money for some things simply because thanks to blogs and torrents, I don't have to. I spend money at iTunes and CDbaby on a regular basis because they have a lot of things I want and can't get any other way. To me there is nothing more pathetic than a little troll sphincter-head claiming "I would never have heard of Lunasa any other way." Oh really? Then you know fuckall about Irish music, period, end of story, and you don't need their music. Have the decency and the respect to take Mr. Hennessy, an outstanding musician who has recorded with some of the greatest names in modern Irish music, at his word: if he says he and his colleagues are losing money to file sharing, believe him and either continue your thieving or not, but either way STFU! And BIG UPS to the blog owner for respecting the man and removing those albums!

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