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Márta Sebestyén - Apocrypha (Hungary 1992) @VBR>224

If anyone could be described as the Hungarian equivalent of Enya, it would be Marta Sebestyen. Many of the songs on this best-of CD, which was released in 1992 and focuses on her innovations of the mid- to late 1980s, have a tranquil quality not unlike what you'd find on one of Enya's albums. New age audiences seemed to appreciate the tranquil nature of "Ne Menj, Szivem," "Szerelem, Szerelem," "Hegyen, Volgyon" and other songs that used synthesizers and electronic instrumentation extensively. And yet, it would be misleading to label Sebestyen a new age artist. Not only is Apocryha much meatier than a lot of the music labeled new age, but also, these songs are based on traditional Hungarian folk melodies. Sebestyen and her arranger Karoly Cserepes (who plays most of the synthesizers and is also heard on flute) have taken Hungarian musical traditions and done something very fresh-sounding with them. For those exploring Sebestyen's music for the first time, Apocryha would be the most appropriate starting point.
Alex Henderson (AMG)

01. Tavasz tavasz 4.45
02. A piac közepén 5.02
03. Zúgadoz az erdõ 3.52
04. András 6.09
05. Betlehem, Betlehem 4.25
06. Ne menj, szivem 3.58
07. Hegyen-völgyön 3.54
08. Apokrif 7.16
09. Szerelem, szerelem 4.46
10. Elment az én rózsám 3.07

Márta Sebestyén: vocals
Karoly Cserepes: synthesizer, flute, computers, tilinka, duduk
Tibor Donasz: drums
Janos Hasur: violin
Lászlo Hortobágy: chimes, bells
Mihály Huszár: double bass
Ferenc Kiss: recorder
Szabolcs Szoranyi: bass, bass guitar
Anna Cserepes: h. vocals
Levente Szörényi: h. vocals


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An amazing voice, great music... A must have!!!!

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Thank you for exposing me to a very diverse suite of music.
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