Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A Fil de Ciel - Vertigo (Italy 2010) @320


A lot of things have happened since, in 2004, the group from Cuneo, A fil de Ciel, released their homonym debut CD. The sound has changed since then, evolving and becoming more and more penetrating and original, but with no departing from the main track, where the band is always busy re-working – and in some cases even making up – precious songs, both sacred and profane, of the Occitan area, stretching through the Occitan dales, from Piedmont to the Pyrenees. Amongst the guests in this CD, Davide Arneodo, eclectic multi-instrumentalist, already a member of the band, these days a steady feature in the Marlene Kuntz line-up.

01. Ven kerida, ven amada (trad)
02. Vertigo (Lovera)
03. Isabel (trad)
04. Plaisir d’amour (trad)
05. La romança de Clotilda (trad)
06. Organdi (Chabenat)
07. L’anonciacion (trad)
08. La gaseta (Berardo)
09. Paura vilòta (trad)
10. Sant Jusep embo Maria (trad)
11. La Vierge (trad)
12. Adius a la Val d’Aran (Maffrand)
13. Manresa (Fresia)

Gabriella BRUN: vielle à roue, accordéon, flûte soprane
Silvio CEIRANO: guitare, percussions
Roberto FRESIA: claviers, accordéon
Marco LOVERA: trombone, galoubet, cornemuse
Rosella PELLERINO: voix
Marco ALLOCCO: violoncelle, contrebasse
Davide ARNEODO: violino, guitare slide, mandoline
Michele PIANTA': basse
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