Sunday, April 29, 2012

Berrogüetto - Kosmogonías (Spain 2010) @VBR~192

The fifth album from this Galician group whose birth represented a point of inflexion in Galician music due to its blend of passion for traditional music and more modern experimentation; and the first recorded with a male voice, that of Xabier Díaz, the new vocalist.
Consisting of eleven tracks, Kosmogonías maintains Berrogüetto's personal style defined since the group was formed. Innovative from their first album, the latest album is a collection of organic sounds, a delicate album, which reflects the soul of Berrogüetto through its special musical conception.

01. Alalá da noite [4:34]
02. Astrea [2:18]
03. Igneominea [4:22]
04. Líridas de abril [4:20]
05. Planeta Can [5:06]
06. Cantar de Camiño [4:53]
07. Nadir [4:38]
08. Danza de Meirol [4:23]
09. Ataque de jota [5:02]
10. Caneta de poeta [4:28]
11. Esfericantus [4:34]

Anxo Pintos: zanfona, gaita, saxo soprano, violin y teclado.
Guillermo Fernandez: guitarras
Quico Comesaña: bouzouki, mandolina.
Santiago Cribeiro: Acordeon, teclados.
Isaac Palacín: Percusión
Quim Farinha: Violin
Xavier díaz: Voz, gaita y percusión.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Steeleye Span - Now We Are Six Again (England 2011) @320

Even with a career that has brought us an incredible twenty-one studio albums, British folk legends Steeleye Span’s history still includes a number of records that stand out as landmarks. 1974’s Now We Are Six was one such moment, an album that saw the band expand both their line up to a six piece and with it their sound to explore even further their own unique blend of rock and folk music. A critical and commercial success, the record would provide a home to a number of band classics down the years. Thirty-seven years later and Steeleye Span find themselves at another milestone. Having established the longest serving line-up of their career, they underwent another change of personnel and re-emerged as a six piece for the first time in many years. There could be no better time to go back to that iconic record, performing it in its entirety alongside a selection of classics, rarities and favourites. The result was moments of pure Steeleye magic, captured for posterity here...

1.Seven Hundred Elves
2.Drink Down The Moon
3.Now We Are Six
4.Thomas The Rhymer
5.The Mooncoin Jig (instrumental)
8.Two Magicians
9.Twinkle Little Star
10.To Know Him Is To Love Him

Bonus CD2
1.Just As The Tide
2.Let Her Go Down
4.Two Constant Lovers
5.Prince Charlie Stewart
6.Cam Ye O'er Frae France
7.Creeping Jane
8.Cold Haily, Windy Night
9.Bonny Black Hare
10.All Around My Hat

Maddy Prior: vocals
Peter Knight: violin, keyboard, vocals
Rick Kemp: bass, vocals
Liam Genockey: drums, percussion
Julian Littman: electric guitars, vocals
Pete Zorn: acoustic guitar, mandolin, vocals, saxophone

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cilla Fisher & Artie Tresize - Cilla & Artie (1979 Scotland) @VBR~224 (Vynil rip)


‘Cilla & Artie’ is a splendid album from Cilla Fisher (a member of the influential Fisher Family) and her husband Artie Tresize. The record was ‘The Melody Maker Folk Album of the Year – 1979. Joining Cilla and Artie is an international collection of “session” musicians including Alistair Anderson, Johnny & Phil Cunningham, Rick Lee, Brian McNeill and Bob Zentz. The songs are mostly from the tradition with,
“Blue Bleezin’ Blind Drunk” and “The Gypsy Laddies” but also include a grand version of Stan Rodgers’ “The Jeanie C” and the wildest ever arrangement of Ewan MacColl’s “Fisher Lassies”.

01. Norland Wind   
02. The Beggar Man   
03. What Can A Young Lassie   
04. Fisher Lassies   
05. Generations of Change   
06. Fair Maid of London Town   
07. The Wicked Wife   
08. The Gypsy Laddies   
09. Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk   
10. John Grumlie   
11. The Jeannie C.

Cilla Fisher: vocals
Artie Trezise: vocals, guitar, lap organ
Alistair Anderson: Northumbrian pipes
Johnny Cunningham: fiddle
Phil Cunningham: accordion, harmonium, synth, whistle
Malcolm Dalglish: hammered dulcimer
Jim Houston: mouth organ
Grey Larsen: concertina
Rick Lee: piano
Brian McNeill: fiddle, viola
John Martin: fiddle
Brian Miller: guitar, mandolin
Bob Zentz: autoharp

Griff - The False Fly (2011 Belgium) @320


When I reviewed the former album by the Belgium band Griff, I already showed my enthusiasm about their wonderful music. At that time a trio with all types of bagpipes, this time they added an accordionist, guitarist and a double bass to their great music. The result is a new album with thirteen, more or less, traditional songs and tunes from all over Europe and a handful of original compositions. As a sextet the band sounds better than ever before and this False fly is a serious candidate for album of the year. Again this fabulous bagpipe solos and duets backed by rhythmic guitar, strong accordion and a sober, but real effective bass. It’s amazing how this band make all these influences from several traditions sound so fresh and new. Listen to the title song and you know what I mean, or the very strong original composition by Remi Decker called How many goats which is one of the highlights on this album. A composition full of inventive twists, showing the beauty of the bagpipe and the creative brain of the composer and musicians. They even do some Joik in their personal interpretation of Mari Boine’s composition Gula gula. Very nice try with a good tribe feeling in a more spacey version than the original. With the next song Les mots it’s again Remi Decker who shows his quality as composer. Here in the best Ambrozijn tradition without being a copy, Decker knows to surprise me again with a fine blend of traditional elements, modern and creative arrangements. The album ends as it should end, the bagpipes only. With this new album Griff impresses me and at this moment, only six months from 2012, I consider this as the best folk album of this year so far.
© Eelco Schilder

01. System 7 (Bela Fleck)
02. Visur (trad. Iceland)
03. The False Fly (trad)
04. Parpaioun (trad. France/Griff)
05. How Many Goats... (R. Decker)
06. Tourniquet (S. Salverius)
07. Sendedir (trad. Turkey)
08. Antiphone (S. Salverius)
09. Gula Gula (Mari Boine)
10. Les Mots... (R. Decker/R. De Cock)
11. Searching (trad. England)
12. Genova (R. Decker)
13. Dodeca Medita (M. Decombel)

Rémi Decker: bagpipes, whistles
Raphaël De Cock: vocal, whistles, bagpipes
Birgit Bornauw: bagpipes
Sara Salvérius: accordion
Jeroen Knaepen : guitar
Benny Van Acker : double bass

Adrien Lambinet : trombone
Johan Dupont : trumpet

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chris Foster ::: Layers (England, 1977) @192 VBR


01. The ranger
02. The coast of Peru
03. Worcester City
04. Glastonbury Town
05. Lady Maisry
06. Jack the sailor
07. The golden glove
08. When a man’s in love
09. The Buxom lass
10. The flower of serving man
11. The banks of Newfoundland

Chris Foster: vocals, guitar
Nic Jones: fiddle

1977 • Topic 12TS329
Vynil rip, covers included

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