Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Cilla Fisher & Artie Tresize - Cilla & Artie (1979 Scotland) @VBR~224 (Vynil rip)


‘Cilla & Artie’ is a splendid album from Cilla Fisher (a member of the influential Fisher Family) and her husband Artie Tresize. The record was ‘The Melody Maker Folk Album of the Year – 1979. Joining Cilla and Artie is an international collection of “session” musicians including Alistair Anderson, Johnny & Phil Cunningham, Rick Lee, Brian McNeill and Bob Zentz. The songs are mostly from the tradition with,
“Blue Bleezin’ Blind Drunk” and “The Gypsy Laddies” but also include a grand version of Stan Rodgers’ “The Jeanie C” and the wildest ever arrangement of Ewan MacColl’s “Fisher Lassies”.

01. Norland Wind   
02. The Beggar Man   
03. What Can A Young Lassie   
04. Fisher Lassies   
05. Generations of Change   
06. Fair Maid of London Town   
07. The Wicked Wife   
08. The Gypsy Laddies   
09. Blue Bleezin' Blind Drunk   
10. John Grumlie   
11. The Jeannie C.

Cilla Fisher: vocals
Artie Trezise: vocals, guitar, lap organ
Alistair Anderson: Northumbrian pipes
Johnny Cunningham: fiddle
Phil Cunningham: accordion, harmonium, synth, whistle
Malcolm Dalglish: hammered dulcimer
Jim Houston: mouth organ
Grey Larsen: concertina
Rick Lee: piano
Brian McNeill: fiddle, viola
John Martin: fiddle
Brian Miller: guitar, mandolin
Bob Zentz: autoharp


CrimsonKing said...

Cilla & Artie (RS)
Cilla & Artie (MU)

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Anonymous said...

Muchisimas gracias por el aporte

Christian.D said...

merci beaucoup,
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CrimsonKing said...


Cilla & Artie

Password: folkyourself.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Thanks for everything

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