Sunday, April 29, 2012

Berrogüetto - Kosmogonías (Spain 2010) @VBR~192

The fifth album from this Galician group whose birth represented a point of inflexion in Galician music due to its blend of passion for traditional music and more modern experimentation; and the first recorded with a male voice, that of Xabier Díaz, the new vocalist.
Consisting of eleven tracks, Kosmogonías maintains Berrogüetto's personal style defined since the group was formed. Innovative from their first album, the latest album is a collection of organic sounds, a delicate album, which reflects the soul of Berrogüetto through its special musical conception.

01. Alalá da noite [4:34]
02. Astrea [2:18]
03. Igneominea [4:22]
04. Líridas de abril [4:20]
05. Planeta Can [5:06]
06. Cantar de Camiño [4:53]
07. Nadir [4:38]
08. Danza de Meirol [4:23]
09. Ataque de jota [5:02]
10. Caneta de poeta [4:28]
11. Esfericantus [4:34]

Anxo Pintos: zanfona, gaita, saxo soprano, violin y teclado.
Guillermo Fernandez: guitarras
Quico Comesaña: bouzouki, mandolina.
Santiago Cribeiro: Acordeon, teclados.
Isaac Palacín: Percusión
Quim Farinha: Violin
Xavier díaz: Voz, gaita y percusión.


CrimsonKing said...

Kosmogonías (RS)
Kosmogonías (MF)


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Thank you for posting this beautiful record.

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Thank you very much!

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Many thanks to you for your time.

Dario Correa said...

Great album! Thanks!

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I wonder if you could upload the album HEPTA I'm looking for it but it is not easy to find. Thank you!

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OK. I will :)

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