Sunday, November 11, 2012

Blowzabella - Dance (2010 ENG) @320

Dissolved due to touring pressures since 1990 save for the occasional concert, Blowzabella came together in 2003 for a reunion. Emboldened by their success and bolstered by new material, they stayed together and continued touring. In 2007, Blowzabella released their first album in over a decade and followed it up this year with the appropriately-titled Dance. A good thing for fans, too, because Dance is such a fun time, it’s hard to believe the band was on a hiatus for so long. Blowzabella’s latest contribution to the updated sounds of traditional Irish and English dance music reaffirms the band’s decision to re-form and record anew.

01 - Jan Mijne Man - Go Mauve.mp3
02 - Molton - Sur La Rance.mp3
03 - The Bay Tree - Molinara.mp3
04 - Penda's Fen - The White Rose - Epic Branle.mp3
05 - The Rose of Raby.mp3
06 - Man In The Brown Hat - Spring Dance.mp3
07 - Derriere les Carreaux - Mominette.mp3
08 - In Continental Mood - The Old Queen - Flatworld.mp3
09 - Horizonto.mp3
10 - Il n'est plus temps - Famous Wolf.mp3
11 - The New Hornpipes.mp3
12 - The A Minor Mazurka - Motorway Mazurka.mp3
13 - Blowzabella-Shave The Monkey-Boys of the Mill.mp3

Andy CUTTING: accordion diatonic
Paul JAMES: Bagpipe, Saxophone
Gregory JOLIVET: Hurdy-Gurdy
Dave SHEPHERD: Violin
Jo FREYA: Saxophone tenor
Jon SWAYNE: Saxophone


Freg said...

This is great, i always liked Blowzabella. Thanks!

Unknown said...

Thank You so much for this album! Your work here is commendable!

Anonymous said...

Hi CrimsonKing.

Two questions.

The first. Is Matty still on board? I asked for a re-upload of Roland Becker - Immrama. I am not sure he is still involved.

Second: I love Uilleann pipes. Do you have a (very ;)) good not posted record/CD with Uilleann pipes you think I should hear?

That's is it for now.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks. Blowzabella are great!

Franz U. said...

Thank's very much for this wonderful album!

CrimsonKing said...




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