Sunday, October 28, 2012

Folk Yourself needs your help!

I would like to acknowledge the help of the people who generously contributed to the Folk Yourself could continue spreading folk music.
We have now, credits for another 5 months of activities.
A special thanks to you. 



Saturday, October 13, 2012

Shirley Collins & Dolly Collins - [1969 ENG] - Anthems in Eden @320

Anthems in Eden is a 1969 album by Shirley and Dolly Collins, with the Early Music Consort of London, directed by David Munrow. The album originally consisted of a 28-minute set of folk songs plus 7 other individual pieces performed by the same group. The musical arrangements for these 8 pieces included early music instruments, such as viols, recorders, sackbuts and crumhorns. In 1976, 6 new songs were recorded with a different assortment of accompanists, to replace the original 7 individual songs. This 1976 album consisting of the 28-minute set plus the 6 new songs was released by Harvest Records under the title "Amaranth". Subsequent releases have combined all 14 pieces under the original title, "Anthems in Eden".

01- A Song-Story
02- Rambleaway (Trad)
03- Ca' The Yowes (Robert Burns)
04- God Dog (Robin Williamson)
05- Bonny Cuckoo (Trad)
06- Nellie The Milkmaid (Trad)
07- Gathering Rushes In The Month Of May (Trad)
08- The Gower Wassail (Trad)
Additional tracks recorded in 1976
09- Fare The Well My Dearest Dear (Trad)
10- C'Est La Fin/ Pou Mon Cuer (Anon French 12th/13th Cent)
11- Bonny Kate (Trad)
12- Adieu To All Judges and Juries (Trad)
13- Edi Beo Thu Hevene Quene (Anon Eng 13th Cent)
14- Black Joker/Black, White, Yellow & Green (Trad)

Shirley Collins - vocals
Adam Skeaping - bass viol
Roderick Skeaping - rebec, treble and bass viol
Oliver Brookes - bass viol
Michael Laird - cornett
Richard Lee - descant and treble recorder
Alan Lumsden - sackbut
Christopher Hogwood - harpsichord
Dolly Collins - portative organ
Gillian Ried - bells
David Munrow - soprano and alto crumhorn, bass rackett, tenor sordun, treble recorder
Chorus: on "The Home Brew": Michael Clifton, Ray Worman, John Fordham plus Royston Wood, Steve Ashley and John Morgan.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Soïg Siberil - Lammat (France 2006) @320

Thanks to Skylamb

01 - Spiced Jigs.mp3
02 - Al Lizher.mp3
03 - Lammat....mp3
04 - Medley.mp3
05 - Skoaselloù.mp3
06 - 0.mp3
07 - Gollodic.mp3
08 - D'etel À Takamata.mp3
09 - Loony,la Baratte.mp3
10 - L'atelier (Reels).mp3
11 - Luskell.mp3

Soïg SIBÉRIL: Guitare, Voix
Patrice MARZIN: Guitare
Nolwenn KORBELL: Chant
Eric LE LANN: Trompette

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Soïg Siberil - Botcanou (France 2009) @VBR

Thanks to Skylamb

This album is a return to "center" the center of his music where the guitar reigns and adaptations are dedicated to him, and many traditional songs and compositions rooted in another center, the center of Brittany, specifically Botcanou land of his childhood, hence the title of his album.
This album is also a meeting. With that of the writer Bellec Hervé, who agreed to put into words and songs of his album tracks.
He also invited friends singers and musicians for duets or trios: Patrice Marzin guitar, and Jamie McMenemy Korbell Nolwenn singing and bouzouki.

01 - L'autre Rive
02 - Trois Rivières
03 - Fortune De Terre
04 - Du Côté De Koat Trenk
05 - Les Gens D'ici
06 - Douze Éoliennes
07 - Botcanou
08 - Coat-Couraval
09 - Bal Au Centre
10 - Zagreb
11 - Ar C'hazh A Lipo
12 - Andalousie
13 - Till Morning Rise

Soïg SIBÉRIL: Guitare, Voix
Patrice MARZIN: Guitare
Jamie MCMENEMY: Bouzouki, Voix
Nolwenn KORBELL: Voix (13)
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