Saturday, December 29, 2012

Terrae (compagnia di musiche popolari) - Unknown People (Italy 2010) @320


The new production of the band from Messina tells stories of some of the most significant and harrowing moments of Sicilian history. A mature record, with a strong musical and emotional impact, in which electronic sounds, electric guitars, and female voices are added to the basic elements of the quartet - violin, double bass, classic guitar, and percussion. It is true to the roots, true to tradition, but also knows Sicily is today, not just yesterday.

01. Coru di carcerati
02. Cantu di carcerati
03. Inestra russa
04. La vida breve
05. Quantu basinico
06. Ciciri francisi
07. Attenzione attenzione!
08. C`ecu cci pensa
09. Mari
10. Si Ddiu pisci finu mi facissi
11. Unknown people
12. Coru di carcerati

Cesare FRISINA : violin, vocal
Antonio LIVOTI : guitar, electronic sounds, vocal
Francesco DI STASIO : double bass, vocal
Giorgio RIZZO : percussions, electronic sounds, vocal
Guests :
Simona DI GREGORIO : vocals
Alessandro PRESTI : bugle
Salvatore CRISAFULLI : accordion
Rosario PRUITI : corno
Magali SIGNOREL : vocal
Carmine GIAMMARINO : cello
Rosanna PIANOTTI : viola
Pablo LIVOTI : vocal
Choir voci bianche : conductors Giovanni MIRABILE and Manuela PULIAFITO

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Tristan Le Govic "Awen" (Bretagne 2009) @320

Awen is the second album from Brittany's Tristan Le Govic, an album of harp music with a beguiling enigma, and charming subtlety. The harp is an instrument that is fast becoming my favourite; I'm drawn to its winsome combination of sensitivity and nimble complexity, which are both facets that Le Govic demonstrates deftly. Borrowing from across the various Celtic traditions, the thread that binds Awen is telling throughout though never cliché, offering tunes from Ireland and Scotland as well as Le Govic's native Brittany, alongside a selection of original material.

1. Dans Plin
2. Thre Potaoes In A Bag/ Farewell To Whalley Range
3. Le Songe D'Orianne
4. Klemmgan An Divroan
5. Glaz
6. Kas A-Barh
7. Piz Bihan
8. Si-Bhea Locha Léin/ Dan O'Keefe'S Slide/ Denis Murphy'S Slide
9. On The High Road To Linton
10. Ar Vag
11. Enez Eusa

Friday, December 21, 2012

Paul Huellou "Celtic Sounscapes - Songs from Brittany" (2000) @320

An outstanding recording of traditional Celtic-influenced music from Brittany featuring well-known Breton singer Paul Huellou. Accompaniment is provided by Paul's son, J. Pol, and several other musicians, among them Brendan Fahy, Pascal Segart and the internationally acclaimed piper Paddy Keenan. Celtic Soundscape consists of twelve tracks sung in the Breton language, and two instrumental pieces are beautifully performed by the popular group Sked. (LAT 50606)
"...extraordinary spirited singing of traditional and original songs." Utne Reader"Excellent music. Strong Celtic influence with tracks that include piper Paddy Keenan." WNYC Radio

1 Foar Vre
2 Ar Skrilhed
3 Lokarn
4 Nevez Amzer
5 Ar Bloavezh Mat
6 Sacristian, Le
7 O Pa Oan Paotr Yaouank
8 Mesaerez AR Menez
9 Ar Gwezenn Avalou
10 Dro
11 Ar Velinerez
12 Kaeran Rozenn

Paul Huellou: vocals
Soïg Sibéril: guitar
Paddy Keenan: Uilleann pipe
Colum Sands: acoustic bass
David Hopkins: percussion

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Gatos del Fornu - Gatos del Fornu (Spain 2002) @320

In January 1996 was founded the group " Los Gatos del Fornu ", in order to collect and disseminate traditional Asturian music.

This collective is formed from the union of several musicians from other groups related to the Asturian culture
(Andecha Folclor d’Uviéu, Banda de Gaites “Fonte Fuécara”...) and others from the Conservatory of Oviedo.
The aim of our association is mainly the dissemination of traditional Asturian music, but they also include other traditional pieces of Atlantic Rim countries (Galicia, Brittany, Ireland...), in addition to his own compositions.

At first, the group began as an attempt to revive it in Asturias called " Bandinas " spontaneous groupings or
already prepared several musicians who came together to liven up a party or pilgrimage, using musical instruments embedded in Asturias. The group evolved into a folk group with a more elaborate and personal music.

1. La fontona
2. Brañas d´antanli
3. Un cura diciendo misa
4. Bruno
5. Beneros
6. Cantar de boda
7. El lloberli
8. Xota ya gavotte
9. Los mios amores
10. El rosco
11. Muñeires de la miguela

Miguel Angel Fernández: acordeón diatónico
Daniel Díez: guitarra
Moisés Fernández: tambor asturiano, percusiones
Raul Alonso: pandereta, pandero, bodhran
Guillermo Pérez: gaita asturiana, whistles
Moisés Suárez: bouzouki
Silvia Quesada: voz)
Rubén García: flauta, voz

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Luar Na Lubre - Mar Maior (Spain 2012) @320

The last 2011 celebrated 25 years of career with a splendid balance of twelve works published, more than 350,000 albums sold, more than a thousand concerts in 23 countries worldwide and numerous awards, confirming, as the Galician group with more projection within and outside the region.

Only in 2011, 'Luar Na Lubre' gave more than 30 concerts with over 75,000 spectators throughout the Spanish state. Also made a major change since joined Paula King. Thus, the band will present 'Mar Maior', an album released by Warner Music Spain, which went on sale last June 5.

Its new cd is based on work in which music plays an important role medieval, especially the Galician Portuguese, and is inspired by 'Leabhar Ghabhála Eireann', a reference book of history written by Irish monks in the century XII. 

01 - A invocacion de Amergin
02 - Romance de novembro
03 - Itn
04 - Camino de Caion
05 - Gran sol
06 - Dona Alda
07 - Santa Maria Loei
08 - Leabhar ghabhala
09 - Mandad' ei comigo
10 - Ao pasar pola Coruna
11 - Milesians
12 - Canto de arada
13 - Les set gotxs
14 - Camina Don Sancho

Bieito Romero: bagpipes and accordion
Paula King: voice
Patxi Bermudez: bodhran drum, djimbek
Xulio Varela: bouzouki, vocals and traditional Galician percussion 
Cerqueiro Xan: flutes and keyboards
Eduardo Coma: violin
Pedro Valero: guitars
Xavier Ferreiro: guitars, percussion.

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