Thursday, September 20, 2012

Dick Gaughan - Redwood Cathedral (Scotland 1998) @320

Gaughan's weathered brogue is enough to make a song memorable. But he also has a knack for gathering fine songs, both originals and covers, that fit beautifully into his style. On this set, Gaughan opens with an understated but powerful "Muir and the Master Builder" by Brian McNeill and even plies his magic with Townes Van Zandt's "Pancho and Lefty." As he wends his way through a sublime take on Pete Seeger's "Turn, Turn, Turn," it becomes clear that Gaughan has a gift for phrasing that puts the listener at ease.
-Tim Sheridan- Allmusic

01 - Muir and the Master Builder
02 - Gone Gonna Rise Again
03 - Reconcilation
04 - Why Old Men Cry
05 - Thomas Muir of Huntershill
06 - October Song
07 - Ewan and the Gold
08 - Let It Be Me
09 - All The King's Horses
10 - Pancho & Lefty
11 - Turn! Turn! Turn! (To Everything There Is A Season)
12 - Fine Horseman

Dick GAUGHAN: Voice, Acoustic & Electric Guitar
Rab HANDLEIGH: Piano, Keyboards
Davie PATON: Bass
Steve GREEN: Drums


Anonymous said...

Thanks KC

BarrieB said...

Thanks I never heard this one.

Gin said...

Dear CrimsonKing,
I am looking for "A different kind of love song" by Dick Gaughan, but I can't find it on the whole web. Do you have this one?

John Hilton said...

Great to rediscover Gaughan, and be inspired to dig out Handful of Earth. I love his versions of the Brian McNeill songs, but Pancho & Lefty - well can't beat Emmylou Harris on that. THANKS for this.

CrimsonKing said...


Redwood Cathedral


Anonymous said...

Can you please re-up the links for this album

Great Blog by the way

CrimsonKing said...

See the comment above of your.

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