Sunday, June 3, 2012

Laïs - Dorothea (Belgium 2001) @320

Belgium sometimes sends us atypical artists whose charm attains fast the heart of the public. This time, honour to the ladies with the trio of vocal polyphonies.
Laïs - Dorothea, their second album, constituted by traditional songs or of original compositions is interpreted in Flamish and in French. Nothing very amazing when they know the bilingualism of the flat country.
These three crystalline voices coated with a resolutely modern production transcend pieces that they had no more habit to hear around fires of camps néo.
Melodies are very nice and attractive. Voices are splendid. Recommended Folk music for all music lovers....

01. Doran 03:44
02. Belle 02:27
03. (Houd Uw) Kanneke 03:50
04. Benedetta 03:05
05. Le grand vent 03:19
06. Les douze mois 05:29
07. De valse zeeman 04:01
08. Marider 04:29
09. Comme au sein de la nuit 02:18
10. Dorothea 03:27
11. Klaas 02:57
12. De wanhoop 03:01
13. Tina vieri 04:13
14. Le renard et la belette 03:17
15. Le grand vent (a capella) 18:01

Annelies BROSENS: Voix
Nathalie DELCROIX: Voix
Fritz SUNDERMANN: Guitare acoustique, Guitare électrique, Charango,Harmonium, Guitare, Basse, Mandocello
Hans QUAGHEBEUR: Vielle à Roue [Hurdy-gurdy], Accordéon, Accordéon diatonique, Fifre
Ronny REUMAN: Drums, Percussion
Bart DENOLF: Contrebasse, Basse électrique
Michel SEBA: Percussion
François VERRUE: Basse électrique
Bart DE COCK: Nyckelharpa [Key fiddle]
Ludo VAN DEAU: Voix


CrimsonKing said...

Dorothea (RS)
Dorothea (MF)


cassyan said...

Красиво поют! Интеллигенция...:) Спасибо!

Freg said...


Cheers, brother

Anonymous said...

It's lovely. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Isto é brutal!
This is amazing. Thanks!

Ass: Matusalem

Entidad Nocturna said...

Gracias, un gran trabajo!!!, un abrazo desde Chile.

Anonymous said...

Thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Blog maravilhoso! Álbuns espetaculares! De fácil acesso! É tudo de bom! Muito grato.
Campina Grande/Brasil

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Anonymous said...

Cómo lo descargo?

CrimsonKing said...




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